Striker’s Tales: When Danger Bay Strikes Back!!

BUSINESS CLASS: Everyone in the Danger Bay Business Class wants to make a deal so are you going to race to the finish line to risk it all to win it all!? OR are you going to make your money on “Carnage Corner” hustling the crowd for your race entry fee? It’s your call! IT’S ALL BUSINESS!! Spectators bring your cash!!! Fives, tens, fifty and hundred dollar bills!

1 winNoah Fischer Pic

2 win

Noah Fischer Pic

Attack of Danger Bay Business Class!!! Herzi catches the crowd, taunting businessman of the year, Hugh “Kibbling” Johnston with cash money as he closes the deal through carnage for all the gold!!

11 herziDan Herzog Pic

You wanna a shot at Wall St? Cash, five sets of Coast medals, and all the glory!? Well then register for the Business Class April 1st

1 bizCraig Barker Pic

Buckley snaps one of the “Puerto Rican Pirata” Kenneth Barreto taking all the risks you need to make to be successful in this Business.

Colin Buckley Pics

(Insta) @Colinouttoyou (FB) @whowhouldashot

12 buck


13 buck

Colin Buckley Pic

A Danger Bay Businessman should always have his briefcase, business suite and tie when taking care of risky business. You need to cross that finish line with your briefcase or how are you going to close Danger Bays biggest deal!?

14 ridd

Tyler Riddel Pic

15 rid

Tyler Riddel Pic

16 rid

Tyler Riddel Pic

Money never sleeps on Wall Street! If you’re an average salesman and don’t think you have what it takes to challenge the Wolves then you’ll be hanging out with the rest of the seagull’s making deals at Carnage Corner. If you’re good at business you’ll make money there too, and maybe even more!!! Just don’t plan on selling booze or drugs to the spectators or you’ll be banned for life!! It is a family event and we will have kids in the crowd and we know they like stickers and candy so load up and pay your rent!

0 B CLASSBernardo Falcao Pic

ATTACK OF DANGER BAY 16!!!!! This year we got all Classes so Start planning your Danger Bay Vacation!!!! Groms, Ladies, Open Pro, Dirty 30s, Masters 40s, Grandmaster 50s and God’s Class 60 and up!! Brand new to this year we have added the very popular BUSINESS CLASS!!!!

15 BLINGDan Herzog Pic

ALSO JAKES RASH!!!! THE ROAD RASH RUMBLE!!!!! We hold the very popular Jakes Rash Race and Freeride at the Rash May 19th-25th for the second half of the Danger Bay week! ***Registration April 1st*** (Race Danger Bay + Ride The Freeride = You get to Race the Rash for free!!)

jake meWEB

Humanburger Jones painitng


Striker Pic

Come to Attack of Danger Bay on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia Canada this May long weekend on the nineteenth to the twenty-fourth. You better be ready for one of Canada’s wildest weeks of downhill. If you’re coming to race this year’s Danger Bay’s open class you better be ready to out skate K-Rimes!!


Bernardo Falcao Pic

Out of fifteen Danger Bays, this beast of a downhiller has won six open class championships and the last four years of Danger Bay in a row. This year is more important than ever as K-Rimes has a chance to do what nobody in the world has ever done and that’s winning and defending five years in a row. If K-Rimes wins Attack of Danger Bay sixteen he will stand alone in the downhill dynasty club.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.02.14 AM

2 dream

Are you still a racer? You think you got what it takes? Does K-Rimes have what it takes to make this a Danger Bay Dynasty or are you going to be the one to spoil his party!? Is there anyone in the whole world that can beat K-Rimes? Are you going to just sit at home and let him take five Attack of Danger Bays or are you going to stand up and be accounted!?

3 rimes

Bernardo Falcao Pic

They traveled all over the world to destroy K-Rimes and take the Danger Bay Cup but could never get it done. Wacko Jacko from Australia was close last year! Check him out squeezing through corner one. People crash and burn here, but if Danger Bay’s so easy why can’t anyone beat K-Rimes?

4 kev

Bernardo Falcao Pic

Then you have Adam Persson flying all the way from Sweden the last few years in a row to lose to K-Rimes every year!? What’s it going to take to beat this man and how many more chances will you have!? He’s going to be in the dirty thirties soon so it just won’t be the same. I hope Adam comes back for another kick at the can! He does clean up the competition at the Rash Rumble though so he’s making money!

4 adam

Striker Pic

So are you all going to just wait it out till Kevin’s racing masters to take him down or is this year the year you’re going to take him down!? You bet your Asses he wants five in a row so this will be the best year to beat him before it don’t matter to him anymore. Now is the time!

4 line

Bernardo Falcao Pic

4 rimes

Bernardo Falcao Pic

Troy Yardwaste gave it a good go! He battled his way through the ranks with the monster Laine middle name pain Jackart!! While K-Rimes and Aaron from Colorado destroyed all who got in their way through the Danger Bay brackets!

5 troy

Bernardo Falcao Pic

5 shhh

Super Dave Pic

They got to the finals only to be smoked by the Danger Bay Legend himself! In the six years of winning Danger Bay, just think of how many riders K-Rimes crushed. It’s been hundreds including Pain and Troy Yardwaste, they’re no different! no chance in hell…

This is K-Rimes smokin everyone again by a long shot. Nobody has what it takes to beat K-Rimes this year at Danger Bay sixteen!! I mean nobody and that’s a challenge to whoever reads this that thinks they’re going to be the next Danger Bay Champion!!


Bernardo Falcao Pic

6 champ

Bernardo Falcao

(Web Page)

Thanks for all the sick shots above! Here’s one more from Bernardo that I really like of the young gun Coastie Alex Charleson racing what looks like the first ever slalom board to rage through Carnage Corner!! Look at the grin on his face; he’s leaving the rest in the dust. This kids a Danger Bay threat and he’s been known to beat K-Rimes before, you know!?

6 guns

Here are some of my favorite shots from race day from a few of the kick ass photographers that made it out and had no problem sharing these memories with me to show all of you. Make sure you check out their media and love it all because they have given Coast nothing but love. Just to warn anyone out there I did some hacking and chopping of some of these pictures to get my point across hope I don’t offend the hawk eyes behind the lens. Talk to Jon Huey poor guy I’ve been hacking his photos for the last sixteen years to my liking hahahahaha love you guys!! Love you Jon!

Dan Herzog

(Insta) @glamourshotsbyherzi (Web)

Let’s start with a few from Herzi. Love the style he snapped up of Dexter Manning floating towards Carnage Corner at the speed of light attacking!

7 herz

Herzi busted Prince Dillon and his gold chain pimpin his way into Carnage Corner with Leonardo in the shadows

8 herz

Herzi catches K-Rimes comfortable in his pajamas shattering the dreams of everyone who tries to smell what kind of cologne the six-time Danger Bay champ wears on race day for the win.

9 herzi

About eight or nine years ago now Carnage Corner exploded Wacko Jacko’s guts to the point of near death. A helicopter ride to the city and some serious days in intensive care you got to wonder if Herzi caught him thinking about the old days or not…. Jacko is as tough as they come when it comes to downhilling, believe me!

10 herzi

The only guy I can remember to straight up beat K-Rimes one on one in a race for money is this GIANT right here. Landyachtz Laine “ THE MOOSE” Jackart. I have never seen anyone this big thrash Carnage Corner like he paved the road. The Moose is extremely talented he’s the perfect weapon for all situations the full package. Last year he took second place! His weight, his power, his tranquility through the Danger Zone is not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Laine is not an underdog in any race and if you’re racing him this year I would be afraid if I were you!

12 herzi

Tyler Riddel


17 TY

How about Troy Yardwaste look at those arms soaring while he surfs around Carnage Corner. Troy made the podium last year and he’s hungry this year if he can keep it together and stay focused K-Rimes might have a Landyachtz problem on his hands. Troy’s no rookie when it comes to Danger Bay, the experience is huge he would love to seal the deal winning the two oldest races in the world, he’s got Shnitzel’s Sullivan Challenge but not Striker’s Attack of Danger Bay.

18 ty

This is one way to take care of riders racing slalom boards at Danger Bay! Thor wasn’t a World Champion because he likes ice cream he likes the taste of fear!

19 ty

Tylers shot here captures two rugged downhillers you wouldn’t want to crawl into bed with on a dark and stormy night or tangle rubbing elbows with in the last corner looking to Danger Bays finish line. These road warriors both have very aggressive styles and they’re both don’t like losing they have no fear in it to win it!! Another sick shot of Wacko Jako and El Beasto, thanks Ty for the tight eye!!

20 ty

Craig Barker

(Insta) @steepshotphot

Stoked on Craig’s shots too this past Danger Bay getting a little feeling of the atmosphere around the course and the crowd enjoying the sponsors booths. That’s Ryan “Rockin” Theobald and me in the tower calling the race, pounding the music doing and some live streams all day long keeping everyone entertained.

21 bark

The trick to seeing the most crashes at Danger Bay is to be on Carnage Corner for the first practice runs of the day you’ll get nothing but crashes and money shots like these three here.

22 bark

23 bark

24 bark

Noah Fischer

(Insta) @noah__fish (FB) @pixelsbynoah

Noah took some banger shots that really caught my eye this year. I’ve seen a lot of shots over the last fifteen years and this is always a sick angle of the three levels of crowds we got. I like how he gives us just a taste of the crowd to the right on carnage corner and up on the hill that’s what made this shot different from the rest normally we get the whole picture.

25 no

Nice and compact I did chop this a bit like i did with most of the photos I’m showing so take a look at the originals by clicking on the media they hooked me up with by their names. Speaking of chopped, I wanted to zoom in on Colorado’s Justin Rolo and his mountain man style I was really happy to see three soldiers of speed representing the Rocky Mountains south of the border.

26 no

There has been one Colorado Danger Bay Champion but that’s been a long seven years since Zak Maytum made that happen. Maybe Colorado is Danger Bay’s only hope in finding a cure to take care of that downhill disease we call K-Rimes!?

27 no

Bagels in her own little world charging. I’ve loved her style ever since she came on a Cribb-Bomb Tour to Sully and I got to see her tuck for the first time. She’s another one that kicks ass.

28 no

Hey! I did tell you about those first practice runs of the day eh!? This is Carnage Corner at its finest. it’s just too bad this was the first time Grand Master the Thriller Jonny Miller got the introduction. This one look like it hurt but not even Carnage Corner could take this talented beast of a extremist out. He got up, spit out his teeth and charged to the truck for another run!

30 no

Then back to that money angle again, but this time giving us a little more crowd in the shot and Troy Yardwaste is loving life right there safe and sound in first place for the time being I’m excited to see what happened this year May 21st 2017

29 no

Local Coastie Mack Wacey hasn’t had the best of luck at Danger Bay but don’t count this bad boy out! You know he would love to be a Danger Bay Champ and it’s been on his bucket list for many years but K-Rimes shatters Danger Bay dreams. Last time these two raced, Mack finished on top so never say die to the man that will give you a black eye!

31 no

Stoked on all the photographers this year thank you all so much for sharing your art form with all of us so we can remember and enjoy these Danger Bay memories forever.

Striker Cariboo

(Insta) @coastlongboarding (Snap Chat) coast.striker

While I’m on the mic juggling everything in my sight I’m also snapping a few pictures so here I got a couple of my own now to show off eh so to start it off we got some Puerto Rican Piratas charging Carnage Corner!!

37 me

Scoot’s won a World Championship and just like Adam P but neither of them have won a Danger Bay Championship and if you wanna get real deep Tom Meatball Edstrand has also in that same boat. Being a Danger Cay Champ is a very exclusive club to be a part of that’s why we still get the big names coming from far and wide to kick this one off the bucket list!

38 me

This picture makes me sad. I’ve been to hundreds of events and announce more than a hundred and fifty of those and I’m always chucking stickers to kids. The last couple years I’ve been looking down and I see my little girl down there with all the kids begging for stickers to. I guess it makes me sad because she will grow up and I will only get to enjoy these moments for a few more years. Awe my little baby girl I love her so much.

39 me

Here are a few of our podium shots from Attack of Danger Bay 15 starting with Billy Bones and his big Dirty 30s Class win!!

32 mast

Victoria Waddington took first place in the Ladies Class!!

33 vic

Nolan wins the Bear Bay Slide Competition!!!

34 nolan

Muir Skates El Beasto took first place in the 40+ Masters Class!!!!

35 mast

Warner Endert took first place in the Groms Class kickin some ass!!

36 grom

K-Rimes took first place in the Danger Bay opens class for the fourth straight year!!

36 open

Business Class!! Kibbling Hugh Johnston wins the Danger Bay Business Class in it’s trial year and it counts all right!! But this year’s Attack of Danger Bay’s Business Class will be like no other race in the world!! Believe me it’s going to be huuuuge!!


OFFICIAL JAKES RASH FREERIDE  POSTER!!!!! How about this beautiful art done up by the lovely Yvonne Byers!! Absolutely amazing!! Skate Slate published some of her wonderful illustrations in their magazine this past summer of last years Attack of Danger Bay!! Its called “OBSERVATIONS AND INSITE FIELD NOTES FROM A NORTHERN JOURNEY COASTAL BC” The photos and writing is done by legendary English slider and Coastie Will Edcombe and Yvonne Byers work tied it all together beautifully.


I was staring at the cover page she drew up with a few of the illustrations you see above and I thought it would work out great to make this the freeride poster with a few changes. Everything she painted here has to do with the Sunshine Coast, Pender Harbour, the Coast Salish First Nations and the Sea to Sky country. Thanks to Skate Slate I got in contact with Yvonne and she gave me a bunch of layers to help me piece this years poster all together.


before they labeled it “Freeriding” where you slide your board skidding your wheels toeside or heelside “Freeriding” to me was being at the top of a mountain soaking it all in and then soaring down the mountainside flying with the native birds. fresh mountain air! that was freeriding so this poster hits the nail on the head and i couldn’t be anymore happy to have Yvonne Byers art represent Coast Longboaridng and the Attack of Danger Bay Jakes Rash Freeride Event!! thank you Yvonne!!

Please check out Yvonne Byers Instagram and her Website to see some of her other work if your into it as much as i am, i love it!!


Local News!!! MARCH 17th Skull Skates and the Smiling Buddha Café also known as the SBC is an indoor skate ramp in the heart of the downtown Eastside are holding a ten year anniversary “Skate Patrick’s Day” festival. It’s a two-day event and on the first night they are having bands kick some ass. Loose Tooth was asked to play this event ten years after playing the first Skate Patrick’s Day show! What an honor and were in!! The bands are the Tubuloids a surf punk band, Loose Tooth a Dental Core punk band and Selfist a local hardcore band, All Vancouver skate bands. After the bands are all done Neil E Dee is hitting the stage with his Danger Thrill Show!!


The next day they are holding a free skate contest with the launch of a new Zine called “Ghost Machine” and some Art showcased from “EL BOYO” so it’s going to be an action packed weekend and of course sponsored by Cariboo Brewing!!! If you didn’t already know Loose Tooth is Guff on drums me on guitar and making his big return after three years of not playing a show Shitshow Shadow!!! We’ve been in a dental core band for almost thirteen years now!! We play when we get asked were all really excited for this one.16 skull

NEXT WEEK WE’LL HAVE SOME MORE DANGER BAY DEEP THOUGHTS!! Back to the racers camp for the Neil E Dee’s Danger Thrill Shows then off to Jake’s Rash for a Freeride and Rumble!!!! Check out this highlight of the Danger Thrill Show!!! Team Green Raggie rips a sword out of Neil’s esophagus!! Danger Bay rules!!! 


Thanks to our 2016/2017 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors!!! This Tour would never happen without the support of these brands!! Please send them a message thanking them or thank them with your dollars and support them!! They have helped us make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. Thank you!!