What’s Crackin’: Banksy F*cks With NY Edition

This Week In Stuff

The Government Is Back On

The US Government has turned itself back on after a little over two weeks of a partial shutdown when congress could not make necessary budget decisions in time. Unfortunately their idiocy somewhat affects other countries. I don’t know how the government works, what shutting it down means or does, but I do know that it made a lot of people mad, which pretty much only went as far as twitter rants and gave Evangelists fuel for their Obama Is The Antichrist blogs. Now everything over in America is on the route to the usual: government workers are back to stamping “DENIED” on everything, while citizens continue eating fast food as they yell into a blue tooth at their local Starbucks.

Snoop Lion Goes Snoop Zilla

Last year Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion after a spirit quest that led to him releasing a reggae album and thinking he was the reincarnated Bob Marley. Obviously that didn’t work, and Snoop can’t sing reggae for shit. In an attempt to be the new Diddy, Snoop has now changed his name to Snoop Zilla. I want to say he’s losing it, however the first song released under this new name happens to be really good, as it comes closer to “Sensual Seduction” than just paying Eek-A-Mouse to write some half assed hooks for you. Check the single below.

Banksy F*cks With New York

Banksy is currently on a month long “residency” in NY, and the NYPD is pissed. Everyday of this month Banksy has been putting up a new piece around the city, including the Twin Towers bursting into a flower, this Ronald McDonald statue getting his ridiculous shoes shined, and this Central Park art sale stunt. The front page of The New York Post had an article calling a police manhunt for the artist, to which Mayor Bloomberg states “graffiti destroys property…it’s a sign of decay and loss of control.” We’ll see, if the cops catch up to him we might find out who this vigilante artist actually is *cough*Willy Wonka*cough*.

South Park Misses Deadline For The First Time

For the first time in 17 seasons South Park has finally missed an airing deadline. After being well known for putting their episodes together up until the last moment, Trey Parker and Matt Stone claimed a power outage on the final day of production prevented the entire staff to complete the episode in time. Comedy Central has delayed the airing of the episode until this next week. Perhaps the creators will take this extra week to get an episode done and in the stockpile in case this type of thing happens again. It’s unbelievable that for this long they have delivered a fully animated episode to television in a six day turnaround.

Mac Lethal Starts Weekly Fast Rap News

Viral video extraordinaire Mac Lethal has started a new weekly newscast on Pharell Williams‘ Youtube channel I Am Other. The program titled In Other News aired its pilot video this week as Mac explained the government shutdown and more in fast rap form. It’s entertaining and we’re looking forward to more episodes. Perhaps we can convince him to rap a What’s Crackin’ one of these weeks, and if not we can always start beef, which he don’t want.

This Week In Camobear

Josh Martinez “Blotto” Release Tour

Josh Martinez has announced dates for the Blotto release tour, he will be going all through Canada to promote his new album. Check out the dates on the flyer below and for more information on the tour or the album check out JoshMartinez.ca

Josh Martinez Blotto Canada Tour

This Week In Cariboo

Alright, so everyone’s celebrating Halloween for nearly a week this year but who cares?! We all know it’s the best holiday anyways! So make yourself freaky and get ready to party on Friday October 25 for the Happy Ending Halloween Party at Fortune Sound Club (147 E Pender, Vancouver)! Limited advance tickets are only 12 bucks so get yours now!!! Join us for one shredding Halloween ripper! We have so much sweet shit planned for this one! There’s gonna be a ton of contests and lots of gross shit! The theme is aliens, ETs, & UFOs mixed with haunted house bad acid trip this year (we couldn’t even make this up if we tried) so get ready for some freakouts and good times!!!

Killing Time is throwing a live A/V set plus it’s the Too High Crew release party! In the Livestock Room The Deadboys Clubhouse will be hosted by Raif Adelberg with tunes by Justin Gradin and Age! To top it off there’s gonna be a halloween installation by Danny Vermette and visuals by Genesis. Don’t miss this one!!!


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