Cariboo Extreme: Fall Sessions

Let’s just start off by saying Wink Grant has got to be one of the hottest young riders out there right now. If you don’t believe it, you probably also think this photo is just pure smut. Still not convinced? Check out his latest edit, Insight, from Chromag. You can’t mess with the style he brings to that back to back 360 bar spin revert he pulls off just past the three minute mark. Peep it and weep.

Wink Grant – Insight

Not the only shredding Wink’s been up to, check out his lines in the Chromag Family Album Vol. 1 edit that dropped recently on Pinkbike. It also features Boo team rider Nick Tingren, so it’s kind of stacked. Or maybe we’re just biased. Either way, it’s pretty clear these guys owned Whistler this summer.

Chromag Family Album Vol. 1

And if that isn’t enough, here’s a couple shots of Tingren that should remind you there’s no good excuse not to ride just ’cause summer’s over.

Ok, now if that doesn’t make you green with Boo envy, part two of the NSMB Revelstoke Trip definitely will. Long-time homies and easily the sickest trail riders on the North Shore, photographers Morgan Taylor and Bruno Long captured the NSMB team in their element: riding dirty, ordering take out pizza, and crushin’ Boos.

NSMB Revelstoke Trip

Paul Stevens [o] Bruno Long

Switchback Slides [o] Morgan Taylor

Stephen Matthews [o] Bruno Long

Those clever guys at NSMB even made an animated gif… looks like somebody went to college!
NSMB Team Train [o] Morgan Taylor

In case you didn’t hear, Cariboo made it to The Chive. Apparently they also like beer and bikes, just have a look at photo #16. We’re honoured to be sandwiched between so many other ‘desirable’ photographs. *cough* 7 is my lucky number… *cough*