What’s Crackin’: BC Buds Edition

This Week In Stuff

US Government Shutdown

This week the US Government shutdown. National Parks and Monuments were closed across the nation. Seems to me America is not having a good time. Two parties at a stand still when it’s time to solve a crisis, and in reality it’s been that way for over a decade now. Childish. A woman named Miriam Carey attempted to drive through a blockade in front of the White House, which led to a high speed chase ending in her being shot. Not a good time at all.  Luckily there’s Canada that knows how to solve problems and boost the economy as can be seen in the next headline.

Canada Launches Marijuana Free Market Project

Rather than shutting down like the United Sociopaths of America, Canada has launched a 1.3 Billion Dollar medical Marijuana project. In an attempt to replace homegrown pot production, this is expected to serve over 450,000 Canadians with quality buds certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (so you know it’s good!). I don’t want to put my weed man out of business or anything, but maybe he can get a nice government job with some benefits doing the same thing.

Miley Cyrus vs. Sinead O’Connor

Here’s a feud that may be more pointless than their actual careers. Sinead O’Connor started off the battle last week when she published an open letter to celebrity skanky crank Miley Cyrus warning her of the repercussions to her sexual exploitations and wild public behavior. Miley Cyrus responded to the sincere letter with a twitter screenshot of Sinead O’Connor ‘s own public twitter breakdown in 2011. What is this? Battle of the psychotic short haired women? I’m just waiting for a bald Britney Spears to try and get in on this butchy scissor fest.

Drug Party Turns Violent

In Mill Valley, California (just north of San Francisco) Paramedics and Firefighters responded to a call that a 16 year old at a party was having seizures while on LSD. They were met at the gate of the house by a teen and his girlfriend who reportedly spit blood at the officials and refused to let them on the property while displaying “superhuman strength”.  Deputies arrived and finally got onto the property to find more party goers covered in blood, which was determined to come from self inflicted wounds from one 16 year old boy. They also found heroine, cocaine and a synthetic ecstasy at the party. If Odd Future taught us anything, rich kids in California have issues.

Radioactive Killer Wasps in North America

In the wake of the world’s most catastrophic nuclear disaster, hospitals in central Nebraska have recently been reporting several deaths caused by a particularly venomous species of Asian wasp that has found its way into the states. It was reported that these pests have been contaminated by radioactive debris from the Fukushima nuclear plant has caused them to nearly quadruple in size, and become hyper aggressive. As if that wasn’t horrific enough, the giant hornet also possesses venom which is nearly 2000 times stronger than that of the common wasp and can keep stinging consecutively without dying. This is really only the beginning of consequences from Fukushima we will see in the coming years.

This Week In Camobear

Josh Martinez “BLOTTO” Artwork

Josh Martinez Blotto Cover

Pre-orders available October 8th, 2013.

This Week In Cariboo

102.7 The PEAK and Music BC announce The 2013 PEAK Performance Project Showcase Series powered by Cariboo Brewing! For five Thursdays throughout September and October, we will showcase our Top 20 bands at Fortune Sound Club (147 E Pender St). These performances will form a part of their overall scores so make sure you come out and support your favourites!


Dougal Bain McLean Music
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Bodhi Jones
Lions in the Street