What’s Crackin’: Frack Off Edition

This Week In Stuff

#OpFrackOff Targets RCMP

Hacktivist community Anonymous has now targeted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after footage from a fracking protest in New Brunswick where an officer yelled the phrase “Crown land belongs to the government, not to f*cking natives” – come on guy, that sounds like some martial law talk, and the people aren’t having that. The officer has been suspended, a small victory at the most, but just another little taste of the power of internet thuggery.

Global Wine Shortage

There has been some differing opinions this week on reports of a looming wine shortage. Many news sources are reporting that due to bad weather and just a generally bad season, wine production worldwide will be shorted this upcoming year. Experts in California say they’re fine and the reports are false, but that’s California, they don’t think of anybody but themselves. Plus, who cares if there’s a shortage of wine? It’s not beer. Oh, I’m so sorry Mr. Rich Fancy Feet that you can’t supply your Cruella De-Wife with another bottle of wine to compliment her boiled goose.

Bigfoot Spotted On Google Earth

A strange figure has been spotted on Google Earth along the Trans-Canada highway in BC. Deep in the trees is a silhouette of a big sasquatch looking creature. Could it be? Some say that it’s just a tree stump, or the shadowing of that particular angle. What creeps me out is why is this person just scanning Google Earth looking at things? Have we really moved to this scary of a voyeuristic future? Where Google Cams are just supplying the general public with access to view anywhere in our world at anytime? Just imagine what the government is already doing with that.

Oysters Break Out With Herpes

Over the last year a rare version of Herpes has been spreading through the oceans and infecting Oysters. Not only are the Oysters suffering from Strawberry Fields Forever, but the virus is actually killing them off by the thousands. What insane slut is going around f*cking our Oysters? The only strain of herpes that could possibly be this contagious would come from Courtney Love and The Vagina of 1,000 rock star loads.

This Week In Camobear

Josh Martinez “Blotto” Releases & Tour Begins

Josh Martinez has released his new album #BLOTTO across the internet on iTunes and other digital platforms. You can stream the whole thing below and you still have until November 19th to get in on the pre-order packages HERE. Otherwise check out his tour dates for the month on his website HERE.


Abadawn Releases “Agoraphobia”

For Halloween this year Abadawn has released a brand new song “Agoraphobia”. Over haunting drums the reclusive lyricist twists through dark narration of the internal and eternal battle between good and evil.

This Week In Cariboo

Mr. Carmack & Djemba Djemba

Mr. Carmack x Djemba Djemba at Happy Ending Fridays

This Friday November 8th Happy Ending Fridays presents Mr. Carmack x Djemba Djemba (Team Supreme) with Cherchez, Christian Flores and in the Livestock Room with Greet The Mind. More event info on FB.