Striker’s Tales: 03.10.12

Hey everybody. So I’m late on this week’s Striker’s Tales but here you go. Attack of Danger Bay 11 is on its way and it’s coming fast. I’ve been plugging away since my mom was still alive in the hospital some months back now but that what you got to do when you put on any kind of event as big as Danger Bay and Jakes Rash.

So I’ve been slammed. I’ve made some scary phone calls and I’ll have to make more. Meeting with supporters and keeping everyone happy is crazy all in itself. Attack of Danger Bay would never happen without the over sixty volunteers I have running this festival. I could have everything lined up ready to go but if I didn’t have any support we would have no event! I sure am thankful for everyone’s involvement keeping our legendary race going.

I’m also in the stages of planning our third annual Danger Bay volunteer appreciation night. This is where I get everyone one together that volunteers and I cook up a huge dinner and feed everyone over some Boos. The best thing about feeding everyone with Cariboo beer now is that there are five thirst crushing flavors to choose from. Last year they only had genuine draft, cream ale, honey lager. But now we have the pale ale and the light lager! So it will be nice to introduce the new flavors to everyone on the Sunshine Coast!

Besides putting the Danger Bay puzzle together I have been eating out a ton! Its great being back in Vancouver I get all the best international foods. Burgers, pasta, sushi, pizza, chicken wings, five dollar foot longs, seafood, Stephos Greek and many more! Speaking of good food – Two Parrots on Granville street serve cheap pitchers of Cariboo and they sell the Honey Lager stubbies! That was a nice surprise after the Vancouver vs the Winnipeg Jets game.

The F-bomb has been slowly seeing some repairs after our wild race season last year. Hoodie has finally fixed the awning so he says and he hasn’t lost the keys yet. The f-bomb is wrapped up like a birthday present just waiting to hit the road. a quick fix on the starter and a sani dump with some insurance should get us up and running asap. I would like to have the f-bomb running by the volunteer party but that could just be a far-fetched dream.

Been slowly working on my moms estate and I’ve been getting mail from her racked Visa saying I should pay… hahah yeah right! This whole being a homeowner shit is way over my head. Land taxes, insurance… being a landlord and having to get everything in my name. This is the type of shit they should really be teaching you in school because I have no clue what the shit is going on. But I’m getting mail.

So I just saw in the newspaper that longboarders are going to be paying a price in north van when caught rippin hills. That was no surprise to me it’s a growing trend world wide as community’s have to tackle this longboarding epidemic. Longboarding is just too cool and everyone and their mother are bombing hills now. Longboarders are everywhere, not just in your town. It’s nuts how much it’s growing. Riders are making a living now for shit sakes. So anyways watch the hell out the cops are waiting for you at the bottom of the hills. And just wait till summer hits and we get longboarders from all around the world flocking to the north shore hills kickin the shit out of the neighborhood streets crashing through granny kitchen window giving her a heart attack.

But really I’m for the new laws in North Van. For one I think it will keep some of the longboarders off those hills. It will cut down some of the traffic up there and that will help save some lives. I also like the fact that now the cops are chasing you and your friends and if you’re good you’ll get away and hide in a bush. That’s a blast! It makes skating way more fun. Don’t just sit there and get your board taken away and get a huge fine. Make the suckas work for it. Cops love a good chase too.

So I’ve been accepted to perform stand up comedy this Sunday night. I’ll be kicking the can one more time between 8:00pm and 10:30pm. So unless you want to see me bomb this Sunday night don’t come out. My stage time will be five minutes! Here we go again. Its kinda stressful preparing for this stuff because I don’t have much time to get ready and I don’t have much time to practice. But whatever its five minutes just hit the stage and get the experience is what I’m thinking. I know what I gotta do to get good and I’m definitely not doing that Sunday night and it will probably show! Hahahahah.

Longboarding sure has evolved. Check out this video that has to be brought up from the grave and really inspired so many riders world wide is Shnitzels and Scotty the Body’s, Scabs in Wonderland.

This video was made before me made helmets cool!

Enjoy and really crank up the volume when you watch! History in the making!

Strike out!


  1. KYLEWEIN says:

    WHERE you performing sunday strike?

  2. unkle says:

    thanks for sharing, good luck tonight Strike!

  3. STRIKER says: