Striker’s Tales: Calling all Masters…Lee Dansie is back!! Maryhill Freeride!!

We didn’t leave Vancouver B.C. until about seven Friday night to keep away from the Vancouver and Seattle traffic jams, nothing worse in this heat than driving in that crap! I had a sick local and international crew we rolled across the border without any problems! Border Patrol didn’t even drag us inside this time!

I needed two new steering tires for the Cribb and since I wasn’t going to be hitting Mount Tabor this year and with no Cathlamet running anymore, my good buddy Randy at RnR Tire wasn’t going to see me unless we drove out of the way to see him. The plan was to drop everyone off at Maryhill then drive back to Portland get the tires and drive back to Maryhill but randy said if we just drive straight to his shop through the night he would leave the tires in a ditch for me with a receipt in them for me to pay later. What a guy! Tires like this in Canada cost me twelve hundred bucks but only four down their not to mention he gave me fifty bucks off!

We got to Maryhill, the sun was coming up so we parked right in front of the gate and waited for some Rats to let us in. Most the crew slept while a few of us just entered space. For me, this was a twelve-hour all night drive on only three hours sleep! I was up the whole night before banging out some Striker Tales for you all and making posters among a huge checklist of things that needed to get done. Check out Mason knocked out in the back.

I heard some barking and a car parking behind us and it was Coasties downhill legend Lee Dansie and Dennis the Seattle Mennis Rat!

When the gates of Maryhell opened, we drove in, dropped everyone off who wanted to skate, and we headed to Goldendale for food for the weekend and to put on these sick new tires!

When I arrived back to the hill I needed to somehow convince Deano to let me park the Cribb at the top of the hill like the old EDI days so I could enjoy my last days on Maryhill at the top relaxing watching the rippers rip, but too bad for me all I did was sleep the whole day just trying to catch up and recharge. I had a monster day of driving on the Sunday so that’s all I could think about. I loaded up a bunch of skaters waiting for a U Haul on my way up the hill and it was sure nice as I drove past big Joe from Skate School, he was running lessons all weekend long, and did a professional fantastic job doing it I might add. Joe also has a lot of history on this hill he ran a couple years of racing after Bikers EDI gave up.

I know Mason brought his board but I think he did more sleeping than me this trip! check him out here. Sometimes riders work so hard and have crazy lives, but believe it or not they just come on these tours to relax

Not sure how one would relax on this tour!? Normally the America trips are a little more rowdy than most. I mean we got loud and Mason still slept!!? Even with his eyes open from time to time.

In the morning, it’s a long slow crawl from Peach Beach back to Maryhill. The heat here was torching everyone involved!

This time we parked at the bottom of the hill, We got to hang out with the likes of downhill legends Cliff Coleman, the inventor of the Coleman Slide, Jamie Hart the winner of the first Catalina Downhill Classic, Leemo Dansie multi X Games gold medalist and Toyland big kid Jonny the Thriller Miller! Just to name a handful.

Coleman and The Thriller are still kids even after all these years!! I guess that’s what keeps them young. They ducked in and out of the Cribb with squirt guns shooting each other and lighting each other up with ol’ geezer jokes!! Hahahah

While I was saying my goodbyes to my friends in the west my crew was up killing their legs doing as many runs as they could handle in the heat. Daryl Boehlig shot a run with some of the ladies from Mexico that joined us back to Canada from Maryhill. Nice move by that luger crashing out a couple downhillers kinda pissed me off watching this check it out.

Every Maryhill Freeride you can now expect to see Lee Dansie fired up talking shit to the Seattle Mennis and bombing hills!! With the special help of the Coast community and no thanks to the luge community we pooled together and suited Leemo up! Nothing makes me more happy to see the fire in a champion’s eyes and pictures of the fire on his leathers progressing ride after ride developing himself back into the beast he once was but now even better!! Robert and Heather McCarty captured our legend this past freeride in his element!! The tucks back!! And so is grandpa!!! Heather took this first shot of Leemo!! So sick! And Robert took this second shot wow!!!! Check out Rob’s Instagram for some more bangers!

Gotta love Maryhill!!! I can’t say enough about Joe from skate school and I’ll say it one more time!! Joe’s a pro teacher and a preacher on and off the track. School of downhill, man!

When we got back to camp, Mason was sleeping standing up by this point, and Katie was enjoying her very first shoe!! Nice shoe!

This was my last Maryhill trip after seventeen years in a row I couldn’t have spent it with a better crew!! This is family! Were a family and in this picture you have the original downhillers form Signal Hill that are sixty plus years old, then you have the fifty plus crew down to the forties and the thirties down to the twenties!! The full evolution of downhill right here!! Unreal! Thankful for our grandpas and great grandpas here!

No time to rest! We needed to get back to Canada and drop off half our crew and pick up another load of wicked Mexican riders to add to our already sick crew and make our way to Giants Head Freeride!!!

Thanks to our 2017/2018 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors!!! This Tour would never happen without the support of these brands!! Please send them a message thanking them or thank them with your dollars and support them!! They have helped us make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. ON THAT NOTE WE LIKE WELCOME BACK SWITCHBACK LONGBOARDS TO THE 2017/2018 TOUR!!! Thank you!!









We’re getting excited for the final Cribb Bomb tour here in a few weeks and were almost full up!! Striker’s farewell tour leads us across America for Central mass!! The opening of the Church of Skatan!! Devils Peak in Colorado!! New York!! And whatever else we can swing in a month!!! It’s going to be a journey packed with adventure and when I get home we unload the crew and load up my family with everything we own on two busses. Then we will head east to the Church of Skatan, the Coast Longboarding Museum and Hostel for good. Well see you on the other side!!! Coast!!!