Pale Ale

The most important ingredient in a good Pale Ale is the water. Brewed with our 100% pure BC spring water and a generous portion of Cascade Mountain Hops, Cariboo Pale Ale is quickly becoming the heart of our summer operation. Originally made with good coke this is a classic beer that used to be known simply as bitter. Flash forward to modern times and it’s much tamer, you will find it is where the Summer goes to get a lil cooler and you should too.

Tasting Notes

The bitter hops are balanced by a dash of sweet caramel malt. We skip the coke so it goes just as well with a backyard BBQ and grilled meat as it would in the forest eating greens, berries and grains.

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Cariboo 355mL Genuine Draft - Yummy
Cariboo-355mL-HoneyLager - Yummy
Cariboo Yoga Fire
Cariboo-355mL-Cream Ale - Yummy
Cariboo-355mL-PaleAle - Yummy
Cariboo 355mL Light Lager 4.0%
Cariboo-355mL-Rootbeer - Sweet
Cariboo 355mL Ginger Ale 0.5%