What’s Crackin’: Chug Some Soy Sauce Edition

This Week In Stuff

Donald Sterling Banned From NBA

Donald Sterling, the old wealthy owner of the Los Angeles Clippers (who are currently in the playoffs) was recently banned for life from the NBA and fined 2.5 million dollars for being a racist. Audio was released that reveals Donald scolding his girlfriend for bringing African-Americans to basketball games (what?). He also puts her down for posting pictures to her Instagram account of her posing with NBA players. His most recent interview with Anderson Cooper to set the record straight did just that, confirming the old rich racist not only has ill feelings towards other races, but apparently only owned the LA Clippers to live out some strange Roman emperor at the coliseum fantasy?

Shovel Girl and the Death Hoax

A video took the internet by storm that showed two women in a pretty awkward cat fight, it was all fun and games until one of the girls grabbed a shovel and smashed it into the other girls head, leaving her screaming and crying on the ground. After the video went viral, popular news sites picked up on some hoax that the girl was actually dead. Ends up she’s luckily still alive and just has a massive concussion after getting pwn3d like a real life whack-a-mole. Goodnight!

Tornado Victim Sends Heartbreaking Final Text

In sad news this week, a category 4 tornado ran through Arkansas and left a lot of death and destruction in its wake. However, the real sadness came when a mother submitted the final texts she received from her son who was claimed a victim of the twister. Her son was 20 miles away from her, without a basement he hid in his bathroom and realized the tornado was heading straight for him. The mother received final texts from her son simply stating “goodbye mama…”. Simply heartbreaking. =[

UFO Destroys Taliban Camp?

An interesting video popped up on the internet this week, when Marines in Afghanistan filmed a strange triangular UFO hovering above a Taliban camp. As can be seen in the video, lights come out of the aircraft before the ground below is absolutely annihilated. Believers say that aliens are contributing to the war on terror, but most likely this is government technology that has not been released to the public. Either way, it’s scary, and pretty out of this world, the way it hovers and shoots lasers like a real life Imperial Star Destroyer.

Soy Sauce The Cure For AIDS?

Over a decade ago a Japanese soy sauce company claimed that the salty sauce had a key component to help fight HIV. Now researchers have studied and isolated the molecule (Efda) to confirm that it is indeed 70 times more effective in fighting HIV than commonly used prescriptions. It also ends up that the disease tends to build up an immunity against the other drugs, and with soy sauce it is way less likely. This is great news, up until Pfizer buys out Kikkoman and starts slanging bottles for a thousand bucks a pop. Start stocking up, you can never be too safe.

This Week In Camobear

Snak The Ripper – Just Giver

Snak The Ripper has officially released his third full-length record “Just Giver”. Not only is this album full of classic Snak punchlines and grimy delivery, but there is also portions of honest storytelling that lets the listener get a dose of Snak’s personal life. Along with the album Snak has dropped two brand new videos directed by the signature style of Stuey Kubrick. Check them out below and pick up the new album here: SNAKTHERIPPER.com

Cariboo Just Announced

Cariboo Soaks Fortune

Over the past year Cariboo has sponsored Happy Ending Fridays at Fortune Sound Club. We are thrilled to announce this solo art exhibition for local artist Soak.

“One of Vancouver’s most infamous street artists, SOAK, has been contributing to Cariboo culture for years. In the past decade there is not another artist around that has hit up as many trains, walls, bodies, toys or canvases as him. We thought it was high time we collected all the pieces he has done for us for a showcase. What better place to do it than Fortune Sound Club, the venue to best support street art in the city if not the country. Most of the art on display was created live on site at previous events and in fact SOAK will be on hand for this occasion doing a live canvas painting throughout the night.“

Paul Mulgrew
Head Honcho – Cariboo Brewing

Join us Friday, June 6th at 9PM as we raise a Boo to one of the city’s finest artists at one of the city’s finest night clubs. Special guest DJ Cherchez La Femme will be playing and without her we may not have been invited to be a part of Happy Ending Fridays in the first place, so special thanks to Cherchez… we can’t wait to celebrate with her and YOU!

FREE with guest list before 11pm by emailing guest@fortunesoundclub.com with ‘Your Full Name and CARIBOO’.

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