Cariboo Skate: Vol. 118

Cariboo Brewing teamed up with Timebomb Trading taking their skate teams to Valencia and Madrid in December 2015. Timebomb Trading has a full length skate video in the works due to drop this Spring 2016 that Cariboo will be involved with as well. The video will feature all the best footage from this Spain trip so keep posted for more info and footage dropping soon! In the meantime, enjoy this Cariboo park edit from the teams trip! Featuring Zack Ferguson, Stacy Gabriel, Tyler Holm, Mike Campbell, Griffin Kirby and Layne Caplette. Filmed by Mario Cano, edited by Tyler Holm.

Valencia Park Edit

Crew Mobbing In Valencia

spain crew

Boos In Spain!

Layne Caplette Nollie bs lip

Crew Shot In Madrid

photo by Mikey Ray

Perfect Spanish Flat Ledges

Tyler Gaucher BS Noseblunt
gaucher bs noseblunt

Also if you missed this one, we filmed a Xmas video with Alexis Lacroix on our last day in Madrid. Filmed and edited by Tyler Holm.

Alexis Lacroix – Santa is a Shaman

Alexis Lacroix – Santa Claus is a Shaman from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

The Cariboo Skate Team

Corey Klim, Spencer Hamilton, Wade DesArmo, Sean Lowe, Mike Schulze, Arte Lew, Kyu Tae Kim, Billy Mitchell, Dustin Locke, Mike Campbell, Dillon Moore, Adam Hopkins and Tyler Holm