Striker’s Tales: R.I.P. Vernon DH & Sloppy Steve!?!

I miss him.


Ok Striker’s Tales fans, let’s talk 2015 Cribb Bomb Tour and let’s talk about our trip to Vernon. After ten wonderful years of downhill skateboarding in Vernon, BC Mischo has finally called it quits. I guess after only five pre registers that was enough to scare the pants off of an event organizer and send one of the longest running races in the world let alone BC down the drain. Thanks for the ten years Mischo and for all your dedication to our sport and the impact you made on local, provincial and racers worldwide. Here’s a little taste of the Vernon DH thanks to Pape.

Colabo’s VernonDH 2009 presented by Mischo Erban

That being said, we never were a fan of the IGSA and then later the one year of IDF if I’m correct. One full day was my on top of the scaffolding, eating and watching kids suck popsicles for prizes while we would see one rider at a time pass by ever so slowly and then times that by a hundred and whatever racers then once every racer got there time do it all over again. It was torture for the sport, some sponsors, racers and the spectators. In the end all anyone wants to see is fast, good racing and lots of crashing.


Sure, big world class events might wanna do it there way and that’s all fine and dandy but smaller big races, small races big cash prizes, non IDF big races and grassroots races need action! Crowd pleasers! This will help with the energy of the event and if you have a good poster you can work on getting some sponsors in to help out a bit to bump up the prize purses.

Mischo did see that in the end I think after finally giving boot to the IGSA and whatever. In the end it was race to qualify and it made it that much more fun for everyone. I think another thing that went wrong was when was the last time you seen a poster for the Vernon DH. I know we have the Internet and everything and the Vernon DH had a website but you need a poster. The race needs to feel real and I think by not having a poster that last few years really hurt the racer registration.

There was talk of Mischo maybe working on another road in Vernon and I really hope he comes back after getting in touch with himself in nature and pays off the years of racing that he racked up on his Visa, Visa being most racers biggest sponsors in our era by the way. But he sacrificed everything including his body to the sport and with one of the biggest hearts in the world of downhill I hope that he never got his heart ripped out like I did mine. It takes a lot out of you the industry is cruel I hope we haven’t seen the last of Mischo Erban the original Vernon venom. Before there was a company called Venom.

0 man

So, here we are ten great years of the Vernon DH has come and gone and the houses on the old racetrack I’m guessing are bored as hell. The Vernon local riders were not about to just let downhill racing die and with all the outstanding roads in Vernon it was time for a change and the change was now. Who would stand up and carry the torch. Well, let me tell you it’s one of the old guys but new in the last few years and downhill has gripped him like it did so many. I’m talking about a dad a family man the trailer park supervisor Jamie “I lost a hundred pounds” Hickey.

0 fam

He stepped up and blew up a hill that he swore not to tell anyone about. The Slimer aka James Ware shared this little secret to Hickey and it wasn’t long before I started getting some emails from Hickey picking my brain about putting on a race. Hickey realized to do a sanctioned event the way he wanted to he would need a little more time. So, instead of going fully legit he invited the world to come to his outlaw that was going to be giving out some phat cash and a hell of a good time. He coined his outlaw event “James’ little secret.”

1 poster

So, I committed to coming to this event while Hickey was working on the full sanctioned event and when he pulled the chute and decided to just throw an outlaw I was still coming. I made a Crib Bomb poster for the trip and started trying to fill the Crib with racers and whoever I could really.

On our way back from the Sheep Creek Tour – the tour I have yet to write about – it was the tour before this Vernon trip. The Crib was running rough and I was telling my crew and myself out loud that this was it. “I’m done!” I just dropped $2000 to Ricky and the Crib is running as bad as it has ever ran and to make things worse I gave Troy $500 bucks for new batteries before that and the battery shop decided to rewire the whole system wrecking a good thing Chevrolet had going so now for some reason with new battery’s I’m already having starting issues. I was watching cash getting flushed down the toilet with two kids and a family at home and the Crib was still in the dumps.

Meanwhile back in Abby at Sandman’s house, the Crib Bomb was undergoing a much needed facelift keeping things real and keeping this fresh for the 2015/16 season, I guess I was in for another year. At this point I was still deciding if I was going to give it a go for another year and with the help of Team Green they gave me the energy I needed for another go.

Huge thanks to Raggie and Sandman! Raggie ripped off my new wires from the distributor cap to the spark plugs and the brand new wires crumbled. Well that would do the trick. I gave the Crib to Ricky in whistler for a week to give us some time to get me ready for the grueling Sheep Creek trip and for the trips after.

I needed new plugs and wires. The plugs never got changed but Raggie found out they were totally burned out and the brand new wires like I said were burnt to a crisp. Ricky never put the heat shields on the wires by the spark plugs so when we roasted the engine the engine roasted the wires with no heat shields. Great what was the point of that? I was pissed off to say the least. But again thank you Raggie he fixed me up good and he was proud to say it was for free.

2 hot

2 done

Then we piled into the Team Green van and headed to Rona and loaded up some wood for the next six bunks to be built to add to the three they already put in.

2 beds

2 raggie

The boys would work faster if I stayed out of the way it wasn’t teach Striker how to frame day it was get the hell out of the way we’re getting this shit done.

2 help

2 storage

Sandman was proud of the work he did on the roof of the Crib. He reroofed the whole roof sealing, fixing and filling in fifteen holes and ripped out the ac unit from hell. Don’t know what I would do without these guys and anyone that has ever helped me out over the years including Ricky, Hoodie, Troy, The Stoop, Stuart Row, Yardwaste, Team Green and my sponsors. I would have quit long time ago.

2 roof

The icing on the cake was when Raggie ripped out my old chair and bolted in his personal chair for his van in the Crib to give me a real seat to captain. The amount of work these guys did and have done is incredible thank you all so much!! Especially Hoodie, Raggie, Troy, Ricky and Sandman.

2 seat

We left Vancouver kind of late, I heard about this float from Mike Bridges lover up in Enderby, BC that sounded like we needed to hit up. If you come on Crib Bomb tours you’ll know I love to add new twists to the tours and when we get a chance to float a river I’m in 100% you’re not on tour until you’re swimming in a freshwater BC lake or almost dying in a BC river. We drove down a road I’ve never drove down before after driving through Vernon and passing by the exit to Kamloops BC. We rolled through arm strong and a good half hour forty minutes we were in a cool little BC town that was all new to me.

I did some research on the internet about the float before the trip and found out there was a couple different routes to float in this town and that at least on body a year floats under the bridge dead. I found a few maps that the Shuswap river ambassadors posted up with some other really helpful tips and advice. The best tip was don’t enter at this spot or there’s a great chance you’ll die. Check the map it’s the caution sign you want to stay away from.

2 thnaks

We drove through the dark windy road until we got to what we thought was Brandt’s hand launch once we found that I drove up a dirt road and we boon docked for the night. When we woke up, we rolled down to the river and were surprised to see a rad little campsite we could have stayed at for free but whatever. It was eight in the morning nice and early the plan was to be in the river by seven but I needed an hour sleep. The morning was cold and our first look at the river was shocking, I mean it look pretty fast and we had no clue what would lie ahead. It was going to be about a ten-hour float down this sucker and when I told everyone in Internet land they argued with me about it but it did in fact take around ten hours to float this sucker.

3 sign

We were hungry and good thing we got food the day before for the float. The guys started a fire and Ben the Stripper warmed his wiener over the fire and K-Skins worked the raw bacon on a stick.

4 fire

4 bacon

4 corn

I hate being hungry so I went a little wild with my goods for the ten hours. I sealed up I don’t know like ten tuna hotdog bun sandwiches in a ziplock bag. I sealed up a huge bag of peanuts along with a can of mixed nuts and a couple cans of oysters.

5 food

After we ate and packed up our food, blew up our boats and our extra boats in case of a few accidents along the way we smashed some beers off the table for a group shot gun.

6 beer

6 shot gun

We had our river guide daddy Grizz with his little girl. Grizz had his Cariboo Buck Shot beer belt locked and loaded.

7 loaded

I’m not sure what’s been going on with the guys as of late but who’s complaining

8 friends

We took one last group shot with the whole clan before we decided to risk it all. I tried to warn the whole crew and make sure that they all brought life jackets but we still were a couple short so I decided to give mine up.

9 shot

Nine thirty we jumped in the river and now we were at the mercy of this mighty river. This river was wider than most floats I’m used to and we never hit any rapids but we would see whirlpools around our floaters at times and that’s a bit frightening for sure. Ben had his beer covered for the next ten hours all stuck in his floatie.

10 beer

My peanuts got soaked right away and spilled all throughout my boat but I didn’t mind the soggy peanuts they we quite good. I would just dip my hand in my boat and grab handful after handful of peanuts and you knew I was near because it was the shells that kept me floating not the water. I was eating peanuts faster than I could paddle empty shells were everywhere.

11 nuts

I was really relaxed but for some reason Grizz was working extra hard the first ten minutes of the float trying to save me. We had ten hours of this no way he could keep this up but I let him save me hahahahah.

12 workin

He did save me from this section and It could have been a game changer for sure yup.

13 yikes

13 thanks

This was another close call, I mean we just had a winter and the rivers running fast after the big melt lots of new log jams to avoid around any given corner.

13 wow

Things were great it was plus thirty outside and we were nice and cool on the river beers were getting chucked around and why not we were in paradise here. You should have seen some of the sights we seen in the ten hours.

14 all good

K-Skins was starting to freak out he was the first one to blow a hole in his boat. He wasn’t feeling right from the mushroom pizza he had for breakfast. Is it just me or does K-Skins look like a white Richard Pryor? A bit right!

15 freek

We waded downstream and milked some cows but a gang of other cows crashed through the bush and made a stand. Some of the most aggressive cows I have ever seen.

16 cows

You turn your back they were moving in on you and fast, really grumpy bastards leaking milk all over the rocks drooling blood as if they wanted to eat something or us.

17 cows

While I was taking pictures of those cows about to attack the boys it wasn’t seconds after I snapped a picture another gang of blood slobbering giant angry cows moved on me from behind.

18 cows

19 cows

These pictures don’t do justice at all the cows were growling at me and they had my back to the river and every step they took forward I took backwards not taking my eyes off these monsters. They were taller and two times bigger than me and they didn’t like me one bit. They kept engaging me until I stepped foot in the water these bastards meant business and wanted me and my crew off their land and now. We couldn’t stop for long we needed to keep going I was getting hungry so I laid back relaxed ate a tuna sandwich and enjoyed the view.

20 yum

20 nice

Grizz and me took a wrong turn and ended up in no man’s land and it wasn’t till around two three hours later we met up with the rest of the guys by fluke. We floated to a sand bar and waited for the to catch us. Grizz loved his new Cariboo bag full of beers.

21 beach

The rest of the girls beached their boats and we swapped stories. It was looking like the four skinniest ones wanted to quit the float we were only four hours in and there skinny little bodies had enough and almost to the point of shutting down.

22 cold

We started with nine and now we were left with five these were the first to quit and hitch hike back to the crib for some sleep.

23 bye

Chim Snert of Team Thick wasn’t quitting for nobody he was in for the long haul.

24 thick

It’s always a nice feature when you float under a old wooden country bridge like this one.

25 bridge

Ten hours on the river you’re going to float by some nice scenery.

26 sights

You could imagine some of the theories on this thing.

27 thing

Then out of nowhere as I was talking about cops on boats busting people up the river a boat comes ripping up river but it was a group and cool dudes eh.

28 boat

We started seeing danger signs and exit signs but whatever it wasn’t even a close call at all just another logjam anyways.

29 danger

30 danger

But then out of nowhere we seen this log jam coming up but this time we were heading straight for it and before we realized it was too late. Grizz missed the logjam and I was trying to snap pictures until I hit the logs. I broke a couple sticks and pushed my way off the jam to the left and realized my camera was still on so quickly snapped this shot before needing to use my hands to save myself.

31 jam

It was all funny and Trent was even having a great time while his best friend was fighting a heavy river, his rope, tube and the logjam. Me Trent and Grizz got out good with a little fight but Chim Snert and sloppy Steve were fighting for their lives.

31 great

It went like this and you should sometimes listen to the signs posted, “Don’t tie your tubes together.” That is said for a good reason and could very well save your life when you and your friends smash into a log jam. Chim and Sloppy’s boats were tied together and the boats and the ropes were trying to drag the boys under with the current and the pure strength of the river. When you get pinned up against a log jam just imagine the whole river and its weight crucifying you against the logs. The weight of the river and all that water is crazy powerful and will wear you down faster the harder you struggle till it takes you.

32 yike

It got to the point where Chim had to make a decision. He was going down with Steve and the boats unless he could cut himself free. So, he grabbed his knife and bit on the blade while he powered himself some time and room to cut the rope and cut ties with Sloppy. Chim fought his way out and Sloppy locked eyes with Chim and yelled “I don’t know man” as Chim floated away from death and from a almost defeated Steve.

The river took us down stream quickly and now nobody was smiling the ride was over and we were one man down. We could see Steve fighting still from the distance. Steve got stabbed and gutted on the sharp branches and busted logs he pulled himself on top of the jam and trying to catch his runaway tube jumped back in the waters.

All we could see was Steve’s head and then nothing. Steve was gone. We kept floating and I was in front trying to find a good place to dock but also far ahead to try to get a better look as to where Steve might be. The guys yelled at me to stop then they screamed at me to stop but I tried to explain and eventually grabbed a stick.

33 steve

The guys up river were silent a blue blow up boat ripped in half floated by me, then Steve’s life jacket. I had hope but the sick feeling was sinking in and the possibility of one of us dying was a tough one to sink in. I yelled for Steve and thought I heard him so I had hope but still no sign of him. To be swimming without a life jacket in this part of the river seemed crazy. The guys were up stream and holding on to branches. I was getting eaten alive by the worst type of bugs ever they were feasting on me and I didn’t know at the time the guys up stream too.

33 river

I kicked off the side of the river and tried to navigate with a stick. There was no way I was any help now this far down the stream but I knew there was three of the guys up ahead so when I seen Steve’s tube with no Steve in it I yelled for approval to get it and the guys yelled back for me to fetch it so I was on. I paddled as hard as I could to catch Sloppy’s tube almost to the point of just letting it go. Some local was on the side of the river watching all the panic and I assured him everything was alright but I’m sure he saw the debris floating down river before he saw me.

I was moving was faster than the other boat and couldn’t catch it I grabbed a tree to slow me down enough for one more chance this time Sloppy’s tube ripped by me and I went for it I caught it finally and was just able to get to a sand bar where I could rest and wait for whatever was going to come from around the corner from up river.

34 safe

Right away, to my surprise Steve’s boat I almost gave up on had his pack with all his gear and beer in it and then I saw Steve blood on his tube.

34 blood

Chim came floating around the bend first with two boats stacked but all alone then Grizz, Badner and Steve came floating in. They saved Steve but Steve was in shock and looked like he was loosing his hair. He needed a smoke and was shaking like a junkie would shake while waiting for his last hit.

35 bald

35 cig

Steve smoked and smoked and we tried to piece it all together.

36 safe

Badner lightened up the mood real quick showing us his tan lines.

37 hi

Grizz was calling it quits and so was Steve we almost just lost a man Grizz raised his voice. Badner was going to quit now too and make sure Steve made it to the highway ok to hitchhike back to the RV. Myself I want going to quit and I turned to Chim and said he better be finishing this one with me. Chim agreed but with Steve and Trent heading back there was no need for Grizz to quit so I worked Grizz until he decided to stay so after nine of us started the float all the guys dressed as women were on the highway hitching back up river. What a sight that would have been and that was the last we saw of them for hours

38  gone

The last couple hours were us sleeping and the river slowly moving us along.

39 ahhh

39 ooooo

This is what you will look like after a ten-hour float.

40 sleep

It was getting dark the wind was blowing up stream and it was cold the float seemed as if it would never end but we saw shore and couldn’t wait to piss on land.

41 done

We got out and needed to hitchhike back to the Crib. Doing lots of hitching in my day I thought the best way to tackle this one was to have me hitch alone at the bridge and if I get picked up I get the Crib and pick the guys up. But while I’m thumbing I thought we should send Grizz and Chim in the town to help our chances. Well in the end the guys just stood outside a beer store and yelled free beer and next thing you know hey were picking me up after about forty minutes of no luck on my end.

100% the ride back from these drunken locals was way more dangerous than the float. Many times I thought about my family and my kids and poor Billie while Grizz is feeding the driver another beer while we are already on two wheels bouncing down the narrow windy very bumpy highway with a couple obviously blown out struts with over 1200 pounds just in meat in the death trap.

42 trap

The guys were nice guys but talked about the gun they might have and the fact that the one guy was wanted Canada wide and make sure not to post any pics on Facebook. When I say 160km I mean it. Grizz kept on talking about how awesome the car was and it really goes great and the driver would agree and stomp on the pedal. I can’t tell you how many times we almost lost it on that road. One tactic I was using was “oh I think this is it” and he would slow down and that was all I had for a second before we were back to top speeds then I would thank god we were catching another truck but that never lasted he would just pass on a blind corners or two wheel it 160km on the way by.

43 wanted

We got back I counted my lucky stars took a picture and we got the hell out of there and back to Vernon where we met up with Hickey at his house and the rest of the party. We tapped a Cariboo keg and Hickey had a full on feed cooked and waiting for us so we ate laughed and crashed, I mean it was late and James’ little secret race was first thing in the morning.

44 beer

This was Grizz enjoying the new bunks in the back and happy to be sponsored for this trip by Good Shit Show Shadow.

45 grizz

It was race day, I woke up in my nice bunk but this time I got to sleep in a bit. What the hell we’re not heading to the Vernon dh for the first time in eleven years. I pulled myself out of the Crib and the wonderful Ms. Hickey was making us breakfast sandwiches.

46 yum

We cleaned up and while I loaded up the wires I seen my tail pipe was bent…hope this don’t affect the Crib’s performance…just another thing.

47 bent

We drove to the lake washed our private parts and headed for registration up Silver Star road like the Vernon DH in the early days. This was feeling all too familiar but where the hell was Mischo.

48 vernon

All the organized on cardboard like the old days and Sector 9 big bad Louis showed up with a van full of the Canadian Sector 9 and Rad Wheels riders. Louis treated the boys to a tour and showed them some much needed love, which was really good to see bringing the team riders together. We climbed to the top of the race hill and it started out nice and rough but quickly turned into love the energy was high and James’ little secret was about to go down.

49 vernon

Here’s some of the pics from the race that I took with my shitty little camera and lets start it off with Tony Graves Kimberly Schnitzel grom started the day breaking his helmet on the bottom corner chunder of thunder so he was lost in outer space for the rest of the day floating from here to there.

50 grom

I still had a few of the Danger Bay medals we blew holes in to give away for the podium. Love giving these medals away to the dirty events.

51 metals

Check out Robocop he was all padded up and rippin, bomb proof man.

52 robocop

Racing started and the practice runs were full of riders in the ditches and a sketchy shut down area with some more high-speed crashes. I liked it as a spectator some real close calls made it exciting. The golden pavement ended just before the chunder corner and the chunder corner was just before the finish so riders were going balls out.

53 ditch

Racing started so I hiked to the top and snapped a few she looked fast coming into this corner.

54 race

55 race

Banting ripping with some style.

56 banting

Traitor Troy some called him, still under contract with Sector 9 but now riding for Landyachtz he now has a target on his back with the boys in black and yellow. Check out this killer bees tuck, just squeezing in the draft. This was the trip his former Sector 9 teammates found out that he made the move to the dark side. He took a lot of razzing this trip from them but that’s all a part of it and he’s tough.

57 troy

The finals came ripping in and Slimer, Troy and Sector 9 Bren Davidson were fighting for position and running a Russian roulette type race to the chunder see who would abort first with a air break. With the chunder coming fast they positioned themselves in battle mode on their boards and it was all or nothing.

58 finals

Slimer went for glory taking an almost impossible line crashing into the crowd and into the toolies while Manu rolled himself past the finish line earning his first ever Coast medal.

59 crash

59 win

Got to the bottom and I had a handful of flowers I was going to give to the winner but seen Mack Wacey enjoying his first ever shoulder dislocation so I felt he could use the flower power. With this being a new injury to his body and adding another good one to the list I told him he has finally graduated. I’ve watched Mack break himself for years like I have broke myself off and so many others before us. It takes a real bomber to beat the shit out of yourself for years pounding the pavement to heal, crash, repeat.

60 crash

This is the face of a race organizer gets when they just pulled off a sick race with nobody dead. The best feeling in the world and it gets better when you bring it legit.

61 yeah

Food, chips, water and Gatorade was enjoyed with some race stories and good company while the cash was counted up and prizes for the event organized.

62 chips

It was Bren who took the big win winning himself some phat BC outlaw cash, along with the Coast outlaw key and a big shiny Coast gold medal blasted with bullet holes, Just another day in paradise.

63 bren

This is how the heat looked.

64 heats

This was your podium Bren taking first place followed by Troy Yardwaste in second and the magician Manu taking third in his first big race.

65 win

It started pouring rain and we needed to hit the road home but I needed to stop and look at a bus that caught my eye on the Internet that was for sale. Since I bought the crib bomb four years ago already I have been looking for the perfect bus. One that is already RV converted, veggie oil converted and of course a good strong diesel bus and I thought I might have found it so we made a quick stop. We showed up and the bus was sitting pretty I could see through the dirt.

66 bus

We poured out of the Crib and surrounded this beast and sized it up only dreaming about the possibilities.

67 bus

It was nice and clean lots of space and even had poles for Ben the stripper to strip on.

68 bus

Lots of wires in the back because of the veggie oil conversion.

69 bus

I decided to sit in the captain’s chair to see how it would size up and feel. Trying to imagine what it would be like.

70 bus

71 bus

Huge ass motor and huge ass bus and could be a huge ass headache and money pit. I wanted it so bad but a guy needs to be smart and not always by chocolate at the check out counter you know. This is a huge investment and with the owner living on the island and the bus being in Vernon moving the bus and getting an inspection and actually getting this whore on a lift and seeing under the bus and what kind of cancer it might or might not have. I quick trip to the spa could cost ten thousand dollars before you know it. Move in with extreme caution.

72 bus

73 bus

I dug around and found the name of the tour this bus was running under and every guy on the tour. Then I creeped all their Facebook accounts and Instagram accounts looking for any kind of breakdowns and problems that I might not have been told about yet. Of course I found some crap I didn’t like, I mean the one post I found was, “Here’s breakdown 5/12” you can only assume that trip they broke down twelve times then I found another photo with this caption “Now it takes three of us to start the bus!” picture shows a guy with a wrench in the back of the bus, then a guy midbus tweaking batteries and then a guy starting the bus. This is the kind of stuff I was looking for but hoping not to find.

74 lurk

We said goodbye to the bus and headed for a nice group meal in Vernon. Its been weeks now and since this trip the bus has been inspected and the owner of the bus tells me that if the dot pulled us over we would need to worry so I guess something under the bus might not look so good. I’m still trying to find out the official report but the owner is stalling at this point and I think he’s scared to break me the news about the condition of the bus. Stay tuned.

75 yum

It was getting late and we were on the move home the crew was sleepy and so was I but I was ready for the drive home.

76 yawn

77 yawn

We were climbing the 32km hill out of Kelowna and for some reason I was getting a little hot so I decided to pull over to let it cool down before I blew something like my engine. The Crib hasn’t been running happy since Danger Bay no matter how much cash I dumped in her. I also think she was a little hurt about the way I was talking about here and looking at the other bus.

78 hot

We were boiling and had no water so we thought we would strain some Cariboo cooler water in the sucker – thanks Boo for the coolers! Great place to relax.

79 boo

After a half hour, I went to start up the Crib and absolutely nothing. I turned the key and nothing at all. No fan, no dash lights no nothing. I heart sunk deep inside my chest and all I could think about was my crew. I called Hoodie and he ran me through a few checks but no luck. I then decided to get on the phone and make a call I have never made before to BCAA and this time it wasn’t for a tire it was a call for a break down.

80 boo

I told the crew they better start hitchhiking if they wanted to get home tonight and some of the others were making calls and looking for greyhound bus schedules. I got a call from the shop that would come try to get us started and if all else failed give us a tow and explained what happened. I asked him “Is this usually how an RV dies?” And the guy said to me, “Uhhhh yeah it usually starts there before a long slow painful death.”

81 boo

I hung up we wiggled some wires around and I turned the key and no shit the dash board lights turned on and the fan started running. Before I turned the key all the way I yelled at everyone to watch as I cranked it over and varroooom we were back in business!!! The Cariboo glow sticks were lit up and the mood was a happy excited sleepy one and stressful for me to say the least but we were on the road.

82 boo

The motor got hot quite quick but then it was all downhill into Merritt where we stopped and got gas and loaded up goodies. It was weird though the motor was still hot. Everyone needed a bathroom break but the bathroom was locked up and closed so I caught Sloppy Steve creeping a movement behind the bathroom building. I guess that’s what they get what do they expect anyways.

83 poop

After a good half hour we started the Crib back up and I noticed it was very hot still just didn’t make sense so I went for it anyways, we climbed out of Merritt and almost blew up but it was all or nothing.

83 blow

We made it to the top of the hill and even in the flats we were still ready to blow so I called Hoodie he told me to pull over.

84 hot

Here’s what happened we have a overflow tank for all the coolant to flow when she’s hot last year I blew a hole in the overflow tank so I zapped strapped a jug to it and ran the hose in there. No problem. When we started up on the hill a couple hours ago Grizz was outside and while we were all screaming because it started he jammed the over flow hose in the wrong overflow jug. He put the hose back in the one with the hole in it so when we climbed the hill all the coolant and water just drained right out of the engine and because the engine was so hot the rest of the water and coolant evaporated so we were running on fumes now climbing the Coquihalla.

Lucky I called hoodie and stopped at a stop with water because I noticed the hose was in the wrong spot and fixed that and we loaded up on water slowly hoping that we never wrecked anything and this would be the solution to our problem.

85 hot

It was hell, it wasn’t stopping, it was taking forever but we were inching our way back towards Vancouver and This was our final hope. We loaded up the water and hit the road and about 20km down the road the engine was finally cool and reading normal temperatures. Everyone slept and I kept driving the Crib reeked like farts worse than I can remember the guys were rotten.

I dropped the crew off one by one down the highway and now there were only three of us left rolling through Burnaby when a full on high-speed chase cut right in front of our eyes. This guy blasted over four lanes with a cop car right in hot pursuit, it was all surreal. We got into the city and rolled off the off ramp towards boundary when I came around the corner we hit a roadblock.

Fantastic! $2500 dollars in repairs in two trips, and lets two police tickets to add to that. By this point I was delirious I’m holding a $230 dollar ticket for not having my license plate mounted to the front of the RV. I guess having it in the window don’t cut it so smile!! Here’s some more knives in the coffin for ya. I brought this crew through hell and back but I took them home after.

87 home

Thanks for reading this week’s Striker tales see you next week for more adventures!!

88 tales

89 boo


Thanks to our 2015/2016 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors you really save our ass and helped us all make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. Legend!

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Royal Boardshop

Omen Longboards

Cariboo Brewing


Rayne Longboards

Flatspot Longboards

Concrete Wave Magazine



Don’t forget every trip you have gone on this year you have at least three chances to win actual Maryhill Rats Fall Freeride Tickets so good luck. The draw will be early September so get on the tour!