Cariboo Skate: Vol. 113

Arte Lew doesn’t disappoint when it comes to putting out footage. Pretty much every session you bring the guy on, he’s going to walk away with a clip or 2 or 5. Grab a copy of the new SBC Skateboard Magazine and check out his full interview. But before you do that, enjoy his new part for LRG Canada, Organika, and Timebomb Trading.

Arte Lew – Video Part

Arte Lew – Video Part from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

Arte Switch Flip

arte lew sw flip

Arte Switch Crook

arte sw crook

Don De La Kayo Canada Montreal Tour

During the Don De La Kayo Tour a group text message was started with Chad Dickson, Mitch Barrette, Wade Desarmo, Max Fine, Cephas Benson, Rich Odam and myself. This group text is still rolling and has been going off daily since we’ve returned home. It mostly consists of fart, dick, ginger and midget jokes that regular people would find extremely offensive. This group is not like regular people. Nothing is ever serious with any of them and everything is one big joke. Also on the trip was: Hugo Balek, Mike Campbell, Andrew McGraw, Dillon Moore, Koty Brown, Jason Wilson, Mitch Donovan and Thomas Morrison. Most trips this size would be complete anarchy, but I guess we nailed it in Montreal because our crew was as tight as a midget’s butt hole.

Don De La Kayo Canada Montreal Tour from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

Spencer Hamilton Ride or Die

Shake Junt

Spencer Hamitlon Mug Shot

spencer hamitlon

The Cariboo Skate Team

Corey Klim, Spencer Hamilton, Wade DesArmo, Sean Lowe, Mike Schulze, Arte Lew, Kyu Tae Kim, Billy Mitchell, Dustin Locke, Mike Campbell and Tyler Holm