What’s Crackin’: 2014 Edition

Happy New Years! We hope everybody got a nice buzz on to bring in the new year. 2012 sucked, 2013 was pretty cool, but we’re confident this new year is going to kick all the others in the balls. Here are some things we here at What’s Crackin’ are looking forward to, for better or worse, in this year of 2014.

New Movies

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

It’s been nine years since Robert Rodriguez brought the grimy, surreal world of Frank Miller‘s graphic novel “Sin City” to life in its theatrical debut on its way to cult classic status. Most of the original cast is back, making this a promising sequel to such a unique style of film/comic adaptations. The first film skipped around between stories in the original comics, this new film is said to finish off the comics that weren’t covered, as well as incorporate two new to come stories that will allow for an open world in order to allow more of the original characters to stick around. We’re hoping this is as on-point as the original and follows the comics to a T, which happens to be so lost in this world of colossal comic f*ck ups.


It’s been a while since there was a good monster movie that wasn’t as retarded as Cloverfield. Now that we’re ready to remake classics why not bring out one of the most famous monsters of them all, Godzilla. Taking a chance by giving the movie up to a somewhat new director, Gareth Edwards, only known for his series “Seven Wonders of The Industrial World“. Sounds sketch, but not to worry as the trailer gives the little boy in me a raging monster boner. Chills ran down the spine upon watching this trailer that shows major cities crumbling in fire and destruction as Oppenheimer‘s famous quote rings out, “Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds”.

Dumb and Dumber To

A great classic comedy tries to make its return in this year of sequels. If you don’t remember, they tried to made Dumb and Dumberer some years ago, which was totally ridiculous and terrible. The only saving grace this movie has is the return of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as their original characters, as well as the original directors, The Farrelly Brothers. The sequel also stays realistic as it is set 20 years later as the duo set out to search for one of their long lost children.


The newest film from the genius Christopher Nolan (known for Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Memento) comes a tale of explorers that discover a wormhole, at this point NASA is no more, and it’s up to rogue physicists and astronauts to investigate the space time rip. A new concept for Nolan to tackle, but if it’s coming from his mind then it is definitely something to look for. Apparently the film is mostly based on the theories and writings of astrophysicist Kip Thorne. Can’t wait for Neil DeGrasse Tyson to live tweet all the flaws in this.

New Rap Music

Run The Jewels 2

The unlikely duo of El-P and Killer Mike (it’s like Rob & Big but rap) came together this last year and crushed up underground hip hop like a Klonopin at an Olsen Twin party. Run The Jewels became an instant classic in 2013 with a free album and national tours. It should have been seen coming as in 2012 El-P produced Killer Mike’s album ‘R.A.P. Music‘, and Mike appeared on El’s album ‘Cancer 4 Cure‘. The two sold out venues around the nation, and almost breached the top 50 on the Billboard charts with no commercial backing. Here’s to hoping this new one is a free download as well!

Redman – Muddy Waters 2

When it comes to solid albums, Reggie Noble will undoubtedly churn them out. This year will see the sequel to one of his most solid, and well known releases “Muddy Waters” (wish it was Dare Iz A Darkside). The release will see a pre-release free mixtape, as is the trend these days. No tracks have leaked from the album yet, but Redman has previewed some of the songs from the mixtape, which sounds like  Superman Lover at his finest.

Busta Rhymes – Extinction Level Event 2

If you know anything about Busta Rhymes you know that he can murder a verse like no other has since 1989. In recent years Busta has been pretty hit or miss, while trying to find the balance between money making commercial anthems, and raw underground flows. This last year Busta teamed up with Q-Tip to bring us the free download of ‘The Abstract & The Dragon‘ mixtape. While an actual full-length for the two has not yet been announced, we are promised Busta Rhymes will return to his roots with the sequel to one of his arguably best albums ‘Extinction Level Event’. Let’s hope this sudden trend of good album sequels doesn’t leave the same shitty aftertaste in our mouths as Eminem did with the sorry excuse for Marshall Mathers 2.

Ceschi – Forgotten Forever

After doing 4 of an 18 month prison sentence this year, Fake Four Inc. founder, and overall great person, Ceschi, is out on parole and preparing to release a brand new album this year. If you’ve never seen Ceschi live, it is a must. Blending acoustic guitar and beautiful singing, with fast multi-syllable rhymes and high energy, the man is one of the most exciting underground artists to watch in years. “Love Song For The Apocalypse” was leaked earlier 2013, and is said to be on the new album, but we’ll see.

New Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

One of the most exciting games to be released in 2014 in my opinion is the official South Park game, not only is it the first title of theirs to be created into a video game that they actually wrote, but it’s also an open world RPG. The game is to be set in South Park, where you are a new kid in town. The goal of the game is to make friends, and join their team of fervent Live Action Role Playing. A role playing game about role playing? This could get nerdy. The game was supposed to be released in 2013 (and made our list last year of things to look forward to) however, after the developer saw major lay-offs, they had to delay the game, until now with an official release date of March 4th, 2014. FINALLY!

The Wolf Among Us

TellTale Games may be one of the most exciting new game developers in the market. With the huge success of their “2012 Game of The Year” award winning episodic Walking Dead game, TellTale is rumored to have contracts in the works for a Borderlands title as well as Game of Thrones. Their newest release that will leak throughout 2014 is “The Wolf Among Us“, another episodic adventure on a non-linear platform based on the graphic novel “Fables“. Don’t let the fairy tale setting fool you, this game is just as graphic and foul-mouthed as one could only hope, and who doesn’t want to see Snow White be decapitated in cold blood?

Fallout 4

Bethesda Software f*cked up when letting Obsidian Entertainment have a go at their Fallout franchise with New Vegas, but it looks like they learned their lesson and have produced a true sequel, and have announced that we can see it hit the streets in 2014. A fake website and teaser trailer was released and immediately removed, so for now we just have to go on the promise that it will be just as badass as the 3rd. According to some resources we have heard that the story line will be more linear branching like Mass Effect, so hopefully I can marry a dude and have a sexy ghoul servant.

Elder Scrolls Online

Another great title from Bethesda to look for this year on the Xbox One, PC and Mac is the Elder Scrolls Online. If you didn’t waste enough time in Skyrim becoming the Dovahkiin and slaying frost trolls like the pieces of shit they are, then you’re going to want to set aside most of the year for the newest addition to the Elder Scrolls series. The vast land of Tamriel is all up for exploring, there will be multiplayer quests, PVP, and you’ll get the chance to shoot your adventuring friends while trying to avoid an arrow to the knee. BETA testing recently went down so we’re hoping this will be making its debut sooner than later.


edit: We apologize for a sentence some found offensive in the original draft, it was removed immediately. Nothing stated in this blog reflects the views of Pacific Western or Cariboo Brewing, and we will do our best at filtering content before publishing to assure this doesn’t happen again.