Striker’s Tales: Danger Bay 13

Wait! Before I start, Google “Stoop Skate House Desk”. Big things going on at the Stoop, they bought a broadcasting station and they are reporting live right now!! I took off to South Africa for a mission with Landyachtz to spread our roots back in March, I’m thinking I don’t even remember anymore the months, but it kinda through me off for this years preparation for Attack of Danger Bay 13. I still had enough time to pull it all off but it was just different tasks to take care of at different times, so once I adjusted to that we were set to go.

I lost a couple key crew this year, Hoodie is working mad hours up North and Bean was traveling the world and just got back and needed a year to chill, so getting U-haul drivers that I trusted was going to be difficult. To trust someone driving a 33 foot U-haul packed with a ton of hay through the busy streets of Vancouver to me is a serious job and there is no room for mistake. Danger Bay is on the line!!

Stepping up to the plate and filling in some very important shoes was Troy Yardwaste!! Love that man, totally came through at a clutch moment once again!! Then I called a real OG Coast longboarder that I skated with before we labelled ourselves Coasties. He goes by the name of Dr. Balls!! Totally out of the blue he got a call from me to ask for help to drive the other U-haul. He has a great job now and a wife with a kid but he was in!! It was so cool having Dr. Balls help out for this years Danger Bay!!


While we were at the Stoop the night before Danger Hay hanging out we seen some Coast tattoos that I never seen before so I snapped a pic! Love these ones!



This ink was on the back of Bam’s back a full on Danger Bay 11 design by mutant Mike Neilsen!!! Not done yet, but still, this has to be the biggest Coast piece to date!!! Can’t wait to see it done!


Woke up nice and early and got things on the go!! We loaded up a nice size crew and picked up the U-hauls and headed for the farms, while the man of the hour, Sloppy Steve, saved the day rolling around the city in the U-haul van picking up new Coast gear and band equipment! The hay was loaded in record time and we were rolling perfectly onto the ferry when we were stopped and ended up being the first car to make the next ferry in two hours. I was sorta pissed, I hate being that close to making a ferry. But it worked out me and Dr. Balls grabbed food and got to catch up some more.


When we finally arrived at the longboard camp we had a whole crew of Danger Bay volunteer security ready to go. This was only a small division of what we have when we’re running full on but couldn’t run the camp without these dedicated crew and of course Irene and her crew at the gate!!!


The beer stores in Pender Harbor were all geared up for some action and they ordered extra Cariboo for all of us hooligans! It was good to see they knew what kind of beer we like!


While I was running around doing Danger Bay stuff in Pender I ran into Scoot, so I couldn’t just drive by. I parked the van and got some runs in with him and a young gun. This was the first time Scoot ever took his shoes off for some barefoot runs! Glad I was there for that!


The Mike Crowe Danger Bay trophy was all shined up thanks to bloodgoat and I’m sure around five hundred people drank Cariboo out of this thing throughout the weekend including myself.


Nice and early Saturday a couple hundred people came out and enjoyed some slide comp action. This one is always a tough one to get up for after a Friday night at the camp with all the bands!!


The Friday night started off with a bang and we had some local young bucks playing there first Danger Bay show. The drummer was only twelve years old and he banged off some really impressive songs. While all this was going on I couldn’t believe my eyes as a took a look around there were kids everywhere. What the hell happened? This was crazy to me, I couldn’t even watch the band anymore I was too fascinated with the whole new generation of punkers and skaters!! When I say young I mean like three years old and up!!


But when the lights went out and the moon rose they came out of the woods. The little danger bay kids and the parents went home and the bigger kids came out to play.


Power Clown headlined every night blasting as much Iron Maiden as you could handle in one weekend and even Danger Bay for these clowns ain’t easy. Danger Bay is a full on grind… it’s not for everyone.


The Saturday is always packed full of events for everyone. This year for the skate hockey game everyone chucked in sticks and had a good old fashion game of skate and shoot!!


Pender Harbor has its annual May Day parade and that’s always a fun event. Most of the longboarders now are too busy sleeping, skating or still making there way to the coast for this but Team Irene, Switchback Longboards and myself are always there to represent the longboarders.


This year, Dane from Team Irene had a bit of a fall and busted his bones. It was sad to hear because he was going to be a real problem for a lot of racers this year but this happens every Spring Break!!! Get it SPRING BREAK!! So the team pushed him in a wheelchair through the parade.


This year, after all the Saturday morning events were done and I finally ate, I snuck off for a quick two hour nap, which is really unheard of. I really must be getting old because I would have never gotten away with this a few years ago that’s for sure. But when I woke up I woke up to people skating the ramp at the camp. This was the first year Switchback brought the ramp out for us to play on. Gotta like that!


I don’t know how he does it but Rob Leblanc came back for the thirteenth time and the twelfth time running the big show on the Sunday. We are all blessed to have this man working hard behind the scenes making this race run smoother than any other race I’ve been to.


After registration, I grabbed a crew to come help set up the race track. We loaded up the F-Bomb and constructed the Attack of Danger Bay building hay walls to hang banners on for racers to crash into and rip off. We got back to the camp just in time for more bands, beers and blood. I guess to mark the tenth anniversary of the hicks with sticks deal, one of the boys decided to get a little crazy and pull out a hockey stick and smack a dude. Well that didn’t go over well and it didn’t take long to take care of that situation King Brian and the rest of them kicked out the culprit and as the man left the camp he screamed that we were all going to burn in hell. That was the end of that. I didn’t mind the story!


Oh yeah, the bands started up again so that meant it was time to blow some steam and get wild.


I was just standing around enjoying myself, you know doing the thing that old guys do that have hit the road one too many times, out of shape and one too many mosh pits and then wham! I got hit from out of the blue form behind. I hit my knees and fell on my face rolled on my back and took a second to myself. When I got body checked from behind my whole spine folded in half and my head almosted popped off. I was angry now at this point and the bear was woken right up.


I found out pretty quick who it was and I was lucky I never got injured with my history. With my ass hanging out the crowd watched me struggle to pick myself up but once I did that I needed to hurt the person that did this too me to feel my pain.


It was Kibling AKA Hugh Johnston. I grabbed him and ripped him towards my shoulder and gave him a powerful slam of my body weight. He bounced off me and started tripping all over his feet through the mosh pit finally making it through somehow only fall to the ground and roll like a bowling ball into some chick taking her out and they both hit the ground. Hugh got up and ran at me and I threw a huge taekwondo side kick and caught him in the upper chest knocking him to the ground. I quickly ran at him as he was getting up and tried to give him a boot to the chest to keep him down but I kicked through his armpit so had to settle for a crushing knee to the chest. When I dropped my weight on his chest I expected to break his bones but I didn’t feel anything break so I did it again. Then I got up and stepped on his head while he continued to laugh I grinded my boot in his face until we got broken up.


It was all in good fun, I guess people thought I was serious and was going to kill the guy but I was just getting even. I wasn’t mad at all, I just wanted him to feel the pain I felt. When the dust settled he seen me charge him once again. I ran and jumped at him like a full on rugby tackle or like Ram Man from He-Man, I connected and stapled him into the sharp stage front where his body lay in pain and I felt like I was even. Shock was in the air but this was all just a glimpse of the old Striker, years back. If you think Danger Bay is crazy.


Woke up after no hours sleep and it was the Danger Bay. I could hear riders making their way down the hill to the highway to be picked up by the racer shuttle. This was at around six in the morning. This is something I’ll be changing next year, we’re going to start this a little later, I’m sick of getting up so early. While I was thinking this, the loudest boom shook the campsite. Then another few followed as zombies cheered and I knew it was time to get up.

Got to the track and while I was hanging up banners it was brought to my attention that someone must have made a shit right on the carnage corner. Who would make a shit here I thought but again it’s kind of a nice story so I took a picture and we kicked it back in the bails for someone unlucky.

It didn’t take long for our first international rider to crash in carnage corner and now that I’m looking at this picture it kinda looks like he might have crashed in poop corner. New Zealand welcome to danger bay.


This year, we had racers from Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, America, Sweden to name a few. We had Attack of Danger Bay champs one, two and three back racing. Also Danger Bay champ five, seven, nine, ten, twelve back as well, along with four past world champs and the current world champion!! Sick!


The King Brain, Attack of Danger Bay Five champ, was out there doing what he does best, surfing the pavement and teaching Team Irene the ropes of racer respect!!


When the going gets tough and the tough gets going the King is always there to rub your face in the hay if that’s on the menu. Carnage Corner gets hairy, lucky we didn’t run six man heats again this year or pain might be your middle name.


It’s all fun and games until you crash in front of somebody with your legs open for destruction. Get up quick or most the time you will both pay the price in Carnage Corner.


Like I said before and it’s not the first time we have seen this but Attack of Danger Bay has never been easy for anyone and this time this man had a little sleep on the hay in the worst place possible. Carnage Corner! He was woken up by the biggest crash of the day.


This is the angle coming into Carnage Corner and this year racers were surprised with a little road work on the inside corner. Looks like someone came to the track and filled in the big hole on the inside corner making it a little too easy for everyone. Might need to move the hay back to the old spot and break some more bones.


This year the defending masters champ Wes Sampson had a little rematch with Chris Chaput. The last time they met was a few Danger Bay’s ago and Wes took Chaput and the cash for the big win but this time things have changed and Chaput kicked it into high gear beating Wes but the meatball was the fastest on this day winning the Masters Class!!



The podium was on the track this year and the Super Groms were looking good and the Young Super Grom actually defended his title for the second straight year and looking great out there!!


The Groms was also a jacked up series of crazy racing and the two boys on the podium in second and third were the brats that eliminated me in the Jake’s Rash rumble race. Piss me off hahahaha.


The ladies raced and E-Core defended her title and was happy to stand at the top of the podium for the second straight year. The ladies racing was tight as ever and this year we had almost twenty ladies racing Danger Bay. The numbers are up for them that’s a really good sign!


For the open finals it was the World Champion vs three time Danger Bay champ K-Rimes. It was just like last years finals but add an Auzzie and Earl AKA Kyle Martin. Just like last year K-Rimes got first and Adam P. took second. This was the first time in Attack of Danger Bay history that any champion in the open class defended an Attack of Danger Bay title. This one meant a lot for Kevin when I talked to him about it.


Little Anna was on the Danger Baby shirt this year and it sure look like she enjoyed that. Look at the guys posing with her for this shot.


We headed back to the camp for some more of it. This year we dropped four thousand dollars in bands and entertainment at the camp those who enjoyed that kept it real.


After a Bluegrass clap n stomp fun band Neil E Dee took the stage and gave his annual Danger Thrill Show that fits just perfect in our festival. This year I ripped by him on my longboard and grabbed a two foot long sword yanking it out of his throat nearly killing the guy right there on the spot!


This year we got to staple cash to his nipples and head there was quite the lineup for this and is kinda sick. We chucked darts in his back my best shot was sticking three in his back all at once.


Then I stood on him while he was lying on a bed of nails. That was a trick that he was lucky to be alive after. My toes almost dug out his heart trying to stay balanced on the guy.


After the concerts and entertainment Wolfman held his annual campsite dirt race and the racers raced down a pitch black road onto a wimpy little bridge when a few traps were set up to slow them down or just straight up crash them out.


After the race we gave out Coast medals to the winners and the dirtboard trophy but this year the new winner was Crazy Karl. We haven’t seen the likes of this kid in a long while it was good to see him again!


When I was thinking of going to bed, I locked up the hall, my home base, but had to snap a picture of the mess. I remember looking at this thinking about Monday already. In fact, it was Monday morning when I took this picture.


Nothing worse than the clean up on the Monday after Danger Bay. Normally it’s raining, everyone leaves and I sit in my tent, van or wherever I might be and think about death. Danger Bay Mondays to me are one of the worst days of the year. I feel all alone, like nobody is going to stick around and help me clean up. But once I force myself up and walk around I cheer up and see that things aren’t so bad and I have a great crew that cares about me and the event enough to stick around and help me out! Thank you so much!


This is a picture of the hoodies counted and laid out on the table and by the end of the weekend we were sold out of the gear for the first time in years. A huge part of that was Celine, the best sales lady around, she killed it this year and for the first time ever. We didn’t sell hoodies at the race or the May Day booth so she was extra busy at the camp. It’s no fun leaving the weekend with ten boxes of gear after it’s all said and done. I nailed it by making just enough this year.


Hey let’s take a break and watch a nice little video!!

After cleaning the camp and getting over the Monday depression it was time to head to the Rash and set up the second race track of Danger Bay and skate the freeride. We rode from nine in the morning till five in the afternoon, a full day blasting down the hill. I even skated a bunch of runs, most fun I’ve had skating in months.


We headed back to Garden Bay for a nice dinner at Carol Rubin’s place but the driveway was a hairy one to get up and a few cars got stuck on the way up making it a little bit of a spectacle. The Pender Harbor Hill Climb!


But when we got there, we were a bit late and missed most of the food but most of the crew ate and that was what counted.


There was no way to get the F-Bomb up the hill the dinner so we dumped the bomb off and we loaded up kegs of beer for everyone and almost three hundred bucks worth of ingredients for my special pasta sauce. We took over Carol’s kitchen and went to work, cooking away in the end I f#$kin burnt my pot blowing the whole lunch for the racers for the next day. But the other pot of food I sent to Scoot’s sisters house, Heather, was cooked right so all wasn’t lost! Thanks Heather!


The sauce was taking longer than expected and we needed to go so Team Green added its touch to my sauce for a little extra kick – great idea Jose Loco. But we needed to move now so we loaded the scolding hot massive pot in to Prince Dillon’s van for transport. Who needs a lid?


Then my special sauce needed to be put in the F-Bomb and transported to Heather’s house for the last of the cooking process.


Jake’s Rash is not a family event, we kicked off in the morning and I got to feed my special pasta to whoever dared and if they didn’t want the Team Green pot then they could have Heather’s pot. We had two pots and two different styles to choose from. Burnt and not burnt. Spiked or not spiked.


Last year I fed the racers over three hundred cheese burgers from mc jesus but this time I cooked for them so I had the pleasure of making sure the racer got a good feed. I dished out everyones food. Looks like bean ate too much of my sause he was out like a lite and the finals were just about to get on its way


The racing was tight all day and the Sandman Inn was a popular place to stay. When riders crash they end up in a swimming pool of sludge and three year old hay bails.


It was nice my leathers fit me just fine and Haste Longboards got some pics of me rippin with my buddie Rachel Rayne. I was really surprised how fast this one was. She’s not sponsored because of her good looks kids she is quick and fun to race with.


Hey how about Hollywood Wes Sampson and his time at the Rash this year! He had a great crash smashing his face off the road breaking his nose and busting a bunch of bones in his face and a nice concussion. He’s ok but you take your eyes off the road on the Rash or you hit the ditch you’re going to get chopped in half!


So the podium was made up of Cariboo kegs, garbage bags from the Rash and a cooler and why not it’s not a family event. The groms on the podium were Kurt from Team Irene taking first place and the other two punks were the punks that eliminated me that day. They were on the podium for the jrs at Danger Bay as well. Punks!


The Rash podium for the ladies was a good one, E-Core took first again winning the Rash and Danger Bay but dizzy from Abby got 2nd this year moving up two spots from last years fourth place finish and Team Clit Charlie took 3rd.


Completing his Danger Bay sweep K-Rimes won the Jake’s Road Rash Rumble race by a long shot Brazil took second and the Thuglas took third place while still fitting in his leathers.


The Rash was a success and the only thing I had to clean up on Porn Corner were a few condoms in the campfire. What a blast a true racers race!


For the crew that was left over that really helped with the last details of cleaning up everything and stayed on the coast to make sure I had enough help to get things done well they were rewarded with Cariboo beer!!


Oh and of course you know what goes with cups of Cariboo beer is cariboo beer pong table with a Cariboo beer pong kit equipped with Cariboo ping pong balls!!


Its 3:37AM and I need to be up at 7:00AM to get out of my place and pick up the F-Bomb for the coastal mountain tour. It’s been non stop and I need to sleep so im cutting this weeks Tales off now. So long and thank you for all the shoes! Here is an article in the local newspaper on the Sunshine Coast from Danger Bay 13.





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