Striker’s Tales: Death Mountain Freeride

If your from British Columbia and know anything about the history of Sun Peaks, you’ll find out that Tod means death in German and the rumor has been for years that they changed the name from Tod to Sun Peaks for that very reason. So that’s why I like to refer to Tod Mountain (the highest mountain out of the three peaks) as Death Mountain, not Sun Peaks. Even skating the main road coming off the mountain has three cattle guards you need to shoot!! A game we sometimes play on the Edmonton Rocky Mountain tours. Every time you crash on a guardrail that’s a strike against you, so of course the person who crashes the least while shooting the three sets of guard rails win not necessarily the one who makes it down the hill first. There’s a fun fact for you all

Kamloops Lonboarding Club has done a fantastic job in British Columbia’s tournament capital of growing downhill skating in a positive manner while working with the city of Kamloops building the world’s first downhill longboard park. They set the bar for skate communities worldwide and (KLC) shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon!! Keep kickin’ ass for us all!

To start the weekend off with a bang, the KLC invited everyone out for a pre event BBQ at their longboard park where they supplied all the fixings for hot dogs and burgers, they also bought a couple cases of water for everyone. This is what they do in Kamloops because they got the right idea!! The City built them a picnic area to chill out eat, rest and a spot to change your wheels or go through footage of your last run. Ballers!

Check out some of the pictures I snapped of the KLC BBQ session on this day, lots of style out there I’m telling you! This first shot I’m loving this pimpin’ thug style almost digging deep!

This guys kicking out the jams with some speed, I always love the extra speed!!

Looking up the steep side some of these local riders make short work of this park, but living in Kamloops is a whole other park all together!! Spoiled rotten some would say!! Blessed with kick ass drops all over the map, big ones too!! Most have reason to be jealous.

I’m not sure how, but somewhere along the way the art of the longboard got lost and it warms my heart to see riders chucking around the big dawgs!! This is the kind of board I learned how to bomb the BC and Alberta mountain passes on! A nice big long phat five foot board with 115 Indy’s and 56 orange Kryptos!! Bring back the long style if you dare!! Speed it long brah!!!!!!

After the session was over we headed to Pat’s place for a house wrecker of a party!! Russell Yardwaste got rowdy after I backed the Cribb-Bomb into the front of Patrick’s garage almost ripping his house in half but Pats cool he didn’t really mind or he just forgot about it after he woke up and was surprised his yard was all clean!! Best investment I have ever made were those garbage pickers I tell ya!! One of those in each hand and you never need to bend over to pick up garbage again! “MAKE CLEANING GREAT AGAIN”

First thing I noticed as soon as we got to Death Mountain was this sick skate couple and the girl was sporting a Cariboo longboard with the original Cariboo wheels eh!!! Love it!!!

The Sun Peaks village was very quiet and a bit weird to me, because it reminded me of a rich person’s Ghost Town but people live up here year round and if you look you’ll find stores that are open for business in all the nooks and crannies and even a couple spots to play Ping Pong or fancy yourself a game of Chess!!

You can even find bars in the Village and dangerous drinking games that involve a hunk of wood, a seriously scary hammer to have at a bar and a bucket full of nails!! But this is Canada eh we don’t need to worry about anything going too crazy!

This game was cool; you stand in a circle and take turns smashing the nail completely into the stump. First one to sink the nail wins. I won the first game I played so I started friendly betting and hustling for drinks!! Something I need to do if I want to not spend a penny that I don’t have because the purchase of the Church of Skatan Coast Museum and Hostel!

When I first arrived I parked right up at the gate rock star parking near the Landyachtz van. The main manager lady was stoked and waived to me until she talked to Uncle Flee and he ordered her to come escort me out of the area. I asked what the problem was and she said the organizer wanted me moved so fair enough I told her I would move but I wasn’t going to jump when Uncle Flee commanded of course. I told the crew in the Cribb to tell anyone that asks that I went to the village. But really I went to sleep for about five hours. When I woke up, I moved and the manager thanked me and we hugged and had a great conversation about the Church of Skatan. SKATAN!!!!! On a side note while I write this tale I think its funny everytime I type “Lee” my Ipod auto correct spells me “Flee” what the hell!?

It’s a funny deal but fun as hell riders get runs all day long and they go up this magic carpet ride that they stand, sit or lay on that slowly takes them up the hill. I never got a good shot but it’s creepy to see a bunch of Martian like longboarders standing floating up the hill like robots. One at the top you get to kick in and slash your way down the steep ass hill. Here’s a couple pictures of the fun the tire eating riders paid for, loved some of the style I was seeing out there!!

This was a higher speed, risky pass, that had to be executed perfectly or pain would set in

Rasta Dan with a mitt full of flowers and a monkey toe slip n slide!!

Jonny Yardwaste took a beating burning rubber up and down the track leaving some proof of purchase and a two for one deal on some leg waxing!! Russ and Mike Yardwaste lighting the track on fire!!

Lots of style points for the Coleman slides!! Dam rights!!!

This dog looks like he chased down and bit the wrong tire eh!?

The music sucks but You get a lift up the hill, you get more runs than most skaters can handle, the bar is just across the dirt road so you can take smoke breaks, eat, drink lots of beer and sign yourself up for more pain!! This event has it all and will challenge your skills if you have any. Sick shot Park Tek!!

the end of the day local Kamloops hero skunked a couple of the big Landyachtz boys!! Prince Dillon and Luigi Troy Grenier took second and third making room for the new kid on the block!!

Thanks to our 2016/2017 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors!!! This Tour would never happen without the support of these brands!! Please send them a message thanking them or thank them with your dollars and support them!! They have helped us make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. ON THAT NOTE WE LIKE WELCOME BACK SWITCHBACK LONGBOARDS TO THE 2017/2018 TOUR!!! Thank you!!









Were getting excited for the final Cribb Bomb tour here in a few weeks and were almost full up!! Striker’s farewell tour leads us across America for Central mass!! The opening of the Church of Skatan!! Devils Peak in Colorado!! New York!! And whatever else we can swing in a month!!! It’s going to be a journey packed with adventure and when I get home we unload the crew and load up my family with everything we own on two busses. Then we will head east to the Church of Skatan, the Coast Longboarding Museum and Hostel for good. Well see you on the other side!!! Coast!!!