Cariboo Skate: Vol. 120

Maybe the industry isn’t but skateboarding is in a good place. Canadians all over the country are destroying spots and stacking footage! It shows with all the emerging skate videos like Zone 3 that features some of the best skating you’ll see in Canada and includes Cariboo Team riders Mike Schulze, Dustin Locke and Tyler Holm. Watch the full video below.

ZONE 3 (full video)

Mike Schulze BS FLIP


Dustin Locke filming for his ZONE 3 part


Another big video production in the works for Canadian Skateboarding is the Timebomb Video that will feature riders from across the entire country. Going to be a good one! Check the trailer below!


THE TIMEBOMB VIDEO TRAILER from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

The Cariboo Skate Team

Corey Klim, Spencer Hamilton, Wade DesArmo, Sean Lowe, Mike Schulze, Arte Lew, Kyu Tae Kim, Billy Mitchell, Dustin Locke, Mike Campbell and Tyler Holm