Striker’s Tales: Attack of Danger Bay Deep Thoughts Pt.1



Attack of Danger Bay fifteen was one of the best years I can remember it was the year we introduced the “Business Class” race!! We switched up the concert and entertainment areas and what made it even more special was the amount of old faces that came back and raced the hill. Not only that but it was the amount of faces that came back to the camp after so many years of being away and all the die hards that made it back for another year.


This years sixteenth Attack of Danger Bay is on the May long weekend the official dates are Friday May 19th– May 21st 2017 but if you’re tough enough and think you can handle the full Attack of Danger Bay experience then you want to book off May 18th-May 24th then you are sure to get the full meal deal not missing any event or shenanigans. I will bring you straight to hell and back and after fifteen years of this event I know exactly how to get you back to reality broken but alive. The challenge is not to miss any of the events big and small including the mosh pit.


From May 18th to May 24th expect a big air competition launching off a government dock in Egmont BC, followed by a pile of bands, campsite dirt racing, a slide comp, a free skate hockey tournament, more bands, more camping, the legendary Attack of Danger Bay race with all classes of racing from grommets to the ladies, from the open to Grandmasters class and of course the popular business class. That’s not it! You can expect a Jakes Rash Freeride and then the Attack of Jake’s Rash Race too! Enjoy your time to heal because you only have a couple days to regroup for Britannia Beach and that’s a whole other can of worms Lee has waiting for you. If you make it through all three races in seven days along with all these events above you’ve earned your stripes

3 champs

My preparation for Danger Bay normally starts in December. If I’m smart I’ll start thinking about it in October and then January I’m tossing and turning thinking and even dreaming of all the things that I need to do and how I can convince all the volunteers to come back and donate their precious long weekend holidays with me once again. I toss and turn in bed thinking about the sponsors and their impact on the event with their continued support. I think of what I’m going to do differently to give them the exposure they need and what I need to do to get them back on board for another year. Hitting the phone is a scary thing to event organizers that rely so heavily on sponsorship dollars especially when I brag about paying out eight thousand dollars to the podiums. If you don’t have the sponsors and you don’t have the racers you will find yourself in big trouble and losing your race quick. So, the secret is to be able to keep it small enough that if sponsors drop you can still run the race without all the bells and whistles. Not ideal but at least you still got your race.

That brings me to the next point and that’s the racers, it’s something I used to never worry about in the past but it is concerning. We just don’t have the huge amount of racers at events around the world anymore tht we used to and there are races every weekend so this isn’t new to anyone. The magical feeling of having a road shut down for the racers is gone. They were born into having options and races to attend but in the early days you had Striker’s “Attack of Danger Bay” and Shnizel’s “Sullivan Challenge”and There was nothing else. Could you imagine being a racer and waiting all year to just having these two races to explode at? The new feelings that consumed you, a closed road where you could show off your racing skills in front of a crowd That’s how it was; it was all new to us we set up our races after downhill racing died in America for a short period of time. We had three hundred and sixty five days to get extremely excited about this.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.44.43 AM

These two races attracted the top racers in the world right away and were paying out cash when nowhere else was. Red Bull was done with downhill, EDI was dead, there was no more Gravity Games or X-Games, and IGSA was a bunch of street lugers grossly outnumbering the downhillers at events and made fun of us. The street lugers were the cool kids on the block and there was no cash for our podiums.

I used the NCDSA web page to blast all my crazy ideas and longboarding adventures so by the time Danger Bay was up and running I had California and the rest of the world’s attention.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.38.05 AM

There was no Facebook. It was just a few websites and forums where I spread the word. Man, just typing this alone makes me realize how long I’ve been promoting downhill and the wild amounts of energy it gave me. These efforts resulted in our first international visitor, X-Games Gold Medalist Mr. Lee Dansie for the second Coast Longboarding “Sunshine Coast to Coast Longboarding Tour” Lemo went back to America telling pros in California we were “kooks” and they better get up here and see this shit for themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.59.40 AM

Bus loads of downhillers, pirating hills wasn’t going on anywhere and it gave many longboard community’s worldwide ideas of their own. Emails from young James Kelly’s and little Kevin Reimer’s filled my inbox with introductions and photos to follow. I’ll never forgets these emails and I saved each photo into a folder of who the person was and where in the world they were. This was the same for the Peruvians, Brazilians etc. Longboarding seemed that small back then, I have all this stuff backed up on hard drives probably all lost by this point but I got the stuff to look back on. it’s a bit of a maze though and I might be the only one to be able to sift through it all correctly.

After Leemo came to Canada we got a Rob McKendry 3rd, Danny Conner, The Rogers Brothers, One Eye Jimmy Flindt to name a few and Chris Chaput.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.52.43 AM

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.52.11 AM

When Chaput came up here, He won Attack of Danger Bay 2. That was huge for our scene and for Attack of Danger Bay as a race. Not only did Chaput win but also we gave him good cash that year to bring back to California and brag about. Chaput has always had a special soft spot for Danger Bay, that’s why you’ll see him every so often make the trip back and give Carnage Corner another go.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.41.25 AM

Having the Dirty thirties class a Masters (40+) then a Grand masters (50+) and a God’s class (60+) helps. Nothing more rewarding to me then to have the Legends back racing I just love it and that goes for all ages of legends that’s the best part of Danger Bay for me is to see who we got coming out of the woodwork for the event, and  then when they actually show up that’s the ultimate gift.

Seeing these faces is what keeps me doing this bringing back the community especially a few of the top names even though we’re not IDF or racing for points that’s what makes these appearances more special to me. I live for those hugs and feeling of stoke knowing that they’re there because of the crew and our Coast community. The big names still come because it still fun and we’re doing it right!

Spring rolls around and that means the F-Bomb needs to be looked at and loved again. You bet your ass this gets me rolling around in my bed. Also, the fact that shortly after Danger Bay I need to Start locking in Tour Sponsors for Striker’s F-Bomb Tour. This is no easy task. Try banging on every door you know trying to raise cash and support for Danger Bay and then just weeks later coming back with the whole tour package. These are very tough calls to make after a winter and if all sponsors drop out that’s it for the tour, there is just no way I can run a tour of twenty two events every weekend from May till October without tour sponsors no matter how many riders I get for each tour. Doesn’t work, won’t work.

It’s absolutely crazy what these phone calls mean and how much these tour sponsors actually mean to me, my tour and all of you coming along for the ride for the best times of your lives! It’s these companies that are giving you the memories of a lifetime they just see the passion, work ethic and commitment I have put in over the years so I’m lucky. Your lucky and the sponsor’s are lucky, never take nothing for granted and remember these are the good times.

So back to the preparations of “Attack of Danger Bay 15” ! Of course the Cribb Bomb wasn’t starting. We were only a week away from Danger Hay and our main shuttle vehicle was doomed. Raggie and Hoodie did everything they could to get the Cribb up and running as soon as possible or this was about to get real ugly quick. I was already over two thousand bucks in the hole by the time insurance and some of the parts we needed were paid for. I needed new license plates because the old ones were stolen, my mirror was busted off, my starter was shot, the brakes were acting really weird and my air suspension was blown. But after a bunch of stress Hoodie and Raggie did in fact get the Coast Longboarding skate house going and I loaded up my crew and we headed for the farm.

Every spring the Cribb needs all kinds of love so when I pulled up to the stoop we had a small army of family that wanted to help out. Julian and Auzzie Coastie Jason worked on the door it was in really rough shape. In the back was the Thriller Jonny Miller sparking up a light show working on my running lights and even fixed my mirror with a nice big bolt and a skate wheel.

10 door

We woke up nice and early and thanks to a friendly tip we loaded up on some free hay. In fifteen years of Danger Bay we have never got free hay but we filled up a full truck and then some, cutting some costs down in a big way we definitely needed this kind of break this year. Every year the Danger Hay crew is so important it’s the start of it all and it’s a very important step. We need to get this hay to Pender Harbour safe and sound and for me I only feel good when we park the trucks at the lion’s park completing mission one!

11 hay

For the first time in a couple years, I decided to make some limited edition Coast hoodies. We only made a small batch of ninety and the rest of the shirts were for racers that entered into the race. Making merch for your race is always tricky because it’s very expensive, it’s a lot of work lugging it around, finding people you trust to help sell it for you while you’re running around doing a billion other things trying to solve every problem in the world.

In the end you’re never making really any cash to make it worth it. By the time you give all the racers a shirt, pay the artist, buy the gear and pay the printer your tapped! It almost feels like your slave for the company that makes the hoodies!! but when you find a good artist like Colin Moore who has helped create my ideas and turn them into masterpieces it makes it all worth it especially when people love the designs. How about Lori, Rob, Eleanor and the Fielding family this is our t-shirt crew! They count and roll all the shirts for us all, it’s a huge job and thankful for the help!

12 hoods

Lori and Raggie have been building our race cheques for years now and these ones turned out very nice. If you’re a race organizer you should always have these cheques for your podium. The cheques are a nice touch, sweet keepsake for the winners and if you chuck on your event that makes your sponsors very happy so prize cheques are great for everyone.

13 lori

You can’t forget medals!! if I’m not at your race you better get some medals made because racers love medals especially the gold ones. We give out a huge pile of medals every Danger Bay and all these ones got handed out to the best of the best!!

14 metals

Another thing I’m a huge fan of is the podium backdrop with all the main sponsors of the event this is one of the most important thing in my mind. You wanna have a kick ass podium backdrop! It makes the podium so much more alive and official not to mention the sponsors love seeing their logos and cash going to good use, the more you pump them the better the chances you’ll have there support the next year and trust me unless your Kimberly’s “Sullivan Challenge” or Chilliwack’s “Yardwaste Memorial Freeride” you need all the help you can get.


You can’t forget firewood you need firewood thanks to the locals every year they help out by hooking us up heat. We get truckloads of love but when they dump it in the wrong place two years in a row makes for some unnecessary extra work for everybody but that’s a small price to pay.



We got the Cribb-Bomb to Danger Bay but it sure needed some love and thanks to the Danger Bay mechanics we got it to work good enough for the first couple days….


Putting on a race is all about having good friends there to have your back. Hardcore Harding was clutch when she pulled out a special order of elastic bands to save the day. Just what the doctor needed, how do you think we roll all the shirts?


If you’re putting on a race, it’s a great idea to have bands on the Friday night you need to give the racers something to do while they drink Cariboo Beer!



If you really want to kick some ass, you should have a solid team of gatekeepers and security in your racers camp. This is to help keep the goofs out and when you need to enforce some rules you got solid help that’s if you plan on keeping you camping arraignments. Attack of Danger Bay is really lucky to have “Team Irene” along with a dedicated group of all-stars including King Brian, Dale and Blood Goat. I’m super thankful for our amazing team!

21 help

In the morning if you decide to throw a slide comp it’s a good thing to fly in Mark Short the “Cliff Coleman All-star” to show you how a slide comp should be showcased. This man takes no prisoners if you’re standing around the road eating frosted flakes you better have some milk because Mr. Short gets angry when he’s hungry and you better not eat frosted flakes without milk around this madman or he’ll crash right into ya!

22 mark


He’s a powerful skater and throws everything he’s got into sliding; Mark Short is the man that put the word POWER into the word SLIDE!! POWERSLIDE!!

24 mark

25 mark

If you’re still alive after the Mark Short show you can enjoy everyone else, but don’t get me wrong these guys got guts too but they just don’t enjoy smashing into the crowd of hung over skaters as much as he does.



Colliding into the Cariboo Brewing van at the bottom of the hill might get you a free Root Beer or Ginger Ale, that’s only if you come out of it OK enough to pound one back eh!?





Thanks to our 2016/2017 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors!!! This Tour would never happen without the support of these brands!! Please send them a message thanking them or thank them with your dollars and support them!! They have helped us make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. Thank you!!













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