STRIKER’S TALES: Maryhill RATZ Fall Freeride



It was the Maryhill Ratz Fall Freeride and Striker’s F-Bomb Tour headed back to Goldendale Washington for the first time of the year. Normally every season for the last eighteen years I’m at the loops road three or four times hitting all the free rides and races, but the last two years Giants Head Freeride has been just days after the Maryhill events making it tricky to find racers that are actually going to both events.

Like most Maryhill events, We don’t leave Vancouver till after rush-hour making it easy to get out of the city and with a smooth border crossing we would miss the Seattle rush hour too, but of course this time we got hauled into customs only to get worked by the biggest line up in years. After a shake down and another vehicle search we cheered as soon as we hit the highway heading south. We drove all night then parked outside the main gate getting a little shut eye until Deano Rat showed up to let us all in.2-cup

The Maryhill Freerides are like a nice family reunion four times a year. Its nice to see all the familiar faces out skating for these events. Raggie and Scoot of Team Green showed up with cash in hand thanks to their new Beard Brothers sponsor so they posed for a quick shot. Under that shot is Erni all busted up from her time in Canada limping all around with a big boot and a smashed up chin.



Before I left Vancouver I got a call from living downhill legend X-Games Gold Medal Leemo Dansie asking for a lift to the hill because his ride fell through so it was official we had him on tour and saved him a bunk. This has been a dream for years to have Leemo back with the Coast community after all these years it was Leemo that first made the trip to Canada when I was just starting to put on events pulling a community together. Leemo was a part of the second Coast-to-Coast Tour on the Sunshine Coast where I rented a Pender Harbour school bus and toured the crew to 19 hills in 8 hours!


When Leemo came home from that trip it changed everything for us up north. First off it fired me up even more knowing that what I was doing was special and it was attracting riders from America. The second was Leemo when he got back to the USA and spread the word that we were crazy kooks up here in Canada and skaters should get up here to experience the energy and stoke we all had. California had their legendary crew but we had already built an even bigger crew that was doing things a little different. It was crazy, Leemo never seen a seventy-two passenger bus packed full of longboarders bombing hills on an open road before. Nobody to this date worldwide had seen this sort of thing. We had the worlds attention was getting over two million hits a month before Facebook, word spread fast along with the wild events that we were holding with the biggest numbers of longboarders ever seen. The fire was lit we inspired everyone under the sun and Leemo was a big part of the Coast movement!


Like Leemo, Maryhill is another big part of the Coast Longboarding history check out some of these pictures I snapped of this past fall freeride! Part of the Maryhill experience is ripping through the hay tunnels if you’re brave enough.


Maryhill Freerides are known for their huge pack runs things get hectic in the corners all it takes is one bad move to take out a whole pack of riders trust is a huge part of it all.


Your legs will burn along with your skin at these free rides. Make sure you stay away from the crazy cows and the rattlesnakes. Be sure to drink lots of beer and even more water!10-wind

This guy was quacking down the hill; you find all types of skaters on this weekend!


There are normally crazy contests held these weekends and one contest for five hundred bucks has never been won. The rules for this are simple, you need to produce perfect film of yourself manualing your board all of Maryhill without touching your wheels to the ground. If you can do this you will win yourself five hundred bucks cash! This challenge sounded perfect for Troy Yardwaste so he decided to give it a go!


Troy was close but in the end he wasn’t able to complete the challenge. Its safe to say his attempt has been the best one yet but can’t be easy trying to do this while downhillers are ripping by you the whole time from all angles



Leemo’s been getting back in downhill for 2016 he’s been trying many different combos of trucks, helmets and wheels, in this shot is Leemo and Raggie getting some runs in Raggie took Leemo under his wing this weekend helping the old downhiller tweak his set up with all this new school gear everyone rides these days.


When the Strikers Cribb Bomb arrives to events, especially Maryhill, boo fans always hit us up for the latest and greatest Cariboo gear so I make sure we got lots of giveaways and a few Root beers


Leemo’s a huge fan of Cariboo and all the kick ass shwag they got for sale in their web store. When he found out I had this jacket to give away “Sketchy Dave” and him had a paper, scissor, rock, paper, scissors battle for that sucker


X-Games Gold Medalist Lee Dansie wins again!!!! And Superdave has to drink out his shoe!18-boo

After a long hot as hell day on the hill we always head out to a local camp out called “Peach Beach” where we can be as loud as we want. We play on the train tracks, swim in the river, blast music and fire off guns. At night you better bring a blanket because it gets cold and windy. This night was no different, poor Stumanchu forgot his blanket so we hooked him up no worries.


The next mornings we always do a big clean up and stuff the crib bomb full of garbage bags to help keep the locals and environment happy


Sometimes when a rider forgets his leathers they head over the Cribb Bomb and we hook them up with some Cariboo stickers to help them build a suit! Muscle Mitch Mania was stoked on the new Cariboo Suit!




Huge thanks to my 2016/2017 tour sponsors Cariboo Brewing, Beard Brothers. Landyachtz longboards, Flatspot Longboards, Kebbek Skateboards, Hawgs Wheels and Bear Trucks!! Its plain and simple without these company’s we wouldn’t have a tour!! Without your support and your cash you kept this tour alive and beast running this season and like I promised you I will continue to run for the first half of next season too!! Thank you so much!