Striker’s Tales: Christmas 2015 Edition

Big shout out to Wain Art for this cartoon Joker Striker card. It’s got it all but my Evo I love it thank you Wain!!

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Santa gave all the little boys and girls of the east side the gift of gnar this year. And some other rad stuff thanks to…

Posted by Flatspot Longboard Shop on Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone, another year and another Cariboo beer. Merry should be the last thing I should be it seems that all my family like to pass on around this time. Mom in a hospital, grandpa in a fire and others, but you know what I still love Christmas and for the family I have lost It’s a great time to hang their memories on the Christmas tree. It’s the evolution of my Christmas tree and now that I have a family and I’m the father I feel like I need to build our trees up with meaningful Christmas decorations.

1 light

It’s not about heading to the local dollar store and buying a bunch of balls to hang on the tree, I mean I’ve done that and sure I have kept a few of those ornaments that represents me and Patricia’s time together in the city but year after year it’s about collecting special little decorations and that could be a couple nice ornaments Santa stole off the tree from some hotel or some bar or one made by Billie at preschool or a new pack of guitar strings hung on a branch representing my late grandpa. It’s about building you’re your own tree decorations for years to come and I’m catching onto that.

1 cut

But before a guy can decorate a tree he needs to go get one so thanks to Sloppy Steve we had a truck a saw and some beer and we decided to head to the back country near Squamish BC to hunt for a tree.

1 slop

Not like last year’s nightmare where we climbed mountains and couldn’t find a leaf and then in the end just cut a tree right off the highway in a provincial park risking some jail time. This year with a tip from Stumanchu it took us only minutes to find the perfect Christmas tree.

1 tree

2 tree

3 tree

Once you find and cut your perfect tree you chuck it in the back of the truck and call it a day but before you take off city slickers make sure you tie down your tree before you hit the highway.

4 tree

So instead of buying some plastic crap Canadian tire tree or paying sixty bucks for a parking lot tree, go try cutting yourself down a Christmas tree and then buy a case of Cariboo beer after because every case of beer bought goes towards planting a tree in BC, actually they are planting a million trees by 2020 so don’t feel bad cutting one down.

5 tree

Get the tree home decorate it dress up like Santa and get a 2015 Christmas family photo and mission accomplished. Merry Christmas!

Of course when it’s the Christmas season you get Christmas party’s and at this year’s Landyachtz Christmas party we got to hang out with Australian dawg master Adam Yates they flew him up here first class to join the festivities. To keep things real we broke open a box of wine and passed around the goon bag for some holiday cheer!

6 tree

7 yum

Here’s my skating partners and owners of Landyachtz Mike and Tom we have sure had some adventures over the years and this year Landyachtz is eighteen years old eh!

8 boss

Christmas means Santa con so that means SANTACON!! Mark Cosplay took this year’s picture of us all at the art gallery! It was pissing rain but that never stopped Santa!

9 mark

The entire Santa’s met at Shenanigans on Robson St this year and the Santa’s with kids met next door. We met Team green’s Raggie, and daddy Santa Sandman with his little elf daughter veronica.

10 santa

When you hear, “Hey! Ho! Santa’s gotta go!” Just follow Santa and that’s what we did. We started on the upper streets this year I was pumped on that last few years we have been in Gastown so this was refreshing. After the Art gallery we ended up in some department store to create a little ruckus.

11 santa

12 santa

Then Santa headed to the Ivanhoe where we were met by the police as we seen Santa getting a little talking too for drinking in public.

13 santa

I packed around a sixty-pound Santa sack with all kinds of gifts and cheer to give away to kids and adults along the way.

13 sac

Santacon doesn’t need to be expensive either I don’t think this Santa spent one dollar this year on anything. This Santa had everything he needed in his sack. Check out Santa’s favorite Christmas beer! Cheers!

14 santa

I also had some lights in my sack this year and got Ms claws to help me plug them in.

15 santa

Santa was packing Ms. Claws pipe full of baby powder not sure why she was smoking this crap but whatever at least she’s not smoking snow.

16 santa

This Santa came and was looking like Ms. Claws just dumped him so I came over and gave him some Christmas cheer! I packed the baby powder in the sack for the chaffing Santa’s but quickly I realized that next year I need a Costco size tub of this shit because it’s as good as a white Christmas!! This Santa can make snow!

17 stant

This year was giving out female condoms to all the Ms. Clawses out there.

18 condoms

These were some trouble making Santa’s right here…

19 santa

It was all fun and games till ms claws got a beer bottle stuck in her eye.

20 santa

21 santa

22 santa

Santa had a bit of a limp from the last downtown eastside hookup he tweaked his ankle a bit but that just meant he could stop and enjoy the music and sing along the best songs of the season.

23 santa

24 santa

No girls care when Santa just creeps outside the mall windows drooling from the mouth because he just got bit by a rabies infested street dog.

25 santa

Then Santa went to a brand-new strip club on Granville St called the strip this Santa never been there before so it was a trick and treat. The place was packed and it didn’t take long till Santa moved to the next spot while this Santa headed home to decorate the Christmas tree with all the nice new tree ornaments he collected through the night!

26 santa

27 santa

29 sanat

Justin & Zak stopped in Vancouver for the World Premier of the new Venom video “EAT SHIT” hosted by Flatspot Longboards and sponsored by Cariboo Brewing. It was a good rowdy night with a deadly video and buckets of puke!

1 eat shit

I got to the shop just in time for the start of the video not even missing a second of it. I was instructed to scoop a cup of some drink that was made with 99 Cariboo beers, couple bottles of Vodka and some juice in a big bin dirty bin so of course I gave it a try.


I liked the video a lot it really reminded my of the old Coast days and the videos Guff and I used to make but the skating now is much bigger, faster and better. The video had a mix of epic mountain speeding, beer drinking, snot, guard rail flossing, car passing, fire, nudity, puke, speed wobbles and a killer soundtrack. The video gave me goose bumps and the video made me proud the guys represented some Coast roots ripping when they added team rider Nick Dunmall (aka Flatspot) killing a hill in the day straight up bombing footage probably filmed using two hands and a huge ass cam corder. All I could think of the whole show was “it had to be done” and “about time” I give the VENOM “EAT SHIT” MOVIE TWO THUMBS UP!!



The next day Flatspot and Venom held a local mystery race with Coast medals on the line and it was Mac Wacey from Sector 9 giving Troy Yardwaste and Mr. Lynds a spanking for the Coast gold.


eat 5

I’m up in the Cariboo country right now hanging with family in Williams Lake, BC for the Christmas holidays. While I’m up here I’m bringin back the old Bull mountain boarder cross outlaw new year’s day!! This is the fourth outlaw snowboard race I’ve ran and I thought I better run it again this year give the locals something fresh and different over the holiday season.

1 long

We’re giving away cash, Coast medals, Cariboo snowboards, Landyachtz longboards, Ly snowskates, a huge pile of swag from all the above companies along with some Red tomato pie pizza outta Williams for the podium winners and even more shwag from Red shreds bike and board shop! Landyachtz is driving the van from Vancouver and bringing up twenty snowskates and is also holding a free demo for anyone that wants to give it a try!

2 long

3 long

I got a good buddy that has been plowing the race road the last few days so I’m hoping we have a compact fast racetrack for the boarder cross. We’re also going to be running a snow skate race for the brave and then to end it off we will run a king of the mountain race where you can take any route you think is the fastest and renegade for the win. We’re going to have hot drinks, a huge fire and food. Shuttle truck runs and toboggans winter in the Cariboo some of the best years of my life! Read the posters above and spread the word!! Come out!! Win some cash with that snowboard of yours!!






36 santa


Strike out!