Striker’s Tales: Striker’s Angels


Considering that in their first match they got destroyed in the first ten seconds, the Striker Angels have begun their reign of terror! Hitting the Vancouver Dodgeball League in a big way!!!


A mix match team of some longboarders and some other experienced ass kickers they took to the gym in east van this past week specializing in crushing body shots and lethal head shots knocking their opponents senseless while plowing a very impressive twelve wins out of just fifteen games!!!


I’m not sure how this all came about but I love the idea! The gym was packed for the first game of the season. Everyone in all shapes and sizes packed in this little gym it was quite the scene!


I’ve never seen so many girls get smashed in the face like this in my life! Noses all red, faces all swollen! This game takes some serious talent though. People had kneepads and were making amazing catches. While other players seem like they would be able to throw a ball right through the gym wall!!


One team was a lippy bunch, they called themselves “Rejection” and they were the most badass team on the floor! A real powerhouse but Strikers Angels pounded balls at them hard enough to eliminate them from the floor as they waited for their next challenge!


If you wanna know the rules here is a quick video to teach you the ways of the game and before you know it you might find yourself on a team during the winter months to keep you from going crazy while you can’t skate as much!

This is the Vancouver Dodgeball League a really cool world to be involved with. Some of the talent is unreal out there. In the future I’d like to have a deadly Coast Longboarding team as well all suited up ready to rock this league!


By the end of the night we wanted to take a group shot and right off the bat were missing a few players. Then we got in trouble for trying to get a good team shot inside with cases of Cariboo so this is what we got.


I’ll be joining strikers angels for a game here and there but my main deal is to make sure they have Cariboo and balls. This could cost me more cash than I planned for!

I must say I have really been enjoying the off-season and it’s been a very fast four months. I can’t believe that as I’m sitting here writing this now I’ve already started working on the Attack of Danger Bay Thirteen!!! I’m off to Africa for three weeks to skate and explore with Landyachtz Longboards and when I get back we’re in full on longboarding action and planning for the relentless 2014 STRIKERS F-BOMB TOUR! Wild spring, summer and fall is just ahead. It makes me wonder if this could be the last F-Bomb tour!

On another note I’m not sure if you knew but I’m still looking for my long lost downtown board!! Its been missing for over a year now and I’m afraid that its just sitting in someone’s boot room in one of these skyscrapers downtown. I’m still on the look out! Big reward if you find this board! See it, buy it or take it! Please!


Well, last week I got word that my board might have been found and I’m thankful I still have eyes on the street looking for this beast! The picture was taken of the man and the board but the boards not mine so the man is safe from me! Looks like a good dude though!!!


For the record this is Skatie Katie a longtime Coasty and this picture make me proud of the patch and what Coast Longboarding means to everyone that represents it. I’m so lucky that top riders in the world and any riders for that matter continue to bomb hills and race with that on there leathers!


It’s taken me almost fifteen years to figure out what Coast Longboardng meant… means! “The True meaning of Coast Longboarding & the Medals, the Patch Represents Freedom, Family, Living & Dying, Skating & Exploring! Bombing Hills!” Thanks Katie!

Guff’s been playing lots of music as of late. In this picture at Loose Tooth’s last practice he was drumming so hard that something exploded in his head and he started bleeding out his nose all over his drum kit and the loose tooth set list! There has been rumor of a Contra Code / Loose Tooth split album!!! So we will see what that might shape out to be if anything, I’d love to do it!


Hey, while we’re on the topic of music I got a quick Striker’s Tale within a Tale for ya!! Back in 2008 I went to the action sports trade show in San Diego with Landyachtz Longboards and helped work the booth they set up there for buyers to check out the new line up. Then to my surprise I saw a huge sign about a Metal Mulisha guitar playing contest judged by style, speed and showmanship so I entered!

I play fast so I thought I had a shot! To this day I don’t even know what a “G” cord is but whatever! This is what the Metal Mulisha had to say about the contest. I copied this from their website.

“The Mulisha is a whole other story. We’ve been partying’ wide open for 10 years! Now our shit sells itself… which gives us even more time to go BIG! We can’t speak of the after hours stupidity, but here are a few photos from the show and a video of our ESP Guitars giveaway! HUGE thanks to our bro Adam Duce, the bass player from Machine Head, for flying out to party and judge the guitar contest! Our new #1 Mulisha fan “Striker,” AKA “Loose Tooth,” rocked out so hard that Adam awarded him one of the custom painted ESP Mulisha guitar!”

Check out this video they made of the contest!!

It was crazy and I ended up winning the guitar! Adam Duce, bass player from Machine Head, told the audience that 80% of rock n roll is the show so he gave me the guitar! I’ve never wanted anything so bad in my life. I wanted that guitar and I was pissed off and just wanted to win it no matter what. It came with a sick ass case and I still have it to this day! After smashing my last guitar at the stoop with three giant swings into the floor smashing it to pieces the Mulisha tooth guitar is the one I will play from now on!!!


I dug up some info on this guitar and this is a limited production guitar with the Viper-MM model name at 12th fret. There were only 250 of these made for serious ESP fans and a few extra (with serial number 250+) are made for Artists (and this is one of those). Deadly sound! Rare Guitar! F#@&k yeah!


The cats out of the bag, I’m going to South Africa with Team Landyachtz!!! How about that, the old beat up downhiller gets treated to a trip with the boys! I haven’t told anyone and the ticket was already paid for thanks to Landy so I committed to go on this tour but never actually had the time off officially from Canada Post yet! I put in the leave without pay application almost a month ago and haven’t heard a thing back! I just waited and waited and waited. My leave form floated from the superintendent’s office to the area manager of operations back to my staffing supervisor then to my case supervisor. I watched it on the desks every time I came in, checking to see if it got a huge line through the center of the page saying “denied.” It happens, so I was trying not to stress eh but its all good! I’m off! Striker unleashed in Africa!


I’ve been looking into it and if we’re planning on renting a van and sticking decals all over the van I can pretty much guarantee you that we’re going to get robbed! I’m packing my laptop so I can do some Striker Tales on the road and I’m pretty much kissing my MacBook pro goodbye! I wouldn’t be surprised if my head got cut off to be honest! Even though we’re in the South Africa that does not mean we’re going to be safe. We will be traveling by road up the west coast from Cape Town to the east coast city of Durban. So much can happen, so much will happen! Small towns here we come!


Swimming with great white sharks that could rip my body in half or one of the other 150 different sharks biting off one of my big meaty legs, wild locals and driving around town to town in a heat score skate van just waiting to get mugged and shot, skating down African mountain passes with the roads going in the opposite direction hoping that a monkey jumps in front of me and I smash a good old fashion south African guard rail.


But I’ve been stretching! I don’t think I’m strong enough to fight off a wild baboon that’s in for a feed on my brain juice! Who knows what lies ahead! This could be the last thing I ever type… this could be the final Striker’s Tale!!!


We’re staying all over the place, camping, friends houses and hostels all as a team! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I love hostels and meeting the people along the way. Can’t wait to meet the nice people before we get lynched!!!

Well, all I can do now is keep going to the Vancouver Aquatic Center to stretch, do some laps, hit the hot tub and the sauna and relax because like I said soon as I board this plane the season begins in a big way and it’s going to be the busiest yet!!!


With all my personal days all used up now with work and getting this time off I know I’ll be falling asleep at work like last year but I can only hope I can some how figure out how to get three more months off after the two weeks off I gotta swing for Danger Bay…. YOLO DEATH IS COMING!!!