Striker’s Tales: Girls, Groms, Gays and Geezers

striker skate slate mag SUMMER 2013

Hey, hey, hey! My first double pager in a magazine bombing hills, South Africa represent! Thanks Landyachtz Longboards and the crew, this picture pretty much sums up my fifteen years as a downhiller and I couldn’t be more thankful that Lambo captured this shot and me in my essence. This is how I freeride, this shot is how I want to be remembered, it doesn’t get any better than this. You can pick up your copy of the latest Skate Slate Magazine to find this gem.


As matter of fact here is the link you need to contact Skate Slate to ask for a copy of this sucker: and while your at it if you liked seeing Striker skating in a Landyachtz ad an email or and tell him how f#@king cool it was to see them showcasing an old OG bomber like me in there ads. Hey you never know maybe well get to shoot something cool in the future but nothing will ever touch this shot. I’m so thankful!!


Hey everyone welcome back to Striker Tales!!! How about Cariboo artist Soak and this sick ass painting? Cariboo released a new beer this week, Soak was painting live for the party and I’ll talk about it a bit later but spoiler alert, I went to the release party for the new delicious Cariboo blonde and thought I’d ride my Cariboo cruiser that I just picked up to the party to bling it out for everyone to froth over.

Guff, Dillon, Billy bones and Travis and me went for a little something to eat on East Hastings after the party and I locked up my bike and we went in to order when I seen this guy running up to my bike and before he got there I said hey look at this guy he’s going to try to steal my Cariboo bike.

Long story short the first time I went out there I wanted to smack him but Billy was filming so I just wished but I demanded he give me ten bucks for my dinner for trying to steal my bike. He took off but he came back just as I sat down to eat and he was at it again. Trying to pick the lock, he flipped the bike over trying to twist the chain and break the lock.


In the end he emptied his pockets and was running around with no shirt all high and crazy like when the cops came and asked if I wanted to press charges I said no but did ask them if I could take his picture and they said do what you want with him. So I took him across the street and told him to steal my bike again and while he tried to steal my bike I snapped this picture! If you have a Cariboo bike lock it up with two chains. That’s the lesson here, the bikes are really nice.


I’ve been super busy crunching numbers for the upcoming Cribb-Bomb Tour to update this years 2014/2015 sponsorship packages. The sponsor’s year ends at this years Maryhill Festival of Speed so I needed to get everything together and pitch this years tour to the companies that have been so generous and supportive the last few years. Without the support of these sponsors this tour would have sunk me deep into debt and there would be no way I could continue to run this service for everyone.

I’m super happy to report that I didn’t need to go hunting around for new sponsors for this years tour and all but one of our sponsors returned to support the dream. This week Raggie is busting his ass ripping off all last years huge ass decals and cleaning the glue to make room for this years new colours.

Something happened with SnJ sales so we lost the Divine Wheels sponsor and I’m fine with that personally makes more room for the real companies that care and see the value in what I’m devoting all my efforts in. It did feel a little weird representing a company that I wasn’t sure cared. On the other hand, Switchback Longboards are back for the third year in a row!!! Now that matters!!


Bear Trucks are back for a third year in a row!!! Damn rights that matters!!


Flatspot Longboards are back for their second year in a row!! F#@king eh!! That matters!!


Rayne Longboards are back for their second year in a row!! You better believe that matters, double dam rightz!!


Royal Boardshop are back for their second year in a row!! Now that matters!! Bubble bubble, bubble gum classic!!


Concrete Wave Magazine are back for their third year in a row!! You better believe it!! Now that matters!!


Cariboo Brewing are back for their third year in a row!! You better believe that!! Cold, fresh, crisp pure spring water now that matters!!!


These are the companies that care about the tour and the riders on the tour and the events and the people we meet along the way. Stoked to have the crew back for more and make sure you support these companies because they support us.


Just this past weekend the Kelowna DH was cancelled or postponed so I took the opportunity to make my way south to the Maryhill Freeride. There was some interest, so last minute, a couple of lame back outs left a small but good crew that still needed to get down to sweet Mary, the show will go on and I’m glad it did. I would have drove down there empty if I needed to but that has yet to happen.


This was a really fun trip, it was the Gays, the Girls, the Groms and the Geezers Freeride hosted by the Maryhill rats. Deano after all these years still keeping it real I love this guy. Quick skate back to the future Red Bull Skid Road in Seattle, my first race. It was a race down Yestler ahead smashing right hander at the top and a nice bomb to the next left hander that I never made. All my heros were there that day. One eye Jimmy Flidnt, Gary Hardwick my all time hero, Lee Dansie hero! Chris Chaput, The Caveman, Ratt Sult, Mark Golter, Biker Sherlock, Daryl Freeman, Sergio Yuppie, dam rightz Dane Van Bommel, Rick Kludy just to name a few.


Well, the end of it all the after party was going down and they were giving out awards. Gary Hardwick was giving away the awards and called me up. I was riding a Landyachtz DH with flywheels I think and Randal DH trucks. The board and the trucks were way different than I was used to. I was riding Indy 215 and 56 Kryptos on a Sector 9 Luke Nose Walker at home but was just sponsored by Landyachtz and racing my new set up. Never made the corner once that day, they called me the human bowling ball as I smashed into the hay run after run. Anyways Gary Hardwick my hero called me up shook my hand and gave me a board for love of the game he called it. Gives me goose bumps typing this then the next year Deno and his brother got the same award.


Gary Hardwick seen something special I guess you could say when he gave me and Deano that award. Love of the game. What a special award and I think we both lived up to that award! Cheers Deano Ratt I love you buddy!!! Rest in peace Gary still making you proud!


So back to this past Maryhill trip the gays, girls, groms and geezers what a trip its funny to sit back and watch all the groms and geezers interact. The old geezers telling the groms whatever and mix that in with the girls and gays. It was such a cool mix of riders. Sweet Mary she was screaming like mad and girls, groms and geezers were crashing all over the place. Sweet Mary was blowing riders right off the tracks full on standing tall and smashing bails with the ankles and launching off the banks learning a good lesson.

I sat back in my chair sun tanning and talking with the many riders I never really get a chance to talk with or even a chance to meet got to know so many good people as the meat wagon would roll by to drag an old geezer out of the ditch or untangle a grom from the fencing.

meat wagon

Jonny Toyland Miller made the trip up and boy it was cool to meet this daddy of downhill. He took run after run getting in as much as he could. Of course wise words from the geezers and setting the example to kick some ass the older young man was in his glory. I set up the P.A. cranked the tunes and set some Cariboo chairs up for anyone who needed a rest.


Then the fire truck and more ambulances climbed their way up the hill attending to the girls that might have seriously crashed that last run. Maryhill was blowing so hard the riders were having a hard time staying on the track.


So, after everyone skated for more than a full work day, we decided to pack up and head out. We needed to get to Biggs and load up on food but along the way I gave the grommet a little taste of the good old shit and snapped a nice one for him!

the kid

I don’t know where I’ve been the last twelve years of the Maryhill experience but I have never made it out to this campground and it is by far the best place to camp yet. How the hell did I not know about this spot? I thought that Peach Beach was this place but I was wrong. We found the camp where the riders were all set up and it was like I was a grom now, this was all new to me. This place was paradise.


Oh hey, if you haven’t heard Cariboo just released a brand new flavor and I was lucky enough to get a couple flats from the beer store to bring down to Oregon to try out on the old trail. So I did just that when we got to camp and snapped a few Boo shots while I was at it. I sat around the fire with some Canadian wood I brought down and enjoyed a brand new Boo.


I enjoyed this Cariboo Blonde while I heard someone shooting rocks and trains just a little bit North from where we were. The buckshots were loud and clear. Just blasting away all alone I’m guessing it was three bucks a shot eh.


Then while I was enjoying some nice fresh American air listening to gunfire and tasting my new Cariboo Blonde, the train rolled by. I love trains and it’s on my bucket list to jump on a train and chugga lug to another town. Now I was really loving this campsite.


While this was all going on, I guess a train smashed the legs off of Bambi’s poor mother and some of the groms came back with news that she was suffering in the ditch and we should do something. Well, that got me right up. This sounded like just what I needed, a little magic, a little action! So, I grabbed my ring of Cariboo Blondes because blondes have more fun and I started hiking.


It’s a tricky little hike for a big guy like me but like I said I love this kind of shit we headed for the train tracks.


We got to the top and crowds of groms were already up there I had to snap a picture of this place. I love it here I’ll be driving down this dirt road and camping out for one night at least for the Maryhill Festival of Speed to break up my six days there.


So I kinda forgot why we hiked up here and it wasn’t for the view, it was to save Bambi’s mom that lay broken off in the wilderness. I guess the groms went and fetched the Yankee blowing rocks away with his gun to help put this suffering deer out of her misery because he was already there pointing the what looked like a toy gun at Bambi. This was kinda intense for a few of the groms. The grom who came with me had his parents sign his life away with me and he was getting a nice lesson in the circle of life here. It was getting real now. I know there are some hunters reading this right now and it’s just another day and this was the right thing to do but it still didn’t feel right.

Some of the groms thought the executioner was a little too far away so they wanted him to move in closer. The executioner or hero offered up his gun to whoever wanted to do the job themselves but there were no takers. BLAM! The executioner shot Bambi in the head but someone yelled that she wasn’t dead yet. So, the executioner pulled out his knife, grabbed Bambi by the head, slit Bambi’s throat and bled her in his arms while he stabbed Bambi in the heart. Wow, I guess another shot to the head wasn’t enough he had to get down and crazy on this dears ass. Friday the thirteenth was the night before that had nothing on Saturday the 14th.

So what can you do when you live in a shoe, just let Bambi suffer? I cracked another Cariboo and sipped the blood of the deer like the real hunters we were, I mean it was Saturday the 14th. So how about those Blue Jays? Yeah, well, we hung out on the train tracks like a bunch of vampires feasting on the carcass not minding the fur in the teeth. We broke off all four legs and didn’t let any meat go to waist, this was the American way. Damn this Blonde was good though eh!?


We kicked the bones down the hill and now it was time to work on tucking and the train. Good little exercise for the crew it was harder than you think.


Then when the train came we gave her some room to rage on by. What a powerful and powerless feeling as this train powers over the tracks. The thought of a derailment does go through your mind at least once.


The next day was a little more of the same thing on sweet Maryhell the wind blew hard and groms were getting blown straight off the road. It was the first event I’ve ever been to that I seen a line up of groms waiting outside the meat wagon to get all fixed up. Good old Jonny Miller finally crashed and tweaked his ankle ending his day with a ice pack and some love from the meat wagon crew.


It was the end of the day and the geezers were having a group picture and I was taking a picture of the old fogies when they called me into the picture. I argued that I had seven years left till I was a geezer but they convinced me and I’m glad I was apart of the geezer shot!


Speaking of geezers this geezer is only seven helmets behind me to catch up to my nine broken helmets, but I don’t think I ever broke two helmets in one day before like this champ. I remember the days of being happy to break a helmet but those days are way long past now. Really sucks to tell you the truth. It will be the only thing that will force me to quit. I don’t think I’ll ever quit but nine helmets will slow you down, well, slowed me down anyways.


We had to head home but on our way we stopped by a really good place that will make you as fat as you want. This place is heaven for the fat ones. I loved it here but I couldn’t live here. I ordered heaven another trip in the bag.


Now I’m home writing this and tomorrow I’m loading up another crew and we’re heading over to Vancouver Island, another new trip on the F-Bomb, the Vancouver Island Disaster Tour lead by our F-Bomb sponsor Switchback Longboards. Can’t wait, I think this one will be nuts. The Stoop Bomb some of the boys are calling this trip. Yikes!! See you next week and I’ll tell you all about it!


We’re almost full for the Maryhill Festival of Speed but the trip after that is the Whistler Longboarding Festival jump on why don’t you? For the rest of the year every time you ride the Crib-Bomb for a full trip I’ll be entering your name into a draw to win 1 of 3 Maryhill Rats Fall Freeride tickets!! I’m drawing in early Sept so good luck!

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Check out this interview a young man gave me for a school project. It was really fun to be apart of.

Thanks to our 2013/2014 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors you really save my ass and help us all make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. Legend!

Cariboo Brewing


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