Cariboo Skate: Vol. 114

Check out this new Boo edit from Cariboo Skate team members Tyler Holm, Arte Lew, Sean Lowe, and introducing the newest rider Dillon Moore.

On The Radar with Dillon Moore

Concrete Skateboarding Interview
The first time I met Dillon was on a last minute trip to Montreal a couple years back. Not knowing much about him I quickly learned his ways. Always smiling and enjoying life, Dillon’s laid-back attitude and positivity has the ability to infect those around him. His never-ending goal to enjoy life to the fullest kept our days long and exciting, usually well into the nights. Now three years later not much has changed, still a forced to be reckoned with on a skateboard. Dillon is easily one of my favorites to watch shred, skating fast, smooth, and full of power and style. Its no surprise this 21 year old has such a solid group of people backing him. Now recently moving out of home and into his own place with his lady in downtown Oshawa, Ontario Dillon is killing life in all aspects. Take a look through the next few pages and you’ll see for yourself.
—Michael Kazimierczuk

* All photos by Michael Kazimierczuk


Let’s get the formalities out of the way… My names Dillon Robert Moore and I’ve skateboarding since I was 7 years old and am currently 21 years old. Grew up skateboarding in Trenton and Oshawa mostly.

How’s growing up in Oshawa been? For the most part pretty good. Living in Oshawa your family life probably isn’t so good, but other then that just keep your head on straight and everything happens for a reason. I love it though, just a train ride from the city so I get to see all the homies out in Toronto often. It’s a lot easier to be productive out there so I’ve just been heading there as much as I can.


Yeah, it seems when you were younger you’d always be in Toronto. Do you think that’s how you first got noticed and hooked up? Yeah, we’d just hop the Go Train and head down to the Toronto area and do some filming and enter contests. Just try my best. Try to outshine the shiners. (Laughs)

So, ever encounter any sketchy situations with Transit Police while hoping the trains? Oh yeah. One time actually I got caught, ticketed and they made me shotgun the rest of my beers. They kicked me off three stops from my house, but it was the last train that night so I had to hop back on and they seen me run back on. They caught me again in Oshawa and called the cops. The cops made me shotgun my beers then just dropped me off at home, didn’t say anything to my parents or anything.

Wow. How old were you when that happened? 16 (Laughs)


I know you guys were up to shenanigans when you were younger. How was skating PATH (underground walkway/Mall) in Toronto during the winter times? Back in the day that was a hoot! Hop the train just to skate in Path all day. We’d go to Scotia Bank 9 stair probably over 20 times in a day, just rush it every time. You know you’re too young to get in any serious trouble. A couple times I got arrested, but I’d just cry my way out of it because I was young. But for the most part it was really fun, glad Toronto has an underground mall you could just barge. (Laughs)

Speaking of sketchy situations, how was Vancouver last year? I hear it ended off on a rough note. Vancouver was awesome! Met some great people, went flying fishing with Judah Oakes. Got to do things I’ve never done before, it was great. The trip ended off with us flipping our car three times into a ditch. Just a couple kids going for it to hard, didn’t sleep enough just drove constantly. Something bad was bound to happen.

Damn, luckily everyone was alright. How far across Canada were you guys? We flipped half way across Canada, somewhere in Saskatoon. Had to take a bus home the rest of the way. It was a great learning experience though; we’re all alive and left ok.


How have you been able to stay so positive and humble? Especially while living in Oshawa, it’s not the greatest of cities..I read a book a while ago and it really helped me a lot in my life. There are four rules that I find will help you live your life a lot easier that a lot of people should try. First one is, don’t use words for bad only for good. Against yourself or anyone else. Secondly, don’t take anything personal. There’s no difference between anybody else, were all-equal. No ones better, no ones worse, were all perfect people just trying to get by. Third rule, don’t make assumptions because you’re most likely wrong and that’s what starts most problems. And the fourth rule is just stay positive about everything. Life’s a blessing and it’s actually a miracle that anyone is here living. It’s awesome. Truth is we’re immortal, after life is just another life. Like John Lennon says, “It’s just getting out of one car and into another.”

Damn, It’s refreshing to see that kind of outlook on life in today’s world. So you think that book helped you out? 100%. If I didn’t read that book I don’t know where I’d be mentally, physically and emotionally. Pretty much it has made all the difference in my life and it’s made me see things the way I wanted to see things. Its common sense people are too stubborn to realize, they’d rather ignore it and be miserable.

I completely agree. For a while you were living off the grid. Being phoneless made it pretty difficult to get a hold you. What’s the sudden change for getting an Iphone and joining the rest of the world on Instagram? I met a beautiful girl who I’m madly in love with; we actually just got our own apartment downtown Oshawa. If it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t have a phone to this day. But it’s nice, I get to keep in touch with friends a lot more and keep in touch with her. I’m stoked where my life’s going. And Instagrams good, it’s a fun gig (Laughs)


So what’s an average day look like for you in Oshawa? Wake up; go have an iced coffee and a smoke. Eat some breakfast and head down to Donovan skatepark. Wait for the old Mike Davidson to try and do some street skating. He likes to run on his own schedule, a minute to him is actually 40, but its ok. We all love him.

Speaking of smokes, I’ve been told about a new tattoo you got… A cigarette pack that has the words “Life” written on it? What’s the inspiration behind that? Yeah. Well I’m a smoker and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon, might as well get committed fully. I always got a pack in my pocket might as well have one on my arm. (Laughs)

Growing up in Oshawa and around Toronto who did you look up to as a kid? I looked up to Hill Sulphur, Jesse Tessier and Bowie as a person, seeing him appreciate skateboarding for what it is. At the end of the day he’s honestly the person I’d love to go skate with the most. Chris Quick, all those homies made my skateboarding and made me appreciate what I got. Without them I don’t see me doing it as I am now, they had a big impact in my life. I think Toronto is a lot different of a place with them gone and I can’t wait for them all to be back.

So do you have any specific goals in skateboarding or are you just here for a good time? Stay positive and have fun with the homies. Keep on keeping on man.

What do the next years in your life look like? Got a 5-year plan? Just do some more traveling, hopefully with the Timebomb crew. Head out west and be loony in Vancouver. That’s really all I’m hoping for.

Anyone one you’d like to thank? Oh yeah. I thank my mom so much, she’s been there my whole life and I wouldn’t be anywhere today without her. My brother, he’s always helped me out. A big thanks to Tyler Holm, Judah Oakes, Geoff, Homer and everyone at Timebomb and Faction. Chris Quick, Bowie. I thank all the homies out in Oshawa and Toronto. Zach Noftall and Jason Moyle, some big inspirations to my life. Much love to all you guys, thank you very much!

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Corey Klim, Spencer Hamilton, Wade DesArmo, Sean Lowe, Mike Schulze, Arte Lew, Kyu Tae Kim, Billy Mitchell, Dustin Locke, Mike Campbell and Tyler Holm