What’s Crackin’: Crack Friday Edition

This Week In Stuff

262 Pounds Of Weed Falls From The Sky

Somebody in the Mexican Cartel just lost a grip of money! This week in San Diego a tightly bundled package of 262 pounds of marijuana dropped from the sky and was spotted by authorities. Two men that came to claim the prize were arrested and now nobody but the police are getting high off that supply. This is why you don’t take your drug smuggling methods from GTA V.

Paul Walker Dies In A Fast & Furious Car Crash

This week the star of Fast & Furious died in a brutal car accident, giving an eerie end to the man known for driving so fast. Walker, 40, left a fundraiser event in Valencia, CA with his financial adviser in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. They must have been driving pretty furiously as control was lost of the car and they hit a light pole. Sheriffs arrived on the scene to find the car fully engulfed in flames with both passengers dead. Details have not been released whether they were under the influence or if the driver was just trying to show off a little too much. Rest In Peace.

LostProphets Front Man Charged With Baby Rape

Punk band LostProphets has disbanded when their lead singer, Ian Watkins, plead guilty to several child sex offenses last week, including attempting to rape a baby. The singer was caught up in December when authorities intercepted emails between the dirty dude and a woman that was enabling his dark pleasure for incest and pedophilia. He was also caught with images of child porn, disturbing beastiality, and his own recording of himself sexually abusing children. This guy deserves a lot worse than prison, but hopefully he’ll get turned inside out a few thousand times for these inexcusable atrocities.

Scientists Discover Phobias To Be Genetic

A new study has been released claiming that phobias and fears may be memories passed down genetically from our ancestors. It was previously believed that all memories are built up through a lifetime, however research now shows that some memories can be passed on through changes to the DNA structure. This means an irrational fear of spiders may actually be passed on through the generations, from ancestors that had some deadly encounters with the eight legged wildebeests. So get over that strange fear of clowns, it’s not your fault somebody in your family line had a disturbing birthday party or two.

Black Friday Madness

This past week the Black Friday madness ensued in the United States, and despite years of violence and deaths caused from the ultra-consumerism holiday, thousands still showed up to Wal-Mart to fist fight over a laptop. Nothing like showing you’re truly thankful by following it up with some kidney punches in front of the $5 DVD bin. Already the videos are popping up all over the internet of sweaty dudes trying to choke each other out to save a buck. Just check out this video of two girls going at it over a TV and remember to shop local this year!

This Week In Camobear

Josh Martinez ‘Cross That Road” Remix Contest

Attention Beatmakers! HipHopCanada.com is in the middle of a remix contest for Martinez‘ new single “Cross That Road” from the album Blotto. Check out the official submission guidelines HERE and enter your remix for a chance to get it distributed/released by Camobear as well as a fat merch pack! Josh Martinez is also still on the road in continuing the tour with dates in Ontario, as seen in the flyer below!

This Week In Cariboo

Partysnake DJs At Happy Ending Fridays

Friday, December 6th presents Happy Ending Fridays at Fortune Sound Club with Partysnake DJs Ricky Mars and ECS, Slap Mob (Rhek, Relly Rels), Rico Uno (Reup) with Shorthand, Nouveau, and Dr. Seiz in the Livestock Room! More event info HERE.

Peak Performance Project Finale Recap

For all those that missed out on a packed house at the Commodore Ballroom with Hannah Epperson, Bestie, and Rykka rocking out, we got your six…


2. Hannah Epperson
1. Rykka