1 push

This year Coast Longboarders got together once again to do our part in kicking Cancers ass. This year marked our eleventh annual protest against this wretched disease it was eleven years ago since Ben, Carlos, Aaron and Rob took off from the east raising money and awareness against this crap. That’s when Raggie and me took off from the west towards east to promote the Push for the Cure website and the four guys doing the push.


Coast was asked by the pushers to put together a finale in Hope BC. They envisioned a huge pile of longboarders joining forces with them on the last three days of their incredible journey and without hesitation I agreed. Patricia and Lori helped pull this all together while me and Raggie were on the road helping out when we could keeping in close contacts.

We all met in Hope BC like we planned, we joined forces pushing three full days to Vancouver’s Stanley Park where the media captured a very emotional ending to a brave, selfless, powerful incredible journey and now eleven years later we have kept this tradition alive. Like every year a group of boarder meet back in Hope BC to push for their own reason. It could be pushing against Cancer, pushing in memory of loved ones or maybe pushing just to blow off some steam because it’s been a hard year for whatever reason in your life. It’s a type of therapy and it feels good knowing we have actually raised well over a million dollars since we started.

2 push

Last year, Lori decided to step down from her duties after all these years keeping the Push going Bryce took over and did a fantastic job with Lori, Stu and the rest of the die-hards by his side. In a year a lot can happen and Bryce had a bit of a tough time breaking his neck to say the least, push was getting closer and Lori was getting worried. Normally around this time I’m totally busted, wasted finished from a long Cribb-Bomb Tour running around North America banging off over twenty two events starting from May ending at the Push.

For some reason this year I wanted to kick in and do a little more than just be the hype man and building posters for this event so I did. I hooked up with Lori, Brice, Stu we got a list of things we needed to bang of and we executed them one by one. We pulled in some sponsors to cover the costs of the rental of the halls, food, water ect. We got ahold of Wes Sampson he got him firing on all cylinders and things were falling into place. It really felt good.


Last year I had enough! I had enough of a bunch of pushers fighting against Cancer pushing down the highway trying to raise awareness wearing all black. This was really starting to piss me off. In the old days we were loud and proud. Riders would show up wearing all pink, pink wigs, spray-painting their grip tape and boards pink. We would have a number of flags with the push for the cure logo flying high down the highway advertising making our mark. Hell one year Stumanchu even painted his RV the “Tuna Can” all pink it was awesome! But somewhere along the way the push was getting stagnate and dull, the color got sucked right out of us and enough was enough.

We started a Gofundme campaign that ran a whole year to buy us new pink vests. If we were going to fight Cancer we needed to look like we were fighting Cancer!! We needed to be all in pink! Mandatory!! Not only that we needed to be safe doing this, nothing better than pushing down the highway on a cold dark soggy day reflecting positive bright pink energy while doing it!

It was getting down to crunch time I promised to myself most importantly that there was no way id go to another push unless we had these pink vests. Well we were a week away and still no vests so I called the folks at Cariboo Brewing and they were more than happy to pick up the remaining costs of the vests!! This was huge I was about to explode! it was so hard to keep this a secret but I wanted to pull these out the morning of the push and blow everyone’s minds.

3 boo

Thanks Big K Clothing, Cariboo Brewing, Landyachtz Longboards and the Coast community for covering the costs for this years Push for the Cure and the donations of our vest. These company’s and our community continue to blow me away!! Thank you, because of you we have our very own official Push for the Cure vests!!

3 vests

While I was running around getting things ready for the push I sent out the Cribb-Bomb on a free trip for ten of the most dedicated downhillers we have in the scene that were racing in the Coast Outlaw series. At the time I was sick of Troy Yardwaste’s attitude enough where I just decided to get a guest driver to take the guys out to the Duffy Lake for one last big outlaw race of the year to settle who was going to be the series champion. I made the announcement that I was ditching out but I was getting the best replacement one could ever want and someone I could totally trust.

4 hoodie

I got mixed reviews and the racers had no idea who this driver would be until they loaded up for the tour. There was only one guy for the job and it was Matt Hoodie Shaw!! Hoodie Ran the first Coast shuttle bus around ten years ago by now. “The Lucky Sevens Tour” He was the captain of the “Local Express” a nineteen sixty five-Dodge Travco the same one Jonny Cash first went on tour with back in the day. That’s a whole other Strikers Tales that I might write one day if Hoodie replaces our beloved Coast flag he pissed on and then lost one Push for the Cure night way back.

5 loco

I ripped to the beer store and loaded them up with Cariboo Beers, then headed over to the Cariboo Brewing headquarters and loaded up on a bunch of sick high quality merchandise that Boo sells on their popular “WEBSTORE”  that they ship out worldwide. I added some Coast metals and we were good to go!!

5 good

While Hoodie ran the Local Express Tour I only missed one trip that was New Mexico’s Ditch Slap event. I was busy with Attack of Danger Bay preparations like every year and couldn’t afforded to leave three weeks before the event on a huge wild adventure to New Mexico. He’s a hell of a Captain and taught me how to run a tour but also how NOT to run a tour hahahahah.

6 hoodie

He sure had one hell of a temper running that thing understandably; he never took any shit a seasoned Coastie and a seasoned Captain that can get himself out of any sticky situation at anytime. Even the cops we no match for this guy, Man just writing this stuff reminds me how much I love Hoodie until I got the call that he blew my transmission a week before the Push for the Cure on a dirt road in Pemberton BC with a full crew of Coasties which were now on the highway hitch hiking back to Vancouver hahahahahha!!

7 chase

It’s a great story rad for the guys a trip they will never forget whether they liked it or not. I didn’t feel too bad for them you gotta do what you gotta do and it’s apart of the game I guess that’s what you get when you jump on the Cribb for a free trip. I guess it’s what happens when I give up my keys for the first time in five years and trusting someone to run a tour treating my girl gently, but understandably they were on an adventure they ragged down a dirt road to some epic hot springs!! A five-hour trip return bashing around on a ROUGH DIRT ROAD!!!!

In the end it was my entire fault I should have just ran the tour. Troy never actually ended up going on the tour because I wasn’t driving so I got bit in the ass twice if I would have known he wasn’t going I would have drove and this wouldn’t have happened.

Quickly now here’s what happened, the trans cooler rads crappy strap’s they come with to secure the part rattled off on the dirt road, these are things that have happened to me before so when I’m on tour I check this sort of stuff, but the straps rattled off while Hoodie was driving the trans cooler ended up touching the battery that caused the cooler to blow up and start spewing tranny fluid. The fluid ran dry Hoddie kept driving with no idea this happened until my tranny was beyond repair and the Cribb could only drive down the highway in reverse.

Hoodie took full responsibility for this he must have drove the Sea to Sky highway six times before we got this solved. Knowing that the Cribb was needed for the Push for the Cure in a week he bit the bullet missed a five thousand dollar job to make sure I wasn’t left out to hang high and dry. Normally this job would have costed at least three thousand dollars but hoodie worked his magic worked the phones and craigslist looking for the best option making things significantly cheaper. Thank you.

8 tran

I tried not to worry, I was scared to pick up the phone every time I seen his number on the call display. He finally nailed down a solid plan and he was picking me up. We drove to Pemberton where he found a shop to take out the transmission, that’s where the Cribb bomb was still sitting. We took the tranny and chucked it in the back of his truck ripped it back to Chilliwack to some dudes house! I was worried at first but this was Hell of a guy that had one hell of a shop set up in his driveway garage so all I could do was hope it was too late for anything elts!

We dropped it off with him and when to Chilliwack’s Castle fun park. We needed to get this part back to Pemberton for our shop appointment at one to jam the tranny back in and get us on the road to the Push. We smashed some baseballs and waited for the call when we got the call thankfully the transmission was all replaced and we were good to go!! He also gave us fifty bucks off to help us out knowing this was our Push for the Cure shuttle, thank you!!

9 tran

If you know hoodie he runs late on mostly everything or whenever he’s running a tour anyways. I remember showing up to his house for the Sully one year all ready to go and he had the loco up on a jack with the front wheels off and parts everywhere. He was still running around the city, as shops were closing looking for a rare part, punching the steering wheel of his little shit bag car someone lent him while eating lit cigarettes by the handful road raging. ahhhahahaha.

We had to be to Pemberton by one, we were already late so why not stop by the Casino just out of Pemberton to try his luck. Well he won from what I remember but we were three hours late on a Thursday before a long weekend. We got to the shop they told us we missed our appointment we were out of luck and they were all booked up at the shop until Tuesday morning.

10 tran

I wanted to puke and swallow my heart!! This couldn’t be happening!! We left the Cribb with them and headed back for the city. We called the guys on our way back and pled our case, we begged them to take us in but it wasn’t happening. We talked to the manager and explained we needed this for the Push for the Cure the next day. He wanted to help us, he hated Cancer but he just wasn’t sure what he could do but he told us to come back the next day he was going to talk to the owner and see if there is something they can do.

11 beer

We showed up the next day on time they had three guys working on the Cribb including the owner of the shop. They were dirty as hell and you could tell on a Friday before the long weekend they wanted to go home. These guys had their own life’s with their own long weekend plans but they put all that aside to get us on the road working after hours for the cause. The one young employee that I hooked up afterward stuck around risking missing a ferry with his girlfriend to help us.

12 beer

In the end the owner of Silvhorn Automotive and the manager worked overtime to get us back on the road so we could make the Push for the Cure. While we were in Pemberton watching these hero’s put the Cribb back together I had a full crew of ten pushers along with a bunch of supplies waiting for me and the Cribb bomb at the Stoop Skatehouse back in Van.

13 man

I got nothing but great things to say about this business and these guys here. The owner had his wife barking at him over the phone risking his marriage because he’s working late on a long weekend again trying to help another stranger still cranking nuts at the shop.

Thank you so much to the whole crew and the owner and manager of Silvhorn Automotive you really saved the Push for the Cure in my mind this RV is critical to feeding, sleeping, transporting, supporting and keeping everyone warm these three days of the Push. We missed our scheduled appointment costing them four hours, they squeezed us in worked overtime and the owner even got his hands dirty for us. They quoted us a price but in the end was a bit more than I had. They honored their original quote saving us at least four or five hundred bucks. I had to give them flats of beer!! I also hooked them up with a bunch of sick Cariboo gear and promised I would tell the world how they treated us. I also promised next time we roll through Pemberton for Sheep Creek tour I would stop say hi and give them another flat of beer because at that moment I could give them the world. Mark my word they are going to see us this spring.

Striker’s Tales fans do me a favor take a second and call Silvhorn Automotive now and thank them for me please!! Just explains the RV, Push for the Cure and Striker’s Tales!! Getting a bunch of random calls from a bunch of appreciative longboarders in the middle of a hard winter would make there day I bet!! Here’s their business card if you want!! hahahaha!

14 call

Hoodie gave me all his receipts for the tour gas; the dinner he bought and made for the crew as well as the other costs he had that fateful weekend. He told me not to worry about paying him back until he gets me a new Coast flag so that was fine with me. In the end I think this costed me twelve or thirteen hundred bucks so I added that to the huge list of cost running this tour for the year. All I can say is thank you to our tour supporters, the riders and the sponsors. Lose just one of those three equations the tour folds then were talking about all the good times we’ve had these years. Thanks so much for helping me out hoodie I knew I picked the right captain for the tour.


So Striker’s Cribb-Bomb was back on the road!! Love this shot!

16 cribb

I drove back from Pemberton to Vancouver just in time to pick everyone up five hours late we loaded her up and headed straight for Hope BC. I like getting to Hope the night before the Push I’m not one for getting up early if I don’t need to so we arrived and camped out at the skate park until Stumanchu came and woke us up in a fully loaded Landyachtz van.

17 bryce

Bryce was all fired up it didn’t matter that it was pissing rain, it was a good thing I had my Cariboo umbrellas!! I’m telling you Cariboo treats the Coast longboarding community like gold so buy a case of boo and they will plant a tree it goes full circle eh.

Everyone got registered then everyone got pushing to the first rest point. By that point it was pointless you were soaked for the day so make the best of it rain isn’t as bad as Cancer.

18 rain

It was cold, wet and I had a job to do. I needed to cook fish and I needed to drive so Raggie helped me out. He lit the Cariboo beer can BBQ up with some charcoal and good old brake cleaner to heat things up a bit. We did this last year and I never died so what the hell. Stumanchu and anyone elts quit complaining about the dangers of driving with a fiery scalding hot BBQ when they stopped at a rest stop and I had the yummiest fish ever to power them up and keep them warm. I mean really what could possibly go wrong?

19 flag

20 flag

Told you it kept the pushers warm

21 warm

We changed things up this year and the first day would be the longest push out of the three days so that meant we had to climb this monster day one!

22 wet

Bigfoot Jake was trying to quit and jump in the RV but that’s not why we’re here, you can’t just jump in an RV and drive away from Cancer. Jake pushed hard and did damn good this year but he still complained a lot but he wasn’t as wimpy as last year, it looks like he might be toughening up with age.

23 jake

Stumanchu has pushed his heart out for years, this year he did double duties manning the Landy van and getting some pushes in there to keep it real.

24 stu

25 push

Cops came ripping by and I thought we were done for but they were attending to a simple little rockslide that closed the number seven highway for the day. We were just minutes ahead of getting squashed by nature, some of the riders recalled more rocks on the road as normal when they pushed passed this point before nature attacked.

26 rock

In all my years I’ve never seen it so bad we were caught in quite the storm and it was never this cold it was near freezing. The pushers pushed on like the true soldiers they were making us all proud.

27 cold

The rain let up for a bit and that was fine for the pushers nothing was going to stop them now. Drivers honked to support the pushers and the pushers smiled, waved and kept pushing

28 push

29 push

Ben had himself a nature break while the rest of the crew had stretched and took a bit of a breather

30 ben

31 ben

32 ben

For a day that threw everything at us but snow everyone was in great spirits

33 stu

34 stu

Check out these fancy vests

35 vest

Oh wait a second this was the big nasty hill climb but what goes up must come down.  Here’s a couple pictures and enjoy this live video I took

36 push

37 hill

The ultimate reward is the hill going down the other side after the struggling climb they endure

38 hill

The push continued

39 pusj

40 push

41 push

Like I said I’ve never seen conditions like this for a Push for the Cure protest in eleven years the roads were literally flooding with extreme heavy rain, rock slides and almost freezing cold temperatures.

42 push

This man Kris is an absolute beast!! He pushed 100% of the way and never quit not even once no matter how hard it got he got through it. Ill tell you for a big guy this is not easy at all I seen his three-day struggle never say die!! And that goes for Cancer to you never quit! There is always hope and that’s what this is about.

43 push

Just like that they were off back on the push

44 push

Day one was done and we ended up at Loris house it was something new and exciting keeping the push fresh, fun and full of new experiences. Normally we have the hall in Agassiz but it was booked this weekend.

45 day

LIVE VIDEOS FROM DAY ONE!!! Here are a handful of live videos from the day I hope they work for you all!! Sit back with a big bowl of buttery popcorn with some beer and enjoy the show.







Day one we must have cooked four out of the six fish we got donated by F.I.S.H. (Fresh Ideas Start Here) man they were good and sure did the trick. Thank you so much F.I.S.H. this kept everyone fed through the whole day and the fresh fish went right to powering the pusher’s muscles.


Here are a few pictures from Lori’s house. It was sure nice of her to welcome all of us into her home to destroy it. Showers, gambling, toilets, floor space, beer, fires, farts, loud music and laundry were some of the things she had to deal with.

47 push

48 dog

49 push

50 fire

51 fire

52 bed

53 hot

54 hot

55 win

56 pop

Next morning we got to sleep in just a bit because we killed day one like never before. It was a much-needed rest for most after a pretty rowdy night blowing off some steam. All the riders were thankful waking up to a very nice breakfast cooked by Lori, Rob and the family.

58 food

59 food

We woke up to clear warm sunny skies our group added five new pushers It’s always refreshing along the push when more reinforcements join the crew and kick in some fresh energy and blood it really brings up the moral of everyone in our camp

59 new

Sandman and Veronica were excited day two of the push is a good day to bring in some of our younger pushes and little Veronica here might be the youngest to date to ever do the push.

60 vern

Can’t leave without a morning stretch eh

61 DO

61 girl

How about that sunshine to start the day this was more like it

62 sun

We made a quick stop at Lori’s local neighborhood store and they hooked us up with a huge donation once again love it!

63 do

The pushing continued and so did the wonderful response we got from the public along the way it was all so positive.

64 push

65 push


Our Push for the Cure army kept growing some of the pushers were pushing with bare feet because their shoes were still soggy from the previous day’s storm. Sunny sky’s though. This was a very emotional time for so many of us!!! We stayed safe and the push continued


Then we got a surprise visit from our very own Doug house what a treat he even had a huge donation for us!!! We took a special break and had a quick visit with the man that keeps us safe at so many events. Thanks Doug it’s always a pleasure buddy! Med Tech rules!!

68 doug

68 push

69 push

70 push

The fish was still cooking and they just kept getting tastier and tastier the line up at rest stops kept getting bigger and bigger even Raggies secret sauce was a hit.

71 fish

72 rest

Stumanchu was starting to feel the burn the crew had another break to rejuvenate

72 stu

73 push

74 stu

75 ben

Back on the road but this time we were starting to get into some heavy populated areas so we had to stick to the sides of the road and continue to make noise. The more people that seen us the better now that we’re wearing all pink the general public knew exactly what we’re up too during Breast Cancer month.

76 road

77 road

78 road

79 push

80 push

We got to our next stop, Tim Horton’s they are always super supportive they always let us sit at the end of their drive through and collect change from their customers. We’ve never called ahead to warn them were coming and we’ve have never got the boot so you gotta like that.

81 push

82 ho

83 ho

Pushers got back on the road for the last stretch of the day and their bodies were shutting down luckily the fish they were feeding on the last two days kept them naturally powered. A constant flow of juicy fish at every stop is the secret I swear!!

84 ho

85 ho

86 ho

87 ho

88 ho

But after all the fish we needed to save room for PIZZA!!!!! Domino’s Pizza hooked us up once again for the Push!! One thing is for sure nobody goes hungry while on the Push for the Cure. If you hate Cancer, love the Coast community; love eating lots of food, beer and skateboarding then this is the event for you!! Join us!!

89 zaa

This is the Ruskin hall near Maple Ridge this is the perfect place for us to unwind after another full day of pushing its too bad we plug the toilets every time we stay here.

90 cribb

Huge thanks to Ice Field water they sure hooked us up with a ton water this year we had enough bottles to keep us hydrated throughout the whole weekend!! Icefield water rules!! Thank you!

91 water

When the boys ran out of wood they burned magazines for warmth while watching some of the ungrateful spoiled rotten sponsored rider’s burn in hell. That’s Hollywood life. Hey!! Wait a second don’t burn Adam Yates!! He’s an old dog that deserves everything he gets he’s earned his colours!!!

92 fire

93 burn






94 heat

Morning came quick as it always does and it was an early one riders did their best to heal through the night getting a good night’s sleep everyone was semi ready for the final push to Vancouver’s Stanley Park!!!!! Day three always rules knowing that we’re this close to Vancouver.

The top local radio stations broadcast to the whole lower mainland what we’re doing so everyone is watching and listening. It’s our chance to get loud protesting against Cancer spreading the word to maybe some of the family’s that are suffering what we’re doing giving them a little comfort knowing they have an army pushing for them at that moment.

95 push

It was a cold morning so the riders tried to dry out and heat their helmets before we took off. Then the push for the cure continued.

96 push

97 push

The mornings are tough on day three; a little slimy descent to the highway to start it all off isn’t always bad unless you fall down. Cooking fish while driving was the easy part but cooking hotdogs, left over pizza and chili while taking photos, posting social media pictures and live updates got a bit tricky not to mention I had no help, meanwhile the Landyachtz van was packed full of old guys like Wes Sampson.

98 hot

99 hot

So do all this try not to burn anything, find a good parking spot slam all the shit together and hand the crap out the window feeding the pushers while they skate by. I was a rolling food truck man! I was smoking out all the windows; hotdogs on the floor shit was on fire. People driving by me never called the fire department I couldn’t believe it. It was that bad I had a rolling smoke house going on.

100 hot

Cops up ahead but they weren’t for me this time!!

101 cop

Every break it was “Trailer Park Dogz” I was cooking leftovers like a real chef and serving it up like a real waiter! I never washed my hands and if a wiener fell on the floor i’d pick it up splash some water on it and serve it!! Nobody complained nobody got hurt; my kitchen was clean enough I take sanitation very seriously. Pizza!! Moose meat chili, now cooking this was dangerous, a flaming hot pot of chili on the go!

102 dog

103 dog

104 zaaa

105 zaa

The riders needed this stuff man even if it was plain old hot dog wieners with mustard dipping sauce on the side they loved it! I also handed out all these Cariboo Brewing water bottles these were a huge hit for the pushers we were firing on all cylinders day three!!

107 help

108 help

Back to pounding the pavement on a mission to Stanley Park we could see the North Shore Mountains in the distance!!

109 push

110 PUSH

The big bridge was coming up so we needed to regroup and plan for how we were going to attack this safely and effectively

111 push

Then we went for it taking one full lane for ourselves!!

112 push

113 push

114 push

Things got a little chaotic over the bridge for me cooking and doing everything a driver should do when taking photos then all of a sudden I hammered the brakes and my BBQ lost my hotdogs and the steaming hot pot of 100 Mile moose chili!!! But look at the big save I was lucky on that one I think I only lost one dog to the floor but that’s just a dirty dog at worst I just chucked it in the chili with the F-bomb spiders and moths for some more spice then served it up!! The push continued..

115 dog

116 pink

117 push

118 push

This next section of highway is a killer the pushers were suffering especially big Kris but he wasn’t going to stop for nobody!! This is where things got personal for him then his inner beast kicked in.

119 hard

120 push

The group had another rest stop one of the hardest parts of the day was almost done with

121 relax

121 push

122 push

123 push

Kris was falling behind the pack but he kept giving it everything he had he was all in and never got in the van he was never going to quit!

124 push

After a couple more painful hill climbs the pushers found themselves at the top of the hill and for the first time in three days they could finally see the buildings in the city of Vancouver

125 hill

126 hill

We were running into more pushers along the way into the city! My helper Steph hucked pink push vests out the window building our growing pink army things were getting exciting!! Here some pictures of us on our way into the downtown core.

127 push

128 push

129 push

130 push

131 push

132 dt

133 dt

134 dt

135 dt

136 dt

137 dt

Talk about some major traffic jams eh! Then we had a boom box bike blasting some pounding tunes to step up the party on our way in to Stanley Park where we would reach our goal!!!

138 dt

139 dt


140 dt









141 done


ALSO Thanks to our 2016/2017 Cribb-Bomb Tour Sponsors!!! This Tour would never happen without the support of these brands!! Please send them a message thanking them or thank them with your dollars and support them!! They have helped us make the best memories and stories to tell for years to come. Thank you!!