Striker’s Tales: Sheep Creek for speed freaks Coastal Mountain Tour Pt. 2

Well, you might say we were lucky this year…

We had a SICK crew for the last Sheep creek tour and now that we were almost out of the British Columbia back roads we had some pavement to eat up good thing Ben didn’t break his back on this barricade because that might have slowed us down a bit. That was it for those leathers! They just don’t fit anymore..

We were lost but not that bad. We had to trust one road sign and if I had to trust a road sign to follow in the Cariboo then it would need to be the Cariboo Highway. The Williams Lake route might have been the last time you have ever heard of the F-Bomb Tour there was no way in hell “Big Tony” would send us that route. He looked me square in the eyes in all seriousness telling me we would not make it down the last hill out of there and after our near death experience down cougar point pass and i’d gladly take the Cariboo dirt road highway. The Cariboo Highway was a straight shot back to the main paved road but it was two hours out and one of the roughest roads I have ever driven the Cribb, it almost rattled us to death!

We got to my uncle’s house where we had a jam and a hot tub. My aunty was lucky enough to have a show compliments of Ben the Stripper. Ben hasn’t made much money over the years taking his clothes off. I’ve tried to tell him “it would be paying for his school” but he won’t have me as his manager because he’s loyal to Raggie. It’s always nice to stay at people’s homes on tour but there is nothing like the Cribb, it’s my home away from home!

In the morning it was time for these boys to skate,  so here are some of the pictures from the day. This was the first run of the day. I always warn the riders about the cars on the blind corner of this one and good thing I did.

We got to the ashtray and it was patchy off the start. We got a bunch of shuttles in thanks to my good buddie dirt bike Devon!

Then we took off to Fox Mountain for some runs. We got the first run in, loaded up the back of the trucks and passed a cop coming down the hill so into the bushes to hide they went till the coast was clear.

Then we were back on it!!!

Even young “Honeyman’ was out for a roll letting the big guys know that he liked what he was seeing! One of us!

Next run was right through town over the highway and down a nice drop into town!

We continued and climbed the Dog Creek hill to Pinch back road, another nice drop kicking you just over a 100km, good for your eyes unless you hit a bug at top speed! I even got out and enjoyed a couple runs with the crew. Felt good! Felt weak but still not fast enough.

Then we did Dog creek back into town. Its been years since we’ve been busted in Williams lake, it really surprises me because we are driving around in a huge bright thirty three foot sticker bus with rippers charging hills all over town. Maybe it’s the driver eh!?

Trina a longtime friend and Coast supporter was hosting us in Soda Creek so we had to check out the Gibraltar Mines drop because this one was also around 100km if I remember correctly. It was the first time we hit this hill in thirteen years of the Sheep Creek for Speed Freaks tour. It had a nice little run out too!

The sun went to sleep and the moon was on the rise! We plugged the Cribb in for some power while Trina and Mark blasted the tunes, blazed a huge fire and had a full spread of food for us to eat.

Honeymen loaded up all his band gear with no help at all, he set it all up hoping for Shitshow Shadow and Myself to put on a show. Shitshow slept all night and as usual I didn’t wake up until everyone went to bed before I started playing the bass. The older I get the less I want to be in the spotlight! Funny how that works.

It was a fun night after a packed day of skating! The highlight of the night was the vodka watermelon-eating contest that Kyle Berry won! I think I came second eh!?

We woke up and it was race day! Almost everything on this tour that has been rough as hell over the years was now freshly paved, all but Sheep Creek of course that’s being paved right now as I type you these tales.

The plan was to meet everyone at the hill around two; on our way out we picked up a little passenger along the way. Mommy and Daddy would meet us on the hill, but the little one wanted to go with us so we took her and her sister. Of course the little one peed her pants on the way to Sheep creek but that’s kids, and that’s how she goes sometimes eh!?

I lined up the racers and for the first time I can remember I put all the cash in the racers pocket I thought would win so I gave Cody Bear around three or four hundred bucks and put that target on his back. I love making things interesting!! Ready set go!!

Right off the bat the group split up into two and I made sure to catch the fastest two of the day, Brodie Owens a proud Auzzie rippa!!! And Cody Yardwaste the model in the bunch out front with a pocket full of cash!! This is them rounding monkey face, there’s caves up on that hill there eh.

These two had a exciting final all the way to the finish line on the bridge lots of passes for both racers right down to the last rough drop to the right-hander to the line they battled shoulder to shoulder!!

Cody Yardwaste took the win but we were missing one rider, Thomas Moyer never made it down so instead of celebrating Cody’s victory I spun around and yelled for a first aid person to jump in the truck and punched the throttle to the top of the hill checking both cliffs and ditches.

We found nothing by the top so we started down the hill looking for leather burn marks heading off the road. We found some skids but there was no sign of Mr. T so we were hoping he was back at the bridge waiting for us and luckily that’s exactly what happened. As the story goes he felt a little wobbly up top when his wheel fell off and he slammed his body off the pavement like so many of us before him over the years. He found his board but no wheel, he came away healthy as an ox thankfully.

It was when we knew everyone was safe we awarded the winners Coast medals and cash!! Cody tried to give me a handful of cash towards the church but I couldn’t take it. He continued to give out some cash to the other racers so nobody lost any money in the end and the cash that was raised by the crowd was enough to keep the big winner of the day more than happy!! This was his first Coast gold medal! Brodie took silver and Kyle B took third!

We were lucky by about twelve days because the Sheep Creek road washed out taking a truck with it all the way down to the Fraser River!! Cody Yardwaste wins the race and twelve days later the road disappears! unbelievable!!

This was a bit different of a race than the 2016 race when the mountain bikers showed up and we had a fun race with biker’s vs downhillers and we almost got beat but loose Eric took the win keeping our pride

And while we’re at it, the 2016 winners were Loose Eric taking the Coast Gold!! Cody Yardwaste taking second place and Jose Cortez took third place!! I’m telling you this now because I never wrote a tale about it last year! sorry guys!

After Sheep Creek, there is always a hill I enjoy taking the crew to and this year Cody Yardwaste took this sucker with caution because last year he paid the price, but he crashed and learned. Last year he skated this run with no shirt and this year it was with leathers!? I wonder why?!

At the stop sign at the end of the top section you have a choice to hit the highway or sneak down a back road, and last year this is where Cody Bear gave blood. Those dusty Cariboo roads!! Slip! Boom! Blood!

I’m going to miss this event when I move to the east; it’s the longest running outlaw besides Jakes Rash on the Sunshine Coast. My mom and family have been a huge part of this race and it’s always been a break from all the sanctioned events, a weekend where you get brought back to the roots of riding and not being spoiled by all smooth runs and foiled with rules.

Sheep Creek is a tour that friends meet at the top of the hill and chuck cash in a hat and put on a show for a small group of  BC locals that only hear about the sport but never actually get to enjoy a real race. This race is as real as it gets and ill try my best to come back next year to keep this going.

Sheep Creek was the first big mountain road I ever conquered before I met anyone in downhill and it’s a very special place for my mother and me. My mom has passed during the years we raced this hill but her spirit will always be there as will mine! This is farewell for now but I’m not done with you yet Sheep Creek! I know Saltspring Slasher is having a race after Danger Bay but it might be my only time to get back up there before I need to head back east to the Church of Skatan Hostel and Coast Museum…. This trip is my life and if I can swing it I will do everything I can to do this again.

It always makes me feel happy to know that I’ve burned out the riders on my tour because this means I did good. On the way up, we skipped a huge part of this tour and it’s the Ashcroft BC hill. Its another town I take pride sneaking in and out of without any trouble so this time to be sure and to catch the light we skipped the hill past the cop shop for the first time ever and climbed the big sucker on the other side

Some fast stuff up in here for the third time this trip they hit over 100km, something that feels yummy inside!


After Ashcroft I kept on the gas pedal because I wanted to sleep in the mountains but that meant the riders would need to get out and do some night runs. It took a bit of convincing but I kicked out the riders and turned off the lights deep in the Lillooet Mountains and let them navigate the roads with moonlight. It was dark but eventually your eyes adjust and the road turns dark blue.

We crashed out at the top of the new paved road outside of Lillooet, BC enjoying the big bright moon, the snow capped rugged mountains, and the sounds of the river way below us. It was paradise and we had it all to ourselves. Normally we climb this hill and move along hitting all the downhill on the way home but I told the crew that we would leave at noon so if they wanted to do some hitchhike runs get as many as they can before we would head out and that’s what they did.

On the way home the Duffy Lake road waited for us the crew couldn’t wait to smash this hill. I was way more worried about my breaks than anything on this hill. I’ve had my breaks give out on the bottom of this hill before and I’ve also been in the loco express RV when I woke up to hoodie and woody both cranking the steering wheel screaming with no brakes around the last corner so something I made sure to take very seriously and used extreme caution. I was glad everyone skated so it was just me and the hill. Here are a couple shots I did manage to get of the very speedy top section. Looks like some uphill spots but your hauling ass up those eh

Everyone made it down the Duffy safe. we made one more unexpected stop at Britannia beach for the final cherry on top of another epic skate trip in the bag!!! Nothing better than teaching an Auzzie how to play goalie in the Cariboo!!

Thanks to our 2016/2017 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors!!! This Tour would never happen without the support of these brands!! Please send them a message thanking them or thank them with your dollars and support them!! They have helped us make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. ON THAT NOTE WE LIKE WELCOME BACK SWITCHBACK LONGBOARDS TO THE 2017/2018 TOUR!!! Thank you!!









Were getting excited for the final Cribb Bomb tour here in a few weeks and were almost full up!! Striker’s farewell tour leads us across America for Central mass!! The opening of the Church of Skatan!! Devils Peak in Colorado!! New York!! And whatever else we can swing in a month!!! It’s going to be a journey packed with adventure and when I get home we unload the crew and load up my family with everything we own on to two busses. Then we will head east to the Church of Skatan, the Coast Longboarding Museum and Hostel for good. We’ll see you on the other side!!! Coast!!!