Cariboo Extreme: Winter Sessions 3

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I’ve been up to Seymour a few times recently and noticed that when riding the chairlift up the mountain you can’t help but notice a collection of beer cans littered from snowboarders and skiers. Seymour is good about it and has maintenance clean it up but from what I can tell, Cariboo is defiantly the beer of choice. Although it sucks people have to litter its still good to see people support their local brew.

Justin VDP

Justin VDP for Cariboo from Voleurz on Vimeo.

Andrew Geeves – All Day Every Day

Shayne Zwickel


The Cariboo team is going to be up on the mountain all season so keep posted for alot more new content every week and don’t forget to enter our Snowboard Giveaway contest:

The Cariboo Snow Team

Andrew Geeves, Kale Stephens, Justin Van Der Poelen, Helen Schettini, and Shayne Zwickle

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  1. Steve Blake says:

    Hey paul,

    Hey paul, good to see you got some winter boo going on! We are just ramping up for what should be an awesome season. Still would like to work with you guys on some stuff. ie the custom ski graphic and stuff. Check out Sheldon at
    He makes nice stuff (a bitchen 166 rocker pow board & stellar pow skis too)! Contact him if you want some dope gear all "Boo’d" up.
    I’m still lovin’ the boo and would be stoked to represent when possible. So if you got some swag or stickers or whatev send it my way. Aswell if your team of riders are at any Kootenay locations and want a hook up drop me a line.

    Hope to hear back.

    Mad pow shredder/ Boo pounder…Steve Blake