What’s Crackin’: Asteroid Apocalypse Edition

This Week In Stuff

Weatherman Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit On Air

This week a weatherman for CBS bent down and ate what he thought were his morning Grape Nuts off of the floor. After tasting the sour and slimy chunks, he realized it was not a tasty breakfast cereal at all, but his cat’s vomit trailing from the bottom of his shoes. Of course he then freaks out like the wacky morning newscaster that he is, and we get the video to laugh at.

Rapper’s Gold Chain Fractures His Neck

Florida Rapper Plies, known for his mouthful of marshmallow vocals and booty clap raps, fractured his neck in three places this week wearing a 7 kilo chain on set for his new video. I already hip hop had gone too far, but this may be the final straw. This is more primitive than Riff Raff wishes he was. I just can’t wait to see him leave the hospital in solid platinum headgear.

Russian Millionaires Rack Up $130,000 Bar Tab

Here’s a party any ratchet ass hoe would want to be a part of. Two Russian millionaires this week got into a spending contest at a high end night club, each racking up bills of over $66,000. Good to know that while the US Government shuts down, the Canadian dollar reaches a new low, and Russia is putting money to worse use than Kanye West‘s fan base.

Earth Like Planet Had Life Before Asteroid Apocalypse

Scientists have recently observed a dying planetary solar system that shows evidence of once habitable planets. The planet they have observed appears to have gone through an asteroid apocalypse that set its gravity off course and nudged it towards being dragged into the consuming white dwarf (stage of a collapsing star). Although they believe life must have existed at one point on this planet, the real interesting thing is to observe a universe so alike to ours go through an apocalypse much like our planet will face long after we’re gone.

US Army Working On “Iron Man” Suit

Even though the US has no money, the Army has announced the development of actual “Iron Man” battle suits called TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit). The Robo-Tech armor is supposed to be bulletproof, heal wounds, and give the wearer super human strength (so we can all be like Robert Downey Jr.). Talk about some unstoppable martial law in the works, luckily this version of Attack of The Clones won’t have Jar Jar Binks, just pure carnage.

This Week In Camobear

Josh Martinez Announces “BLOTTO” Pre-Orders

Josh Martinez has announced pre-order packages for his first solo album in five years, “BLOTTO“. The album will be released digitally on Oct 29th and in stores on November 19th, 2013. The lead single off of the album is streaming below and features Ceschi of Fake Four, and Sapient of Sandpeople. Check out the pre-orders HERE.

This Week In Cariboo

102.7 The PEAK and Music BC announce The 2013 PEAK Performance Project Showcase Series powered by Cariboo Brewing! For five Thursdays throughout September and October, we will showcase our Top 20 bands at Fortune Sound Club (147 E Pender St). These performances will form a part of their overall scores so make sure you come out and support your favourites!


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