Striker’s Tales: Splash For Cash Year Ender!



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1 man

Former World Champion and now the current World Record holder for fastest speed on a skateboard downhill Mischo Erban my good buddy is back at it again. After a long time away from the spotlight healing his wounds it surprises me he’s back risking his body in a whole other way f%&king pushing the limits of the fastest electric speedboard ever made. He is literally a crash test dummy and anyone that thinks Mischo is anything less than a nutcase with balls the size of the Incredible Hulk you must be stupid.

Imagine being off your board and not racing for what a year at the very least but I’m thinking around two years then jumping on this board and squeezing the trigger and exploding into Superman speeds hoping for the best then your two front wheels shoot off their cores in both directions into the toolies and you manage to ride it out burning up the metal cores to a safe stop. So you jump on and do it again only to have one of the front wheels blast off the core and now you’re slamming at 100km!! Hahahaha!

Props to Mischo for the testing and risk he is putting into this board for me and you because a board that goes over 100km is what I want for Christmas. I wanna be able to travel to the next town on the highway charge up and ride to the next town charge up and repeat. It’s always been a dream of mine.

Hats off to you Mischo good to see you back speeding on a board I hope your getting paid for this one to pay for the Visa you racked up devoting your life to downhill for so many years!! Love you buddy! Keep us updated!! Check out this video everyone and share it!!!
world’s fastest electric longboards, Nextboards from NGV

So this was it, I made it through twenty one events in the 2015 season running Striker’s Crib Bomb Tour!! I had lots of fun this year, we had international riders come from all parts of the world to join me and whatever crew I had riding on that particular trip. I have guaranteed the Crib Bomb sponsors I will be running 100% guaranteed till next years maryhill festival of speed so expect to see the Cribb for all that to that date! Just take a good look at this poor soul just taking an absolute beating but it’s a skate bus man!! It’s the Coast Longboarding skate house and I’m proud of this girl.


Big thanks to all the sponsors and riders that supported the tour because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be doing this plain and simple. When I say I wouldn’t be doing this i mean I wouldn’t be running the Crib Bomb I still would be showing up at all the races like I did the ten years before I started running this tour so let’s clear that the hell up right now.

Every year that Flatspot Longboards has been a sponsor on the tour I have been throwing a year end party at the shop before the Splash for Cash where we normally have live bands and of course a massive beer pong tournament so this week’s Striker’s Tales is about just that so enjoy!

Let me start by saying my yellow camera got busted and lost while rough wrestling with Guff Tooth after the show up stairs and down stairs inside and outside to the point my pants fell off because of the no belt situation. One of the things I complain about at home the most is my shorts always fall off when I get my hands full so this was part of the reason why I lost my camera this night. I’m really missing the photos. I had some good ones documenting the whole night and leading up too.




The camera did make it’s way back to me after Raggie played disaster relief and clean up picking up my shorts off the ground with my wallet loaded full of cash for the gas and ferry. He decided to keep the camera safe but at some point even he couldn’t keep the camera safe from it’s destiny. The camera served us well but broke this night but it’s the card that I’m really missing 64 gigs loaded with the last two years of my life and most of yours too. I have them on this computer I’m typing on now and I best back this sucker up asap because I’m playing with fire now. Anyways you did good old yeller you did good!

2 broken

So Gordon Ho and company from hooked me up with a care package for the tour so all the lucky riders that raced the rash got hooked up with some one off OG Coast style grip tape stick and grips and they went over pretty well seemed like everyone was stoked to get their hands on these bad boys so thanks guys!!

3 ho

3 see

The night was here we loaded up all the band gear from Contra Code’s jam station and we loaded them up too in the Crib and made our way to Flatspot. When we got there we found a tight spot to park behind Flatspot that we just barely got in. We had lots of help unloading all the gear and the Cariboo beers so thanks to anyone that gave us a hand.


The entrance to the party was through the back where you had to kick rats as warm up to the mosh pit just to reach the secret Flatspot back spot door. There you would pay to come in also get your name down to enter the doubles beer pong tournament after the bands so that filled up really quick and before you knew it Contra Code hit the stage crashing drums and blowing amps performing their new album “Already Wasted” the second of two cds they have released as a band since they started everyone seemed to love it this night was full on.

4 contra code

The Flatspot skate bowl was getting skated and destroyed while they kicked off the roof they could see the bands kicking ass in front of the front desk really pushing them over the top risking tricks and flips that they would normally think was impossible. But it was packed and I had some gems on my old yellow cam but bye bye sweet lips you’re gone forever!

5 contra

Loose Tooth the band i’ve been playing in for the last ten years pluged in and we shotgunned beers with the crowd, shared a lot of Listerine and told some jokes while spitting out twelve songs of our own. We played songs like Poop on the pee pee, Million dollar tooth, fresh breath, America suck my tooth, Piss myself and Surf the pavement to name a few.

6 tooth

Just as I expected I got the microphone in the mouth several times during our set along with me getting smashed by bodies. You always miss a few chords while this happens so the live recording never sounds the greatest when your fully exposed to the rage not to mention the shotgunning of beers, shots of whisky and Listerine don’t help a whole lot either or maybe they do.

66 tooth

We ended the night with Going Postal and we invited Troy Yardwaste to come up and do the honours of coughing this one out for us but after the fifty second song was over we as a band called him out for having his back to the crowd the whole song and putting us all to sleep with his quiet gentle voice so we called his bullshit and we decided to play the song again and it would be his last time on stage with us. If he did take us too the moon and back so he reminded us that we changed the song to Going Yardwaste and that was all he needed we played another round and Raggie recorded this crappy sounding iPod video but it’s good enough for me so enjoy it! Troy killed it!

This was the funnest set that I can remember playing ever but then again Listerine fogs your brain and clouds your mind so who really knows but lots of laughs and fast riffs! Fresh Breath played bass this night and I’ve never seen him squatting like he was just giviner for some of the songs and Guff Tooth what can I say he’s the heart of Loose Tooth without him drumming Loose Tooth would have to call it quits. But why quit when we only play three shows a year I love it! Thanks everyone for coming out and brushing your teeth.

1. guff

7 ale

Out with the band gear and in with the Cariboo beer pong tables and kits we transformed the upstairs with at least six official size competition tables and the doubles tournament was in full effect. Last year I won the whole tournament with my loud mouth partner Riley Harris we were unstoppable and went 21-0 beating everyone and then some. We used our loud mouths all the way to the cash and we didn’t stop there we ended up in Penticton and won every game there sweeping that tournament as well. That was the night we put Chimp Snert under the table with Downy Carlson twice in one tournament.

Well that was all well and good but it was time to get back with my first original partner Prince Dillon. The Prince and me were so serious at one point you would find us downtown at the local watering holes entered in tournaments testing the waters. The first time we hit Granville we lost first round and it’s do or die we were both a little upset or at least I know I was then we came back the next week and made it to the finals but again just came up short.

So while the Prince traveled the world racing and kicking ass I was on tour in North America holding down the fort grabbing any partners I could to fill the void. Prince came back and I made sure to ask him if he wanted to join forces again and we did just that.


Ben the Stripper was up to no good flashing and flopping himself at the competition every chance he got but that never helped him and it didn’t help anyone because in the end it was me and the Prince taking home a solid $200 bucks and won our first ever doubles tournament.

pong win

Word on the street is that as soon as me and the Prince teamed up Chimp Snert bought himself a ticket and got the hell out of British Columbia and his tough guy partner Mack “Attack” Wacey found himself a nice cozy rock to hide under they never dared to show their faces around us. Flatspot might be having another Christmas party and revenge tournament so I’m sure they will find some excuse to find a way out of town for that on too. Too bad I don’t have the picture with us holding all the cash from our win to show you all but the SD card is with the camera so we will have to wait till the next one!


The next thing I know Troy’s yelling at me to get my money out for the ferry I jump up off the Cribb couch and realized I had no shorts on so were at the gate scrambling and eventually found my shorts and we got into the ferry the first ferry. We pulled in and I’m not to sure what happened but somehow we all slept in the line up and missed two ferries and we almost missed the third one but we were woken up by Raggie pounding on the Cribb door yelling for Troy because he side swiped Raggie’s green van on the way out of the parking lot back at Flatspot ripping another ten dollar light off my RV. I let him in and he raged up and down the hall of the Cribb looking for Troy but Troy was hidden really good and good enough to dodge a bullet for a few minutes to get his head while he knew he would need to face the wrath of Raggie no matter what.

We drove to Roberts Creek and picked up harmony and then picked up food in Sechelt where I finally peeled myself off the couch in pain from the night before the wrestling, Listerine and punk rock kicked my ass I was having back spasms pulling myself in and out of the Cribb and that lasted all day and the rest of Saturday night till Sunday. Team Irene word on the street was at Jake’s Rash and doing some runs so we headed there and joined them on the bus.

8 buss

8 bus

After some runs we got invited back to team Irene Danger Dane and Danger daddy’s house for a fire, warmth, Cariboos, UFC thanks to Team Green captain Scoot, guitar jamming on a double stack of marshall cabs and amp loud enough to blow a hole through your chest and some more beer pong and fresh Oysters from the chuck!

9 pong

10 chuck

I didn’t touch one beer this night still full from the night before celebrating the season ender of the Cribb Bomb tour! twenty one events all done what a run the 2015 season was. The crew had a good time and they got to charge cameras and iPhones while all their gear dried up for the Splash for Cash in the morning!

11 heat

I almost forgot and how could I ever forget this but on Striker’s hit list is Riley Harris for being the mastermind of it all and then Troy fart face for being the executioner. I was relaxing and Troy came up to me offering me a bite of cake or the “rest of the cake” I kindly refused, thanked him and added “naw I’m good man I’m like one piece of cake away from diabetes” then BLAM!!! My first ever pie in the face!!

12 cake

So the young ones think it’s funny and now they are getting all older they think they can just pick on poor old out of same hurt from the night before Striker and slap a half of cake in his face. Well it’s all well and good and I kinda liked getting a pie in the face I mean I can dish it out and take it no problem but when turbo offered me a nice cloth to clean up my face I refused I just “want to let this soak in a bit while I think how I’m going to get you two f%$ks back for this” it took a good half hour and I made a plan cleaned my face and I will be punishing both these suckers in the future!! Revenge is sweet. Troy reminded me to “remember it was just cake in the face Strike!”

13 cake

When we got up we did a clean the boys blew up a couple of the Cariboo beers the night before a dangerous game that you only play when you’re sponsored by Cariboo someone could lose an eye. A fun little burning beer party sacrilege man!

12 boom

Today was the Splash for Cash the 13th annual because one year we did two races!!

13 splash

We showed up and parked at the power lines and started a nice little fire to keep us warm the weather was far from being a classic Splash for Cash there was not one cloud in the sky and not a drop of rain but the road was a little patchy to keep a guy honest anyways.

14 splash

Riley Harris ate himself an apple to get ready for the race on this wonderful day this was his very first F-Bomb tour it was nice to have him in the Cribb.

15 apple

While Riley ate his apple Luther got his crooked broken finger from the night before straightened out and fixed up by Mr. Doug House… yeah, Doug House made the trip with his cute Med Tech assistant. Team Irene kicked in the cost to get them up and keep us all safe it was good to see doug out on a nice relaxing outlaw event it’s the first time in twelve years we had a medic at an outlaw race and nothing wrong with that thanks Team Irene and Dougie!

16 fix

The guys warmed up here’s Johnny Fartface in the yellow grippin.

JY 17

Michael Jackson showed up with a bucket full of prawns for us to munch on he shared it with everyone that would eat!! So we cooked up the suckers on the Cribb stove!

18 YUM

19 UM

Alysha Frizzell showed up with one of the best things to happen in thirteen Splash events, she showed up with a brand spanking new trophy for the event and it had all the winners scrapped in there from year one! It was tough trying to remember all the winners and all the years but we worked it out. She spent her own cash on this trophy what a sweetheart!


Take a look at some of the winners hear some good history on this hill of ours. Even me and Raggie got a win eh!

21 rash


I made sure I drank the first beer out of it as you can see it was a blue Cariboo!! A very special trophy so stoked!

23 done

The finals were for the second year in a row two Team Irene racers kurt and dane and they needed to fight off two Landyachtz boys Riley harris looking for his first win and Troy Yardwaste looking to defend his trophy from last year. This was a tight race!! Check out Riley’s race camera of the finals I love it!

Check out the Skate Slate recap vid of the finals!

Troy Yardwaste defended the title and in thirteen races nobody has ever won back to back so he made a little history here this race. Congratulations Troy toy!

24 troy

Raggie parked his van at the corner after running the race for man I’m not sure it’s been at least the last five years but another great job by Raggie running the show with the help of course of Team Irene lined all up and down the track with beer and walkie talkies keeping everything as safe as it can be.

25 yes

Raggies mom Lori made some rad cheques again for us to hand out to the winners to hang on the wall that was like a hundred bucks out of Raggies pocket doing it for the love thanks buddie.

26 yes

Look at those cheques Troy takes first place, Danger Dane 2nd place and Harris 3rd place after rubbing wheels with a couple Team Irene’s near the end and crashing but getting up in time to snag the last spot for some cash.

27 rags

Troy wasn’t done winning yet I was quick to remind him that since he was on the Cribb Bomb he actually won the “Shit Show Shadow Cribb Bomb Outlaw Trophy” too and that means drinking a full beer out of the filthy old Cariboo cow skull so after some moaning and groaning he did it.

28 cow

There is a way to drink out of this thing without spilling all over yourself and Troy has won this trophy more than anyone else but he still can’t drink out of this thing without spilling beer all over himself so it takes four times to actually equal a full one beer for him to do it right.

29 cow

30 cow

Or maybe the problem is the guys that are trying to pour the beer in the skull not doing that part right?

31 beer

Nice new leathers being broken in just fine and the champ ain’t no sissy he shook it off and tried again but this time he got about half the beer in his mouth!! Not bad at all!

32 right

The only guy to drink out this trophy right was Cody Lux for the record.

33 win

Well that’s a wrap!! What a trip, we all went for the ferry on the way home and missed it but that was ok. The Cribb made it back to abby thanks to Mike Yardwaste and we parked it back at Stu Rowws place who’s dad is an ex chief of police or something like that yikes.

Thanks to Wolfgang, Blood Goat, Paul Song, Troy Yardwaste for sharing your pictures with me Paul sent all the nice looking ones!!! Hahaha thanks guys! Thanks Flatspot!! Thanks to the Tooth and Contra Code!! Thanks all of you coming out and the Cribb sponsors!! And huge thanks to the Coast family and even bigger thanks to Cariboo Brewing and the biggest thanks to my family hahahahah!! Love you all!! Till I have a heart attack keep living life like you’re going to die!!!


Thanks to our 2015/2016 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors you really save our ass and helped us all make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. Legend!


Royal Boardshop

Omen Longboards

Cariboo Brewing


Rayne Longboards

Flatspot Longboards

Concrete Wave Magazine

Auto Friends






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