Striker’s Tales: Maryhill VS Giant’s Head

0 sick

In my mind @dstolman took one of the best shots of the weekend look at big bird Vancouver grom in the front leading the finals with that sick ass style and look at dream killer Zak Maytum ready to strike in the back. Pretty killer GoPro run in the finals with the camera on the champ’s head. He was charging, fighting off the best.

I gotta jump ahead this week to the Maryhill and Giants Head Striker’s Tales. I’m still going to write the Sheep Creeks Tales and the Vernon Tales but that Attack of Danger Bay three part Tales really set me back and I love getting the Tales out quick so bare with me here eh.

We have had our ups and we have had our downs so far this year but never so down that I want to call it quits. We have had great support so far this year since I got the Crib running back at Danger Bay and starting this years Maryhill Festival of Speed we will rip off any sponsors decals that won’t be supporting the tour and trying to replace them with companies that can and we did.

This year I’ll take you to the Stoop Skatehouse where the housemates have been amazing these last four years letting me park there for a few days at a time between tours. Nothing better than running a seven day tour and coming back to Vancouver dead tired and having the Stoop cats with a heads up set up cones and save me thirty three feet of space for the crib to park so I can just lock up, feel safe and head home to my family. If I didn’t have that spot I would be forced to sleep in the RV for the night in some park and head back to the Stoop first thing in the morning and hope for a open spot and then head home to my family.

1 stoop

It works out great for everyone, at times i’ll have some left over Cariboo beers and food to donate to the skate house and they are always very happy to take the donation, I’m sure it helps a little bit.

Crossing the border is always spooky for me and this was the first trip of the year I was going to test my luck, I mean it’s not like I’m guilty of anything but you always have a chance of not getting in and that would be a shame on the crew and the weekend trip out of Canada but all is normally well.

This tour I had three filmers for the first time in the Crypt history on board they were heading down to do some practicing with a couple drones and other gear. I didn’t know the two guys from Whistler but they seemed all right off the start. I also had Pearce Darcy from Ireland back on board for a little Maryhill action but that normally means we are getting hauled in for questioning and just as I thought we did.

We didn’t leave Vancouver till the moon was high in the sky and when we got pulled into the border crossing it wasn’t bad at all no line up just wanted to get Ireland to pay his six bucks before sending us on our way.

This was going to be a big test for the Crypt so far the last five trips have already cost me $6000 and even though we have been running the tours some things just haven’t been running right how I like it. Its shitty when you dump that much cash in a bus and things aren’t just as smooth as we like but that being said we have had a couple hiccups but I’ve got my crew home every time.

One of the crew Alex Mof was having problems with his flight back to Vancouver so it forced me to make the drive all night long to Maryhill so he would get there on time for the Wednesday morning when the event started and so I would actually have a crew on board so I could pay for at least the gas if I was lucky. The crew was a little short down to Maryhill because this year the same weekend was the rebirth of Giant’s Head freeride a legendary event up here in Canada where people travel from across the planet to skate.

Last year Giants Head was cancelled because of wildfires and that almost killed the event forever but the Giants Head team attacked hard and took the hit but came back this year with the city leaving the organizers no option but to have it on the same weekend as Maryhill so they did.

I did good on the all night drive to Maryhill we arrived at seven in the morning or something stupid but we made it and the crib ran great after some serious love from Raggie and Troy Yardwaste thanks boys!! I snapped this pic of the highway it was nice watching the sun rise for a change it’s not that often I’m forced to drive all night to get the chance to see this. I guess you can say the tour is real and the tour is full on from here on out!

2 wake up

Oh I guess I should mention strike one… one of the camera guys told me to turn my music down because it was too loud for him where he was sitting trying to sleep. I thought to myself ok I’ll turn it down a bit for you but I need to make sure I stay awake at the wheel but maybe you should move to the back bunk and have a nice little sleep back there. I turned it down for him but then he was quick to pipe up telling me to turn it down more over my shoulder while I was driving… so I turned it down more and even offered him some big ear muffs that I use when on the road when things get loud. Anyways, all good I was on the volume for him most the night so sleeping beauty could get his sleep.

It was my turn to get my sleep when we showed up to sweet Maryhill while I hid in my bunk loving the deep dark hole and my earplugs away from anyone with plans to find me and wake me up.

I woke up and the guys were hurting from the heat but still hiked around getting drone shots and the one crew member that Alex paid to come along and the same guy that wanted to bring his courier bike and told me to turn down my music was sulking, pouting and sweating all over my bench. This ball of bad energy was now sick with a tummy ache and the world should crumble around him. I would have love to give this guy a silver spoon like he’s probably used to but I would have much rather give him a wooden one.

The day was over we were all hot as hell and tired I told my crew were here for four days so we should not stay in Goldendale on the Wednesday or the Thursday and to trust me four days up there you’ll want to skin a cat so I took them to the dirt road by the railway tracks to the beach. When railroad was mentioned guess who started moaning but I ignored him.

We loaded up on some firewood and headed to the beach. This would be the only night we could get a fire seeing as there was a fire ban everywhere else so why not enjoy the river, sand, the occasional train and a sunset with a cariboo before bed.

4 wood

I brought the Cribb down a path I have never brought it before and it was tight and sketchy but it worked. Instead of just parking I moved it back and forth trying for a nice spot to park and I wanted to be flat but I also wanted to have the door face us but that meant parking in front of the only car on the beach. Well while I was doing this you guessed it pipes up all frustrated telling me to “just park” and then told me “you can’t park in front of this car” all in a huff “well I am and I’m going to park wherever the heck I want” well your “inconsiderate” he tells me, well this is now strike two in my books I’m really starting not to like this guy.

I parked and were all good I step out and the guy in the car is stoked to see me knows me by my name, I could tell you his name but I was stoked to see him I told him I could move if I was in his way but we were going to be out before him in the morning anyways but of course all good.

I’m not going to lie the “inconsiderate” comment wasn’t digesting well with me and as I was still chewing on that now he had to poop because his tummy was sore and he wanted to use the toilet after I already told him we had no water in the tank and I didn’t want to carry his shit around in the RV with heat temperature exploding over 46+ degrees can you imagine.

I told him to shit in the river its cleaner, I mean why would he want to shit at a gas stations filthy toilet with over a million asses all over it and when he’s done his movement then using toilet paper to smear the poop all up and down his ass into his pores making him think because the toilet paper comes out white after a few wipes he’s clean!!?? Jump in the river. He didn’t buy it he wanted to shit on the path and leave his human crap on the land for some kid to step on in the future.

5  strike out

6 chill

We woke up early packed up and guess who had the worst sleep and was grouchy as Oscar well it was silver spoon again. We were just about to leave and I looked at the beach and seen a bunch of garbage just left in the sand well this was my chance to get back at him for the “inconsiderate” comment I was still a little pissed about. So I put the hypocrite in his place and called him out for leaving the beach a mess with his garbage “I mean how inconsiderate of you we wouldn’t do this in Whistler,” I said. He grabbed his garbage and we left.

We surprised everyone by rolling in nice and early I’m guessing it was seven or eight. Even John Ozman couldn’t believe his eyes “This isn’t like you,” he told me and I guess he was right what the hell is going on with me I guess it’s because I’m a family man now or something. We had a laugh.

So silver spoon was sicker than ever now and Alex Mof is paying this guy to stink up my couch while he should be stinking up his socks being the assistant Alex needs. He was now complaining about the heat but he never did jump in the river when he had the chance. I mean that would definitely refresh a guy. I gave him my bottle of Pepto-Bismol to suck on like a thither but his thumb was also in his mouth so he was having troubles getting all the pink stuff in his mouth. I was just trying to be “considerate.”

He was crying about no sleep because of the trains and while I cooked breakfast and the rest of the boys were out filming he was lazier than ever picking his nose. Being “considerate” I cooked him bacon and eggs trying to help his tummy but in the end he wanted to go home he was just too sick, he was just too hot. When I heard this this was like strike three!!!! You’re out!!!

I got on the microphone looking for a ride for this guy faster than he could push out tears. I got on the mic making public announcements Alex Mof was hitting every car he could till the plague finally hit the road with his thumb. Thank god!! So that was the start of the trip and I felt bad because Mof paid for this guy and got nothing in return except his booze but he will never see that again. Well that was a waste of two thousand words…

8 see ya

I did a news interview that day and I was surprised to get a message that I was seen up in Canada on CTV the National and CHECK TV talking about the event, wish I could have seen it though.

7 news

Maryhill is the end of the 2014 season and the beginning of the 2015/16 season and this year I was really happy to get all of our sponsors back and we actually added HAWGS WHEELS and OMEN LONGBOARDS to the tour really helping me out hopefully setting us up for the full year of maintenance, repairs, tires and whatever else comes along.



The next night we decided to camp on Maryhill and act as security guards, Mof loves his dice and his game is if he rolls whatever he guesses to be the number like “3” and he rolls a three you got to do some sort of dare he calls out before he rolls the dice if he rolls three doubles in a row then its on him but in this case he rolled a three and this dude got rolled around in a garbage barrel. You can buy out of your punishment but it will cost you and the dice roller has to be satisfied with the deal. It could be as easy as offering the guy two smokes.

11 roll

I got the great idea to pull off a little Maryhill prank but it wasn’t me that touched the flag ahahhaa and I’m not gonna name any names.

12 usa

13 usa

We took the American flag from the Maryhill Festival of Speed podium stage and we raised the Canadian flag up because really we still own the title of the world war champions remember! We snuck the USA flag back to the Crib and wondered how long it would take till anyone noticed the flag missing.

14 usa

6:00am I woke up to someone screaming murder and honking freaking out. My eyes almost popped out of my head. What the hell was going on then I heard loud and clear “MY FLAG!! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FLAG!!!! STTTRRRRRIKKKKERRRRRR!!!!!” I went to sit up and smashed my head off the top bunk; it was frightening I tell ya I bit my pillow as the yelling continued. The yelling wouldn’t stop I felt like a beaten dog I was getting blamed for the American flag missing by some redneck. This time I did it I pissed off the wrong guy. I kept quiet and snuck out for a piss.

Right away I was yelled at, “Where’s the flag?” but it wasn’t by the same monstrous voice that woke me up I denied it and snuck over to Patrick Switzer’s RV and framed him by putting the flag under his windshield wiper. He was up later than me and would have remembered me saying goodnight to him so I wouldn’t have been a suspect to him. I snuck back in the RV and crashed for another hour or so.

15 usa

I woke up to the Canadian flag on the ground by my door and I still denied it and asked whoever was squeezing me for info to Patrick Switzer.

16 usa

One of the best days in Maryhill history was when I was reunited with Derrick Rebelo and the navigator. Last time I seen these two guys I was in Peru announcing Morro solar in Lima and word got out that Derrick Rebelo the incredible amazing blind skater was going to skate that narrow gnarly windy road well here they are again and derrick was going to skate the shit out of Maryhill blind with only his senses and his navigator to guided him to the finish.

17 blind

18 blind

It was the end of the day and I got a ride up to the top of the hill and gave the guys a huge hug and wished him the best ride ever then they took a few pictures and kicked off to us yelling. They made it to the never ending left and were thrashing the course. The navigator has a job to and he does it well if Derrick goes down its because the navigator is saving him.

19 blind

It was all so surreal to see absolutely humbling now as I type this. Blind Derrick and the navigator made it to corner three and a bit past that were blind Derrick slammed and picked himself up off the road and finished it all off like a true hero. I can’t say enough about this man and his navigator. I guess all I can say is thank you. So killer man! Here’s the track!

20 blind

21 blind

We headed straight for the pool in honky tonk Goldendale to wash off the scum and dry skin in the local pool, it was Friday and this was our first day at the racers camp. Word on the street the last couple days while we were doing our own thing the camp was getting robbed! Something like six sets of leathers and even more race boards were stolen while the camp was asleep. Locals got beaten by other locals that love us and respect us, cops got involved and even the next day tents were being slashed.

21 swim

21 park

We got to the camp and the skate park was ripped down a month before we showed up so the only thing to do was to enjoy good company, eat, drink and splash around in the busted water pipe by the horse shoe pits, sick this was perfect!

22 skim

23 skim

We set up at the autograph booth and I got a picture with my Landyachtz teammate here before it all went down must have signed over 150 Landyachtz Skate and Explore postcards and scratched “Striker” into seven or eight boards at least.

24 hi

Showed up at camp and got to drink a couple beers with my good buddies from Peru. It was my turn to spread the love they really showed me a great time in there country and they loved the Peruvian flag I had hanging in the crypt representing the good county.


Then it was like Ben The Stripper was still in the Crib because all of a sudden some naked dude came in and started playing guitar like Slash from GNR on his hotdog.

26 yuk

I rolled my ankle that night walking down a construction site dirt road so woke up and got it wrapped by the ambulance crew, Not the best wrap job i’d say eh.

27 hurt

Got to see some incredible runs and called some great moments on the microphone.

28 ride

Then it was back to the campsite for five dollar tattoos.

29 tat

Woke up and my ankle was still shot on race day and I needed to think fast so I called up John Ozman and we needed prizes up to Cowsers corner and now if I wanted food, water or any help really I’m up there in no man’s land at the mercy of the hottest Maryhill experience in 17/18 years of heading down there. I needed to cool down and there was no way I was going to get a pool so I got a box and a garbage bag with a case of fresh water and a few bags of ice. I was going to survive and this was they way I would stay alive and heal my ankle.

30 feet

My feet soaked for eight hours they looked like a couple bloated dead fish. Athletes feet, itchy sores between my toes, yellow crispy crunch toe nails that I don’t cut because I can just break them off, in grown toenails, dry skin, hairy toes, thick layer of scum and dirt under my toenails and grim so thick burnt on my feet and full of a dirt resin like I’ve never seen before, Just days of no socks and neglect a perfect opportunity to talk about the, “Fountain of youth on the corner. Just one drink from here and you’ll live forever or be cured for life” there was even a potato salad container and lid in the fountain of youth. Then it happened.

31 feet

32 feet

Buddy drank from the fountain of youth and I promised him he would live forever more importantly skate forever.

Short video of it for you all to enjoy

Then I ran a contest where a kid and another guy had to hike to the top of the mountain while almost getting bit by rattlesnakes and shot by porcupines. Once at the top of the hill they had to race to the very bottom of the hill jump a barbed wire fence and climbed a set of scaffolding to win a deck. See those dots’ at the top of the mountain? That’s them.

33 race

34 race

Well, it happened and while the younger kid puked and almost collapsed a number of times I thought it was time for someone to take a less of a risk and drink a little more from the fountain of youth. Well this didn’t end well Mof came over and seen a hat he liked so he said he would drink my foot water for the hat well he started puking after he swallowed and then the people in the crowd started puking and next thing you know everyone was puking I don’t think I ever laughed so hard.

35 youth

Then the finals came ripping past me one of the best.

Posted by Perropro on Monday, June 29, 2015

36 awards

That was epic and the race was all over we regrouped and said our goodbyes, it was 10:30pm before we finally hit the highway we picked up a California ripper and headed north for Giants Head freeride and race. This was obviously going to be another all night driving task for me to get these guys to Summerland for two days of filming and skating. John Ozman and company put on one of the best races I’ve been to he’s got it dialed love being apart of it.

36 lake

I don’t think I could have don’t it without the company of Ireland. PD stayed up with me the whole drive making sure I was good. I slammed back one of those five-hour poison drinks and felt my heart ready to attack me but I got off lucky and we made it to Summerland and the lake. Of course the back panel of the Crib Bomb ripped off along the way so I needed to cover it up with cardboard in the meantime, it never ends guys.

37 moff

Mof developed an eye problem after drinking my foot sludge and so I started calling him captain hook but he was very happy to make it to Summerland too. Didn’t really waste no time found Billy Bones bag at the top of the hill with his classic hat.

38 hat

It was like Maryhill never happened all of a sudden we were in the lives of these skaters now. I’m telling you it was the best of both worlds and I wasn’t the only one who drove all night there were at least fifty of us but I can tell you boy it was worth it. This all felt like a dream to me I was on cloud nine so happy to be apart of this event seven hours later.

39 killer

Landy throws down for this event every year in a huge way.

40 landy

Little rain on the first day but it was all good but the giant’s tummy was rumbling and that kind of scared me.

41 landy

42 landy

Hit this sucker in dead man’s eh.

43 landy

44 landy

Louis was rippin eh.

45 nineball

Here’s a few more of my Giant Heads pics while I was keeping the crowd entertained.

46 rip

47 rip

Check out Liam Morgan having some fun joining the forces on the side of the pinecone.

48 rip

They had two classes this year for the race one was open and one was standup only the real rippers entered the stand up class no hands down. When I was a grom the guys I looked up to always said hands down wrecks our sport while most of the others were riding hands down. The crowd loves the pine cones and this year they filled boxes and boxes and garbage bags of cones to play with the racers. The race is the sideshow this is all about the freeride but even when the organizers tried to clean the track they were booed by the aggressive crowd and the cone came back. Not too sure what happened to Kong but kid goes hard and here’s another shot I got of him crashing. Jajajjaajajajajaj

50 cone

51 cone

This would be it for Mr. Harris again this year he is by far the biggest target since last years tricks. Don’t know what I’m talking about you’ll have to ready my Tales from two years ago to figure this one out

52 cone

This was it for the Prince Dillon he was beat by Byron Essert.

53 cone

This was the finals of the stand up race sick as hell eh.

54 finals

What a great event with an incredible story. You never see a high profile race get shut down from a fire hazard and then come back the next year after the huge financial hit from the year before! Huge props to Andrew and his dedicated team for bringing it back from the dead everyone’s proud of your dedication and work. We said our goodbyes and we loaded up and I got my whole crew home by 11:30pm. I was home by 12:00am and that was one hell of a trip I tell yea!! Seven days of just go, go, go!!


Thanks to our 2014/2015 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors you really save our ass and helped us all make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. Legend!

Switchback Longboards


Royal Boardshop

Omen Longboards

Cariboo Brewing


Rayne Longboards

Flatspot Longboards

Concrete Wave Magazine

Don’t forget every trip you have gone on this year you have at least three chances to win actual Maryhill Rats Fall Freeride Tickets so good luck. The draw will be early September.




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