Striker’s Tales: Coastal Mtn Tour & Sheep Creek Outlaw!

Like so many others before them, this is my crew. Some new faces and some old. I love my crews and I love the tour. It’s a balance running these tours, keeping my family happy, my job happy, my crews happy, the Crib Bomb happy, the diehards that want to see the tour continue happy, my sponsors happy and of course keeping me happy.


Next year, if I decide to go for one more year, it will be five years on tour for me. I really don’t know where it has all gone. But since the first day of the tour I think I have been documenting my tour and my life to all of you and it’s something for my kids when they grow up and I die off to have forever. Billie, Cash if you’re reading this twenty years from July 14th daddy loves you!! The meaning of life is to live it, go find it.

Ok screw it, I’m diving into the Sheep’s Creek For Speed Freaks Outlaw Race and the Coastal Mountain Striker’s Crib Bomb Tour write up, here and now. I’ve been on a writing terror as of late getting a bunch of words out of my brain and into yours. This year was the tenth annual Sheep Creek race one of the oldest outlaws in the world. The only races that have been going on longer are the Jake’s Rash and Splash For Cash Outlaw and the Lions Urban Assault Race here in Vancouver.

If you read the last Striker’s Tales you’ll know that the Crib hasn’t been running all that great so that means $6000 in five trips. We started this tour on the hoist where Ricky worked like a zombie then I picked the sucker up drove it back to Van with Rachel Rayne. Then, we loaded up the crew and headed back to Whistler, paid Ricky $2000 cash and I hoped it solved my Spring problems. Well, it better have because we were just about to climb to the highest point in BC with a bus loaded with happy campers ready to skate and explore!
2 ricky

So, Ricky was paid now every time I gassed up it was coming out of my family’s bank account and on a six day tour driving over 1200 km in this RV packed. Chugging up mountain after mountain gas ain’t cheap at all and this is if everything runs great and I stay out of the shop because this bill could rack up real fast if we have any break downs this trip. Everything was on the line and I was at a time where I was going for it and running the tour another year or I’ll quit the tour and burn the Crib Bomb and call it good times.

Well I’m not in the best mood and we get stopped at the stoplight just before the highway and I noticed the cops at the intersection on my passenger side I yelled at the guys to keep the beer down but now we were already getting the evil eye. The light turned green I pulled out and we passed them like a giant “bust us” billboard we had four cars behind us and then the cops and before you know it the cherries and sirens are just a blazing.

I’m pissed off and now were scrambling in the RV while the fuzz steps onto the side of the RV and sticks his head in and tells me straight up the RV smells like weed and I’m under arrest. That was not the case, I’m a seasoned driver and that shit will get us impounded right now and wreck the whole tour. I look at him and telling the truth, tell him absolutely not we have not been smoking weed in the RV.

I step out and he asks me if I’ve been drinking. Again, I’m not stupid I’m not going to risk a drink for the tour you gotta be kidding me. Wreck my reputation with the entire world. Yea the sponsored guy that’s sponsored by Cariboo Brewing surprise gets busted for drinking and driving. Not a f%$kin chance I would give the cops or the people the satisfaction to judge me if that ever happened. I haven’t had a drop of booze I told the cop and I challenged him to test me right now.

So, by this time the next cop car pulls in and I have one cop working me the other three cops are digging around sniffing and being sneaky telling my crew I’ve been arrested for drugs and I’m going to jail and for them to give up all the drugs. Well anyone that knows me I have never in my life touched acid, coke, heroin, ecstasy, MDMA and whatever other drugs are on the market so when the cops tried to pull a fast one they knew I was the last guy carrying any drugs. They stuck to their guns I stuck to my guns and in the end I got a ticket $230 bucks for open alcohol. This is how I felt. Not often you see me without a smile.
3 cops

Oh, I was very happy because it could have went any way and if the cops wanted to be pricks they are above the law and could have wreck the tour even if it was unlawful. So, I took the ticket and when I got back in the RV I was now extremely pissed by now and I started up the RV and just started ranting. Now I’m $6230.00 in the whole in five trips $2230.00 this single trip and I’m still going to be paying for all the gas still and I have a family at home. Just totally stressed out and nervous about the mountain climbs ahead.

I broke it down and if everyone chipped twenty bucks I would chip in the rest and we’re good. You know what, every single person in that bus even if they weren’t drinking kicked me the cash and if you’re reading this you might have saved the Striker’s Crib Bomb tour because at that point all I could see was money disappearing faster than ever so thank you. Here’s a picture after my crew calmed me down and I finally snapped out of it.

4 snap

We made it up our first big climb up the Duffy and that was reason to be happy and the fact we were in nature with great company things were looking up. It was what it was can’t change nothing so hopefully through the year I could make this cash back through the next eighteen tours… yikes!

5 nature

The beer pong tables were dragged out the PA and generator were dragged out it was time to get loud on the top of the mountain. Be good to get some sleep Rachel Rayne and me were dead tired from the whole couple days of getting the Crib ready for the pick up point at the Stoop.

It didn’t take long for Mack to get crazy and want to get a little violent with a member of the crew and honestly this went on for at least two hours straight it was great but we still found a way to have fun hahahaha. Gotta love some people’s reaction to alcohol. But you know what this is a tour and now were road tripping this stuff goes on and you gotta love it all were a crew and we grow as a family as the days go on and at the end of the tour we all share the experience from the road.

From there on in there were no more crazy times. But I did get blamed for taking the axe to Mack’s glasses and blamed by not one but three of the crew members on the tour but all three of them couldn’t say they actually seen me do it if you can believe that. Hahahaha I swear I never broke Mack’s glasses. We woke up and it was time to for my crew to get their leathers on and go for a skate.
6 leather

These were my soldiers and every single rider on the Crib this tour got out and skated. There were times I had to leave the door swinging down the hills because I had nobody to close it and lock it for me while I drove. This crew meant business and when I stopped at a brake check they parachuted out the Crib like soldiers of speed. I yelled go go go go and they pushed out the door and went for it. I’m not going to lie I have had crews that were faster getting on the road and out the door and they did struggle at that for most of the tour but what can you do, there was a pile of them.

When they are slow out the gate and then the first few just jump on the hill I’m hooped for good group shots because then I’m stuck behind the last guy out the door and now last one on the hill so what’s the point. How do you expect me to take great photos of you guys on tour when I’m stuck behind the last guy? So what needs to happen is yeah get the hell out the door and do it fast but have your gear all ready and the first crew wait for the last guy then all push like the devil and attack the hill.

It’s a bit my fault too, I’ll take some of the blame for not explaining that to the guys. But the rule is if you’re not ready you don’t skate. Have your helmets on and if you have your leathers and want them you better have them on. Gloves have them on your hands or in your hands while you push down the hill or I will straight up leave you in the bus and you can watch the riders rip. No holding up traffic fast exit and fast entrance back in the bus after we executed our mission, the hill. No waiting lighting a smoke like a cool guy after the bomb get in the bus and lets get the hell out of there like pirates. Get on the bus and then freak out about how rad of a run you just had. That’s what it’s all about that’s what keeps us going and under the radar. I run a tight ship and was all fuckin pirates.

First run Ireland Pearce crashed. So, as soon as he got back in the Crib I told him he was done I didn’t want him riding anymore of the hills today especially if he was going to crash on something so easy. The roads only get tougher and rougher from here on in. It’s a good hill to test my crew out and I knew the skills of my whole crew but him so that was it for him. The guys spoke up for him saying he’s raced the Europe IDF circuit but it sure didn’t look like it from what I just saw.
7 first

After that nice warm up it was time for a rough and tough 13% goodie for some of the guys there was some serious foot-braking going on. The sweet thing about the Duffy route is there is next to nothing for traffic on this road so we never get cops called on us for this and even if we did we’re not doing anything wrong, we’re actually allowed to be riding on the road gotta like that.
8  nice

Cody Yardwaste had a rough time and slammed nice and god while his board shot over a cliff. Chim Snert was still foot braking not wanting to let himself go stopped and helped out a brother in need. For me when I take my foot off my board I’m letting go there is no stopping till the bottom for me, or it’s just a straight up crash. I got a foot brake but when you just take your foot off your board and let it go there’s no stopping for me. I’ve paid the price for that kind of riding over the years as you know.

9 pins

Mack found himself in the barricade but it stood him up more than anything so he was still good to go. So, enjoy some of the shots from the rest of this run

10 rad

11 rad

Josh and Slimer getting some nice shots here while Cody and Chim still scale the mountain way back up the hill looking for Cody’s lost board.
12 rad

13 rad

Longboarding rules nothing better then rolling through big mountains on your precious skate.

14 rad

15 rad

It’s a leg burner eh here’s a little relaxing role into the last decent right here you’re thinking holy shit what the hell was that. Riders leave this tour a changed forever and for the good. It’s like a day at Giant’s Head but for different skills.

16 rad

17 rad

We got to the bottom and my brakes were on fire so we waited for Chim and Cody. I checked the engine and tires making sure we looked good. When we finally collected the rest of our crew we headed into Lillooet for some much needed breakfast after most the crew woke up hungover and chucked right into Coast Longboarding heaven or hell.

18 eat

We left town pillaged the last little bomb out of town and headed north. After sitting for the couple of hills Pearce the fighting Irish wanted to show himself and the crew that he was here to skate and had what it took to tackle any hill on the tour. I guess he just needed to make a few adjustments because after I seen this run there was no doubt that he had a nice tuck and should be fine from here on out.

19 rad

20 rad

With a clean sweep at the bottom of the hill we were on to our next run.
21 more

22 more

If you’re a Striker Tales fan you’ll know this section at the bottom is very tight and you need to use extreme caution when entering Satan’s anus.

23 more

24 more

It’s all fun and games but if you read any of the past Striker’s Tales you know this was a set up for destruction. The guys asked if this was the dirt road section I told them no that was fixed a long time ago. If they want they can stop but the boys went for it making me proud!

25 ride\

It was time to ride that bull for eight seconds, some crashed and some didn’t we were down to three, Pearce in the back here and slimer and Sheep creek local Landyachtz Eric.
26 ride

28 epic

What another epic run for the crew!
28 epic

Then we rolled in this one for some fresh air and to keep the blood flowing.
29 epic

Next up was Lake Incredible, we all took a nice break it was hot as hell out and it was time to wash up refresh and reload because Slimer was starting to smell a bit.

30 swim

31 swim

Then we were back on the and on our way to Ashcroft. The Crib Bomb was holding together but just didn’t have the power I was used too and it was starting to chug a bit but we kept pushing. When we arrived to Ashcroft it’s a tough call for me to make. Do we hit this little gem into town past the cop shop letting them know we’re here or test our luck with bad timing or drive down sacrifice the run for the big sucker on the other side. Well, we risked it and hit the hill into town with a straight shot and we had to be sneaky I tell ya.
32 sneek

We never did get caught and now we climbed nice and slow to keep from overheating I thought this could be it for the Crib but she kept climbing. Look at Rachel’s face kind of tell you what most of the riders were feeling climbing this monster. I put the fear of god in them while we climbed trying to wean out the weak my mind tricks never worked. We climbed.

33 sneek

We got to the top and I don’t know why I never took a shot of the brake check sign but I was overheating I think and wanted to get on the hill and cool the engine down so I kicked them all out soon as it was clear of car are they were deep in it. Pearce was back on his board and we now looking solid. This is another huge run with no traffic normally. Big empty BC side highway towards Merritt from Ashcroft.

34 rip

35 rip

The top half you got to watch out for the potholes and the waves in the road that the dulies on those big heavy semi trucks press into the road. The fastest line is the oil patch in the middle of your lane.

36 rip

37 rip

Halfway down you jump in for a flat section and jump out for the last 100km plus section of the hill.
38 rip

39 rip

It’s a good old British Columbia gem I tell ya! We got to Williams Lake late and the RV was really starting to act up so I thought maybe it was the cat converter so I was the first one awake at seven in the morning again after virtually no sleep fired up the Crib and drove to Shields Automotive where I met one of the coolest guys on the block I tell ya. Just a really happy short stocky old mechanic who owns what looked to be a family business and when we rolled in it was nothing but cheer.

40 shielsd

Eric and the rest of the crew that decided to stay in the Crib over night woke up to Ray’s infectious laughter. He would say something and just burst out laughing every time. One of the things I remembered he said before busting another gut was, “I lost a lot of good times having good times!” bahahahahahha!

He squeezed us in and got one of his workers to rip out the cat converter weld a pipe and we were ready to go.

41 bus

I’ve had a lot of hard times having hard times is a quote I wish I could have shared with Ray but I think he knew that because when it was time to pay up he told me, “I’m going to give you the deal of the week” and he said he will take the cat converter and call the work even. I couldn’t believe it this never happens. If you’re in Williams Lake or going through Williams Lake stop by Shields Automotive Brake and Muffler, tell him you know the guy touring in the big RV and read the Striker’s Tales on the Cariboo website and I said he rules!! And I thank him!! It really saved my ass again on already an extremely expensive trip.

We blasted out of there and I thought the problem was solved but of course when we went up the first big hill it started fluttering and chugging again but it did have more power so I was happy for that. I ended up running into my dad the night before when I took the crew to the bar. I haven’t talked to him in what seemed years. He offered up his place to all of us and when I got back from Shields. He was already cooking breakfast for everyone but didn’t want me to take his photo, which wasn’t like him, before he would have been all over it.

42 eat

Our videographer Danny Downey had a nice sleep at the bottom of Signal Point Mountain.

43 wake

Breakfast was good and it was time for more skating. We had a huge day loaded with all kinds of activities so best start our first assault right in the heart of Williams Lake. If the cops were going to get called the plan was to hit this sucker in the town get the cops called on us while we work our way out of town while they look for us in the town. We started with a rough grade into a hard right then straight down into a chunder left down to the highway and a set of lights.

44 chunder

45 chunder

46 chunder

The light turned green we pushed through and down the hill we went. It was a nice busy day and we were wide in the open peoples mouths dropped it was like they never seen nothing like it before.
47 chunder

48 chunder

Then they even got to see Josh “crashski” crash right in front of their eyes. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Josh crashed on every hill this trip except for Sheep Creek, go figure. It was a running joke between all of us he just kept hitting the road and it never got old hahahaha.. But he will tell you he’s a much better rider after this tour. Then I took everyone up to Fox Mountain for our next run.
49 fox

50 fox

Got some good speed but the prime turned in to grim and the chunder was back and Rachel Rayne blasted through the middle of Cody Yardwaste and Colin Redeyes things got sketchy fast Rachel Rayne was absolutely ripping this trip. She never got sponsored because of her good looks after this trip id have to say I’ve never seen her ride so fast, so balls to the wall she really was bombing it was awesome to watch. Her blond hair couldn’t even keep up as she charged.

Look at her hair she’s already passed almost all the guys and while everyone is air braking standing up tall she’s surfing at high speed through rough road and potholes kickin ass. Yeah Rachel!!!
51 fox

52 fox

You know her legs were hurting after this one. Then off to the next one not sure what happened to Cody in this shot.

53 hill

Then the next hill I convinced them to hit had a set of train tracks I never warned them about and a cattle guard after that. If this isn’t a test your skills kind of trip I don’t know what is.

54 dirt

55 dirt

Josh and Eric made it over the train tracks but the cattle guard was another story.

56 dirt

Eric and Josh just love skateboarding and getting dirty Eric never said no to one hill on the whole tour. Maybe just one now that I think of if but he has balls of steel and is a all round killer skater.

57 dirt

Here’s josh taking it like a man again.
58 dirt

Colin Redeyez couldn’t let everyone have all the fun.
59 dirt

60 dirt

Then it was the Eric terror it show.
61 dirt

62 dirt

The Crib Bomb was howling and cheering for super Eric he just kept on picking up speed and almost crashing on the big sharp rocks trying to take the smooth route.

63 dirt

64 dirt

65 yeah

We parked the Crib and waited for the rest of the crew while having a puke from all the excitement.
66 puke

68 tuck

We headed over to the other side of the Rudy Johnston Bridge now it was Pearce from Ireland outing on a show for us. He exploded with speed to the point of no return blasting past Josh and super Eric pretty much out of control and it ended in blood and pain for the sore gutsy Irishman.
68 tuck

69 tuck

They both finished the hill one with more road rash then the next.

70 blood

71 blood

I loaded them up and took them to the next hill. This tour I make sure to skate you till you just want to sit and quit. I love hearing the moaning and crying in the back of the bus.
72 dump

73 dump

After a long hard day of skating the rough and the tuff the crew emptied out the water from the Cariboo coolers and time for a different kind of fun.
74 cool

We met up with Tyson Biffert old school buddy and we headed up to the go-karts where it was time to smash each other into guard rails and give each other some more whiplash
75 karts

76 kart

After the hard hitting cutthroat racing we helped the owner pull his track back together I mean it was the least we could do. By the way Colin Redeyes paid for all of us to race this day helmets in the air to him for being a kick ass guy!
77 kart

Then it was back to some hills, a little bromance could have taken a turn for the worst.

78 bro

79 bro

This run is a fun fast little local rip.
80 bro

81 bro

You gotta watch where you’re skating on these roads in the Cariboo country!
82 bro

83 bro

You gotta love the random U-E this guy pulls after seeing the riders coming from a mile away.

84 bro

Then it was up to the Cariboo baseball fields where the season opener tournament was in full swing. My family is apart of the Hell Raisers team we always come up here before the race and say hi and watch a little ball relax and play some beersbee.

85 ball

86 ball

87 ball

I told you Saturday is jammed packed for my crew it’s like a mobile longboard sleep away camp. Here we met up with our caves extrodanare and guide biff. Biff loads up his dads truck every year and leads a crew deep inside the center of the earth. I’m too fat for the caves now thanks to my Cariboo sponsorship so I need to drink the Cariboo Light if I wanna join the crew next year but looks like Pearce from Ireland is ready for the next adventure.

88 biff

89 biff

Biff drove up into the bush kicked them all out and they started their journey.
90 cave

Slimer while hiking slipped and fell into a hole and so the rest of the crew followed.

91 caves

92 cave

Dark, wet, cold and even frozen in some places good thing the flashlights worked deep down inside. This was the first year the crew split up and followed the arrows. The spay paint will tell you the route but at the same time it will help you get very lost and even to a point you might not ever be able to get out.
93 cave


This time we were lucky to get everyone out.
95 cave

After the caves we stopped by the stock car races and caught the finals

96 cars

We drove in like we were the racers or something and never ended up paying, not a bad deal.
97 cars

We came we went and now it was time for the best pizza in Canada!! Red Tomato Pie was voted the nation’s best pizza two years in a row and I just so happen to have a couple good friends that own the joint. There’s one in Williams Lake and one in golden so you bet your ass were heading to golden to see how it fairs to the Williams Lake pizzeria.
98 zaaa

99 zzzza

We had just one last thing to do. Chim Snert needed to beat this tough local Dory in an arm wrestle and we needed to head to the bar for some Saturday night fever.
100 arms

Classic Williams Lake it wouldn’t be a good night without a crazy dance floor with more ladies than shoes in the place and a good old country barn burn brawl at the end of the night.

101 dance

102 dance

We had breakfast and so did Chim.
103 chim

Then we loaded up and it was time to burn some more legs as we made our way out to the Sheep Creek bridge where we have had ten years of good old fashion British Columbian racing. You can break a hundred on this hill it’s a local favorite its called pinch back.
104 hill

105 hill

Then we hit some more hills and guess who was back in the ditch. This time I gave him my board to try out and Josh was still crashing in the ditch.
106 hill

Then the final bomb towards Sheep Creek the pack looked up and seen the bottom of what they were going to be racing for cold hard cash down.

107 hill

This shot is me feeding the racers verbal diarrhea. I worry about my crew so I make sure they know what they are about to get themselves into. I scared Chim so much he didn’t even race and I glad he didn’t.
108 scare

This is the brake check sign and the breakdown of what your skating when you race the Sheep Creek.
108 now

On the line they all paid I think it was twenty bucks but in the past it’s been anywhere from free to fifty bucks to race. Everyone shook hands and I honked the horn to start the race and it was on.
109 race

Mack got a huge push and never looked back he lead the pack right from the start. He was racing for cash and he really needed it, he was hungry like a wolf.
110 race

The Sheep Creek will keep you honest and on your toes.
111 race

After jockeying for position by now some riders have given up when they see me pass them in the RV but on Sheep Creek you never quit sometimes it takes the whole hill to catch someone and then the Coast medal at the end means so much more. Keep in your tuck. This is monkey face, The Mountain in the background. In all the years of racing this race we have never ever climbed up into the dangerous caves but maybe next year. Farther down the hill, you get to this point I’ll keep the middle part a secret but I’ll tell you this just tuck a ride watch out for hospital beds.
112 race

This is the good section this is where you will or I use to make all my passes. Danny stood up and it would cost him here. Most racers stand up through here but this is when you really should be just tucking as hard as you can and hold on for your life.
113 race

No quick moves when you’re speeding and floating down this wave. Lots to hit on your way down it can make for a 90km rippin run or a 90km hospital run depending on your luck this day.
115 race

116 race

117 race

Some of the best racing I’ve seen In years on this hill and I guess that is because I’m normally racing but now I’m in it hard taking picks. I’m not really proud of that but the last crash on the hill and only the second crash I ever took here haunts me. It was the only crash I never got up from and placed me in the hospital for five days.
118 josh

118 elizibith

Josh never crashed but he was on my Evo that’s why. Mack lead from top to bottom, look at this guys happy little face. Wins the trophy the cash the metal, bragging rights, his name on the Crib Bomb Shit Show Shadow Outlaw trophy that he still has to drink out of before we add him to the skull and he goes down in history as a Sheep Creek champ! Stoked for him. But I still think I could have beat him hahahaha look at me talking… just you young rippers wait if you haven’t quit by the time you get to be my age you haven’t crashed enough or broke enough helmets.
119 elizibith

119 mack

I love this shot of Mack he knows what this means, good on ya man!
120 mack

121 WIN

122 win

We said bye to Williams Lake and wasted no time and got the hell out of dodge it just felt right the Duffy was waiting for us and I had a good idea where we should camp. I guess it was Lynton we stopped for food at the “ROAD KILL GRILL” located in some trailer park off the main highway. It was a BBQ buffet I’ve drove by hundreds of times in my day but never stopped but always wondered about it well meet the chef.
123 yum

Not sure his name but he started off by calling me “fat” he found out that Pearce was from Ireland and continued to tell him that “the Irish were raped by the priest” and then he go to Rachel Rayne and called her a “dumb blond” and then followed that with a, “You must be an American too” hahahaha we all had a good laugh Rachel didn’t take it so well and she never ended up eating there but the food was good the ugly chef was a good guy and it was fun watching him pick on the other people in the crowd while we ate.
124 yum

Hey and look what I found in a BC fishing guide! Look our very own Pacific Pilsner fishing on the fresh water filling up on some yummy rainbow trouts.
125 yum

With no real plan we all decided to climb a mountain through a little reserve and boondock for the night watch the sunset and enjoy a nice fire and reflect on the crazy trip we have had to this point.
125 sun

126 sun

127 sun

Then while I was relaxing and taking a few pics I thought I seen a bear but when I looked closer it was just Danny creeping out in the bush again, he’s a little weird eh.

128 sun

Then the pong table got pulled out!! Yeah we did it at the top of the world.

129 pong

I watched the trains go by while the kids played. Just getting my time up in the mountains.
130 sun

Then the moon was on the rise and they howled.
131  moon

132 moon

133 moon

Woke up in the morning and the crew had a good time.
134 wake up

Cody woke up nicely too, in a good old school Crib Bomb fashion

134 barf

Then we were back on the road again. Most were skated to death by this point but not good old Joshie he was making it count!
135 josh

136 josh

We got back to Lillooet and Cody cleaned house.
137 clean

We pushed on and Josh kept skating everything I would stop for.
138 last

This was the last run of the day and my crew knew their limits and we pushed them. Got everyone home safe and sound once again this one was for the books!!!

139 safe

Thanks for reading!!


Cribb Bomb: Sheeps Creek 2015 from Thrillstream on Vimeo.


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