Striker’s Tales: 04.25.12

The Mount Keira Race was Attack of Danger Bay on roids. The attitude, the racing the campsite, everything was perfectly set up for racers to just relax, party, eat, camp, shit, piss, shower and race! We were all spoiled thanks to ASRA! For a first annual event they had shit locked down and they gave away $10.000 bucks!

racer meeting

our travel crew

mt keira race pic

ethan lau mt keira raceday

blood on the track

You had to be careful if you got scraped or cut, afterall, we were in the jungle! Leaches all over the place sucking off racers and spectators. They are huge here. The leaches will take your life! The spiders are huge and you must watch out for the snakes! They’ll kill ya!

warning leeches

After the races I headed up to the central coast to get back into the world of the internet and work on the Attack of Danger Bay from Auzzie land. I’ve been really banking the hours, I wish I could spend more time on the beach!

cabbage tree bay

Mount Panorama is coming up in Bathurst on the Super 8 race track! Famous for racing super charged cars and now downhill skateboarding. So, I just found out that Newton’s Playground will be live on the internet with full video of the race track and full audio for the full three days of racing! Don’t miss this I’ll be announcing the races and cracking jokes all weekend while roasting in the sun!


From April 27th at 9:00am until April 29 at 5:00pm Bricin “Striker” Lyons will announce Newton’s Nation Live streaming from 9am – 5pm EST on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Where: Skuff TV. Spread the word and watch the madness baby!

I’m short on internet at the moment so it’s been short and sweet but I’ll leave you with a funny cunt by the name of Alf Stewart. You want to know Auzzie slang, this cunts got ya mate. Watch and laugh your ass off.

Don’t forget to tune in on the net to watch and listen to me announce Newton’s Nation this weekend! Australia’s biggest downhill race! I’m going to rip the world a new ass on the mic!

kurt healside mag strike

legend steve daddow

Strike out!