Genuine Draft

Never a lager to forget our roots, in partnership with BC’s Forests for Tomorrow program, Cariboo Brewing has committed to planting 1 Million Trees By 2020 in areas devastated by forest fires and the pine beetles. The program also supports the BC Climate Action Plan because as these seedlings grow, they will absorb carbon dioxide and breathe out clean oxygen. Over their eighty-year lifespan they will offset 121,600 tons of carbon or the equivalent of taking over 30,000 cars off the road.

Tasting Notes

Cariboo Genuine Draft is the color a beer should be and thankfully it does not smell like prunes, plums or any other strange fruit. With a smooth taste that’s perfect for sharing good times with friends and making memories that last, GD Boo is ideal for sunny days or cold winter nights, whatever the weather may bring. It goes great with spicy foods, roast chicken and your everyday munchies!

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Cariboo 355mL Genuine Draft - Yummy
Cariboo-355mL-HoneyLager - Yummy
Cariboo Yoga Fire
Cariboo-355mL-Cream Ale - Yummy
Cariboo-355mL-PaleAle - Yummy
Cariboo 355mL Light Lager 4.0%
Cariboo-355mL-Rootbeer - Sweet
Cariboo 355mL Ginger Ale 0.5%