Root Beer

Cariboo Root Beer is a tribute to a historical North American favorite that is typically low in alcohol, our delicious take is point five percent. Straight out of our German Brewmaster’s recipe book and made with our signature pure spring water, this is a tasty throwback. There are hundreds of brands of root beer, but none compare to the Boo. This fine BC product will also support our reforestation program as we strive for A Million Trees By 2020 one case and one tree at a time.

Tasting Notes

A smooth and creamy taste that’s perfect for the big game – when you are the designated driver and making memories that last. Cola colored, light sassafras on the palate and fully thirst quenching. This Root Boo is ideal for delicious ice cream floats, sunny days or Sunday drives, in fact it taste so good you will wish you could buy it on draft!

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Cariboo 355mL Genuine Draft - Yummy
Cariboo-355mL-HoneyLager - Yummy
Cariboo Yoga Fire
Cariboo-355mL-Cream Ale - Yummy
Cariboo-355mL-PaleAle - Yummy
Cariboo 355mL Light Lager 4.0%
Cariboo-355mL-Rootbeer - Sweet
Cariboo 355mL Ginger Ale 0.5%